Chronicles of Lightning – Episode 15: Cold, Hard Fact

As Lightning and the others make their way through the Vile Peaks, Snow is escorted aboard the airship Lindblum after his capture at Lake Bresha.

His captors are members of the Wide-area Response Brigade, otherwise known as the ‘Cavalry’. The Cavalry is not directly involved with the Purge or the tracking down of l’Cie.

Nevertheless, their commander, Brigadier General Raines, calmly explains the reasons behind the Sanctum and PSICOM operations, and their plans to hold a public execution.

If the l’Cie are killed in plain sight of the populace, he asserts, the panic threatening the stability of their society will be defused. Are Raines and the Cavalry also tools of the Sanctum?

And who is the woman who works with them? Isn’t she a Pulse l’Cie and enemy of Cocoon?

Full of questions and unsure of his captor’s motives, Snow recalls another time when he felt this powerless — a time when one cold fact robbed him of the strength to stand.

It was the moment he learned that his beloved Serah was a Pulse l’Cie.


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