Chapter 16c: Future’s Perfect

Narration: After the events that unfolded with Nuvea, Evo was finally able to reunite with his family. However, that would be interrupted by non-other than Minfilia. It had appeared that Starsabre, a young Miqo’te that was tasked as Evo’s Path Companion had intercepted a distress call from a group of Ala Mhigan Resistance Fighters. Worried for Star’s safety, Evo bid farewell to his family once more and headed off to save his Miqo’te friend.


Upon arriving, it was revealed that Star had infact been well acquianted with the Resistance and was fighting to take back their home from the rule of the Garlean Empire. After settling matters with the resistance, Evo, Star, and members of the Ala Mhigan resistance all returned to the Waking Sands. While Minfilia spoke and interrogated the Resistance lead, Tataru scolded both Evo and Star. Afterwards, Star informed Evo that a bigger operation was soon at hand and that his assistance would be needed once more.


And now, during his downtime, Evo contacts his family via linkpearl, all the while praying for his daughters safe recovery.


Evogolist: How is she?


Zeriah: She’s made a full recovery and seems to be fine, but Evo…


Evogolist: What? What’s wrong?


Zeriah: I’m worried about her.
She’s taking Chyldie and Cera’s loss so hard.
She won’t come out of her room, neither will she eat or speak to any of us.
What exactly happened that day?


Narration: Suddenly Evo experiences a moment within the strange powers of the Echo. He finds himself reliving the moments that transpired after defeating the Lucavi member Zalera and his servant. And as he watches Hashmal appear, he tries his best to stop him, but is too late and too slow to keep Hashmal from driving the blade through young Chyldie’s torso. Evo is able to catch Chyldie, but it is already too late.


Nuvea runs over in tears, saddened and hurt that her best friend had been taken from her. Evo rushes off in a rage of anger, attacking Hashmal. Suddenly, there’s a huge aetheral explosion and as the cavern was lit up with a bright aetheral light, Evo is blinded by the light. When he finally is able to open his eyes once more, he finds himself back in the halls of the Waking sands.


Zeriah calls out to him several times over the link pearl.


Zeriah: Evo…
Evo are you there?


Evogolist: Sorry…
I’m here.


Zeriah: What happened?
Is everything okay?


Evogolist: Yeah…sorry, I must’ve blanked out for a bit.


Narration: Evo is then interrupted by a Miqo’te attendant to the Waking Sands.


Sahja Zhwan: Sir…sir…the preceedings are beginning.


Evogolist: Huh?
Oh, right.
Zee keep me updated on Nuvea.
If anything goes wrong, let me know asap.


Zeriah: Alright.
Please do be safe big brother.


Narration: As Evo ends the call he begins making his way into the meeting room.


Sahja Zhwan: You may enter, but see to it that you do not cause a disturbance.


Narration: Once inside, Evo is greeted by none other than Starsabre and Minfilia.


Minfilia: Ah, Evogolist.
We were beginning to wonder whether you would ever arrive.


Starsabre: Evo!!
You must know how please I am to see you.
Please say that you’ll join me on this mission?


Evogolist: What exactly is going on here?


Ala Mhigan Resistance Captain: The operation will be our largest ever, and its size makes it that much more dangerous. Many who leave with us, may not return.


My lady K’amsal, while I appreciate your enthusiasm, your companion’s decision must be his own.


Narration: Starsabre, sulks at suggest that she can’t just tug Evo along on this latest mission.
Meanwhile, the resistance Captain, gives Evo a slight speech and lecture about the resistance’s cause.


Ala Mhigan Resistance Captain: We are but simple folk. Some of us farmers, some of us smiths, some of us husbands, some of us wives. Some of us have children, some of us have none, but ourselves. Yet there is something that unites us all. We are all from Ala Mhigo, and we have all made a solemn vow to fight the Garlean Empire until we have regained control of the home that was torn from our grasp-the home we lost thirty summers gone.


Each day has been an uphill battle and the Empire a veritable mountain. The might of their machina is beyond imagining…and we have lost countless men to the metal jaws and fiery breath of those terrible creatures. However, for not one moment have we let their size or numbers crush our wills, and the sacrifice of every man and woman has seen us edge ever closer, ilm by agonizing ilm, to the realization of our ultimate plan.


We are going to steal one of their airships and use it to drive the Empire from our city.


A great many brave men and women gave their lives to infiltrate the imperial outposts and obtain documents on the flying contraptions-from schematics to control manuals. All we need now is a ship. But as you would imagine, Ala Mhigo is heavily fortified with imperial troops-a whole legion of soldiers stationed in or near the city-state.

Which is why we decided instead to focus on the ships stationed near the comparatively lightly guarded Silvertear Falls.


Starsabre: The Empire will not expect an attach in an area so remote!
We cannot fail!


Narration: After hearing the words of both the Captain and Starsabre, Minfilia feeling uneasy about the mission, offers her consul and concern.


Minfilia: You are mistaken.
This is not the first time the Resistance has attempted such a daring plan. And if I recall correctly, all previous attempts have ended in failure…at the cost of many lives.


Captain, what makes you so certain of victory?


Ala Mhigan Resistance Captain: Victory is never certain, Lady Minfilia, but I cannot allow fear of defeat to keep us from action. If there is even a slimmer of hope, we must do all we can to reach out and grasp it.


We must try.
And if we fail, then we must try again.
Success is not born of inaction. Those who join us are aware of the risks.


Narration: Following his final words, the Captain and the members of the resistance head off on to their mission. Starsabre follows behind, but is stopped by Minfilia.


Minfilia: Starsabre, Wait.
I understand why you are so driven to aid the Resistance.
Since the Imperial occupation of Ala Mhigo began, little information has escaped the city-state. No one has truly known what was going on behind those walls, beyond rumors and speculation. And so, when we hear about the atrocities of which these men speak, we cannot help but be moved by their plight.


However, you must not forget that the Empire is a force beyond anything you can imagine. They have conquered lands larger than all of Eorzea. They have defeated greater armies than any that have marched these plains.


I do not ask that you abandon hope, only that you not rush into this.


Narration: Starsabre stops in her tracks after hearing Minfilia’s words of concern. However she’s less than welcoming of them as her agenda is far more than just a simple plight of resistance or control.


Starsabre: They murdered my mother…my spirit sisters as well.
Should I just forget them?! Is that what you’re telling me?


Minfilia: Starsabre…I simply meant to…


Starsabre: I can’t…I can’t just stop…I can’t forgive them.


Narration: Star then runs off after the Resistance members. Evo, thinking back on the massacre that occurred within the Sylph village that left dozens up dozens of Sylphs dead as well as his brother in-law, Kilyah, knows all too well the pain and anger that Starsabre feels.


Minfilia: Evogolist, I know what you’re thinking.
While I am less concerned with the happenings of the Resistance, Starsabre as well as yourself are my concern. You two have become two of my most trusted allies. So Evogolist Lunaire…


…please bring both Starsabre and yourself back home safely.


Narration: Evo nods, assuring that he we do his best to fulfill Minfilia’s wish. He then runs off after Starsabre making his way to non-other than Mor Dhona. Meanwhile back in Limsa Lominsa, Silvermane is less than pleased to hear that her battle with the Miqo’te pirate Deathlok will be cancelled.


Silvermane: The ‘ells ya mean it’s cancelled?!


Onias: I’m sorry kitten, but we can’t afford it at the moment.


Silvermane: The ‘ells we can!
I’ve been training my arse off just to get ahold of that dreaded wench, and I’ll be damned if I just walk away from this perfect opportunity to rub her face in the mud.


Onias: Fine!
If you’re quest for vengeance is more important than your crew and this ship, you are no longer welcomed on my ship.


Silvermane: You’re ship?!
It was mine before you came along and stole it from me old man!


Onias: Then perhaps we should call the local Barracudas and let them decide whose ship it belongs to.


Silvermane: Why you?!!


Narration: As Silver and Onias continue to argue back and forth, Biggs and Wedge begin making bets on who will win the most recent argument between Silver and Onias.


Wedge: Well Biggs, argument number 44 is taking place. We taking bets?


Biggs: Sure, I’m going with the Cap’n.


Wedge: Well I guess I’ll be going with the Ma’am.
Five-Hundred gil sound good?


Biggs: Raise it One-Thousand gil and you’re on!


Wedge: One-Thousand gil it is then.
All right everyone, place your bets now for the 44th battle between the Ma’am Silvermane and the widely feared pirate of all time…Rostoft the Black!


Narration: As both Biggs and Wedge begin taking bets, Silver notices and tosses her boot at the two.


Silvermane: HEY!
Just what in seven hells do you two think you’re doing?!


Narration: The two dodge Silver’s boot and ignoring her outburst, continue taking bets with the local adventurers.


Silver: Grr…what the hell?!!


Narration: And as her argument with Onias continues, Silver is far from having the best of days. Meanwhile, Evo arrives in Mor Dhona only to witness Imperial soldiers cut down one of the resistance members. Before Evo can react, the three soldiers spot Evo and begin walking towards him.


Evo quickly unsheathed his sword, however, the three soldiers are intercepted by a call via linkpearl and run off. Evo concerned about Starsabre and the other resistance members gives chase.


Evogolist: Oh no you don’t.


Narration: Both Evo and the three imperial soldiers run for what may seem like miles that is until the three suddenly stop.


Evogolist: What’s this?
Finally tired and of running ‘eh?


Narration: Suddenly there’s a loud humming noise. Evo looks around and from afar over a cliff he spots an Imperial Colossus hovering towards him and the three soldiers.


Evogolist: Oh come on!
That’s nowhere near playing fair.
Why do you guys never play fair?


Imperial Sentinel: Prepare to die cur.


Evogolist: Oh, boy…this doesn’t look good.


Narration: Then begins to battle with the three soldiers, trying his best to fend them off all the while trying to avoid the blasts from the Colossus. The Colossus fires a blast almost hitting both Evo and the three soldiers.


Imperial Sentinel: Watch it you fool!


Narration: Evo thinks to himself and then suddenly an idea pops in his head.


Evogolist: (That’s it, if I can get them in the radius of that blast, I may be able to get rid of them.)


Narration: Evo begins taunting the three soldiers as well as the Imperial Colossus.


Evogolist: Yoohoo!
Over here you big dummies!
I bet you want some of this, don’t you!


Imperial Sentinel: Why you insolent….


Narration: The three soldiers fall for Evo’s taunts and charge in towards the lone adventurer. A battle then ensues between Evo and the three soldiers, with Evo doing his best to hold their attention long enough for the Colossus to fire another shot. Unfortunately, the three soldiers were too strong for Evo to handle alone, but just as they had Evo cornered and on one knee, conveniently enough the Colossus was about to fire another shot.


Imperial Sentinel: You were a fool to challenge the Garlean Empire. Any last words?


Evogolist: Yeah…boom, big…bada…boom!


Imperial Sentinel: What?


Narration: Evo quickly dodges out-of-the-way, thus leaving the three soldiers to their fate.
Sadly enough, Evo has not the time to catch his breath as the Colossus continues to attack. Evo tries to stand, but is staggered a little. Just then there’s a loud explosion and the Colossus along with several others of the Imperial forces are ordered to investigate it. Evo lets out a sigh of relief having been spared from the clutches of the Imperial Colossus and whatever dark fate awaited him.


Evogolist: That was close.
Thought I was goner for a minute there. Guess I’d better go catch up with the others.


Narration: Before Evo could move even an inch he’s snatched down from behind.


Evogolist: Whoa!


Starsabre: Shh…
It’s me, please don’t be too alarmed.


Evogolist: Star you’re okay!


Starsabre: Evo…I…I…what are you doing here? Why did you come?


Evogolist: For you…I came for you…my friend.


Starsabre: Evo…


Evogolist: Where are the others?


Starsabre: Oh my…that’s right!
Evo we’ve a diversion to create and hurry we must.


Narration: Starsabre stands. Evo stands along with her and together they run off towards the direction of the explosion.


ffxivgame 2012-10-24 01-51-32-64
Once they arrive, the surrounding area is dark and foggy. There’s an eerie sound in the air, chilling to the very core of one’s own soul. Evo looks up and is semi-amazed by the darkened figure of the fallen wyrm Midgardsormr and the fallen Garlean airship the dreadnought Agrius. Remnants from a battle fought long ago over the skies of what was once Silvertear lake.


As Star continues to walk, she accidentally comes upon the body of one of the resistance members.


Starsabre: Huh?
No…no…it can’t be….


Narration: Evo and Star look around only to find the ground littered with the bodies of their fallen comrades. Suddenly from the fog comes a shadowy figure. As it nears, it seems as if the Resistance Captain may have somewhat survived and is heading towards them. But, things aren’t as they seems as the Captain drops his sword and suddenly, a blast comes firing from behind the Captain, knocking Starsabre to the ground. Evo looks towards the Captain, and is shocked as the Captain falls to the ground and the true culprit reveals himself.

ffxivgame 2012-10-24 01-52-31-95
???: You were unwise to come here.


Narration: Says what seems like a high-ranking Garlean soldier as he prepares to fire on Evo. The solider then fires on Evo, and as Evo braces for the attack, he is surprised to look up and see that the attack was stopped by non-other than his Miqo’te friend Y’shtola. Along with her, she’s joined by Yda and Papalymo as well as Thancred. Evo is stumped by how they all knew to come here or why they were even there in the first place, but non of that mattered now and he was sure as hell happy to see them.


ffxivgame 2012-10-24 01-52-52-88 

???: Impressive.


Narration: The Garlean soldier looks around and sees how surrounded he is. He then draws his gun-blade and prepares to battle the four mysterious characters.


???: As you wish.


Narration: The Garlean soldier walks towards the group and then begins firing at them. Each one dodges the soldier’s attack. Thancred runs towards the soldier and then jumps over him all the while sending a rain of knives down onto the soldier. The soldier however knocks them away with his gun-blade and then attempts to fire on Thancred. Thancred is spared however by Y’shtola who uses her magic to shield Thancred. As the soldier continues to fire on Y’shtola, Yda runs in to attack and the soldier then turns his attention on the blonde-haired pugilist.


Yda throws punch after punch until finally getting what seems to be the upper hand on the soldier, sending him flying into the air. The battle however is not over as the soldier recovers mid-air and begins firing once more. Yda is somehow is able to block and knock away each bullet, meanwhile Papalymo uses his staff to absorb a few of them. The group then comes together, ready for the final stand against the soldier.

ffxivgame 2012-10-24 01-53-29-10

Narration: Annoyed by the battle, the soldier seeks to end it once and for all.


???: The cloying stench of shadow lingers still.


ffxivgame 2012-10-24 01-53-40-82
Narration: He then fires into the sky what seems like a flare, signaling for a Garlean airship that had been hidden in the mist, to fire upon the group. Upon lighting the ground ablaze in fire, the garlean soldier stands there as he bids farewell to his opponents.


ffxivgame 2012-10-24 01-53-49-06

Narration: When all is over, Evo finds himself awakening in a cave. After clearing his eyes, he spots a group of children sitting a circle. He then attempts to walk away, but then has to take cover from a group of garlean soldiers.


As Evo watches on, the Garlean soldiers surround the group of children and does what seems to be some sort of brainwashing ritual.


Imperial Centurion: Believe thyself, believe thy strength.
Know thyself, know thy weakness.
Thou art alone, One amongst many.
The land is alone. One star in the void.
See through the lies. See through the words of deceivers.
Follow the truth. Follow the whispers of verity.
Protect that which must be. Destroy that which must not.
For Calamity draws nigh. The End is upon thee!


Narration: Evo continues to look on as the Imperial Centurion preaches to the group of children. Suddenly the children begin to speak. The brainwashing is complete.


Shuddering Child: Kill the tribes!


Terrified Child: Kill their Gods!


Shuddering Child: Kill the tribes!
Before the land doth perish!


Narration: The child stand and the Garlean soldiers they leave to board the hovering Garlean airship. Suddenly Evo is reverted back to the present, learning that the recent events he had just witnessed were all apart of an Echo he received. Starsabre, worried for Evo, attempts to awaken him.


Starsabre: Evo! Evo please…wake up! Please…


Narration: once awakened, Evo is greeted by a crying Starsabre.

Starsabre: Thank the Twelve that you’re alive.


Evogolist: Ow…I feel like I just got run over by a flock of chocobos.


Starsabre: Evo…we have to move.
The Garleans, they’re all over the place searching for survivors and if there’s any more to the resistance.


Evogolist: Right, let’s head back to the Waking Sands.


Narration: Just then, Evo and Starsabre are greeted once more by Y’shtola.


Starsabre: Spirit sister…wait…why are you here?
Were you fighting the Empire as well?


Y’shtola: I applaud you young one on your bravery, but what you attempt here is pure folly.


Starsabre: Wha…are you saying that I was wrong for trying to save my…no…not just my people, but all of Eorzea from the Empire?


Y’shtola: A man can save no one if he knows not his own strength.


Starsabre: You’re right I guess…but, there must be something…


Y’shtola: So speaks the child of Ala Mhigo.


Evogolist: Star…she’s right.
Look at what happened today, the resistance and their Captain…they’re all dead.
It would be foolish to continue if naught we the strength to do so.


Starsabre: Evo…I…


Y’shtola: Yet you have been blessed…been awoken.
If you would only seek out the One who gave you that power, you could be granted so much more.


Starsabre: The one who gave me this power….


Y’shtola: And it is for this I will continue to search.


Narration: Y’shtola then tosses Evo something and then vanishes. Starsabre, having many questions to who it is that they should seek pleads for Y’shtola to stay, but it is too late.


Starsabre: What is it that she seeks?
Gods maybe…? or something more?


Narration: Both Evo and Star return to the Waking Sands where they both are greeted by Tataru and Minfilia. Minfilia hugs and comforts Starsabre expressing her condolences for Star’s lost. Minfilia then walks over to Evo and thanks him for bringing both himself and Starsabre back alive, just as he promised. She also goes on to explain how powerful the Garlean fleet is and that in their current state they are no match for the enemy force, unless they were to seek out a greater power.


Meanwhile, after being treated for her wounds, Starsabre sits and thinks to herself. She’s saddened by the lost of her friends, the lost of her mother, and the lost of a battle that could’ve saved the lives of many more. She then, without notice, grabs here belongings and leaves hoping to find the greater power that Y’shtola spoke of. A power that would save them all.

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