Chronicles of Lightning – Episode 16: A Strategy for Change

Rejecting the fate chosen for her by the fal’Cie and set on exacting revenge on her cold-blooded government, Lightning enters the Gapra Whitewood along with Hope.

It seems they’ve managed to lose their PSICOM trackers, but the Whitewood is a Sanctum military zone, and their chances of encountering hostile units are high. Yet what choice do they have? It’s the only road that leads to the Sanctum capital.

Lightning now intends to fight on Hope’s behalf after Odin’s appearance forces her to rethink her decision to leave the boy behind.

But she isn’t the only one to have had a change of heart.

Having relied on Lightning for protection from the beginning, Hope resolves not to flinch from danger, choosing instead to put himself squarely in the line of fire.

Sensing the shift in his attitude, Lightning entrusts the lead to her young companion.


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