Monday Duty Finder Horrors

Duty Finder, Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn’s most horrid game mechanic. At some point every player has experienced the worst of the worst in the game. Well late Sunday night/Monday morning for me was no different.


So for the first time in about a month I decided to try and finish the main scenario on my alternate character Nuvea Crystari. The night started off just like any other night.  Trying to queue for a Duty Finder fight of the main scenario, where majority of the player base on Legacy Servers have completed months ago.  After about 5-10 minutes of initial queuing, an instance finally popped. Unfortunately, as usual one of the other players either took too long to confirm their membership or withdrew from the instance.


Anyways, about twenty minutes later, another one finally pops and bam! I’m on my way to take on Garuda….story mode. Now one of the things that I always dread is fighting Garuda story mode via DF. Why? Because you always get that one person who derps up and stands near the rocks, constantly grabbing an attack from her, and then therefore causing the rocks to take damage.


So the moment the fight starts, I skip cutscene having seen it more than enough times on Evo via Duty Roulette.  The other party members either skip or watch through it quickly to get the fight started….all of course except for the Monk -__-.  So as we’re waiting, I patiently take a seat on the ground and take a few Screenies of Nuvea that I liked and the White mage annoyingly ran around in circles. After about 3-5 minutes of waiting for the Monk to finish watching the cutscene, the duty commences. The Tank explains that he/she has never tanked SM Garuda and I’m all like meh, we should be good as long as this person knows how to tank. So we go in and I take my usual position while the WAR tank grabs Garuda. The Monk than moves in and begins beating on Garuda, but…the White Mage….sigh….the White Mage stands in the middle of the rocks. Next thing I know….Garuda does her first warp attack and the Monk goes down not being to take cover fast enough.


Next Garuda unleashes her plumes(feathers) on to the field. I totally derp up and all the while using Quick Nock, try to figure out why Rain of Death is not on my hot bar set. Without RoD, I still take out the plumes, but next thing I know the white mage goes down. Of course a wipe followed next and we had to restart.


Okay so this is where I started getting annoyed, as helpful as he/she was trying to be (by the way I completely appreciate it) the tank begins explaining where everyone should stand, even puts down waypoint markers. Because I’ve done this like twenty times on Evo, I’m just like “blah, blah, blah…come on already!” Now despite the tank explaining everything, the derpy White Mage once again stands between the four rock pillars. everything goes well, except the white mage just couldn’t get a cure off fast enough. I think stood there at like half of HP before the Whm would even bother to cast any form of cure on me. Well by sheer luck, we make it to the second phase and what happens, Garuda warps, whm stands in front of Garuda and dies. I’m at like less than half HP and try to cure myself via Mega-potion only to wipe myself. Next the Tank and Monk go down and it’s restart time again.


So we go again….for the third time. everything goes okay, but that damn derpy whm continues to once again stand in between the four rock pillars. Garuda does warp thingy, everyone takes cover. We’re back in formation, when once again Garuda releases her plumes. I’m spamming the hell out of RoD with the occasional triggered Quick Nock and suddenly I see the Whm go down. The four pillars are almost done for and Garuda of course does her powerful move clearly the room….and of course it’s a wipe.


Now it’s about 2:00 maybe even 3:00am est, I’m highly annoyed and pissed and the derpy whm types in all caps “KILL THOSE ADDS!!!”. What followed was the Tank backing up the derpy whm…(yes I will continue calling him/her derpy, because they obviously had no clue even after being told where to stand, and couldn’t get a heal off if their own life depended on it) and telling how I needed to kill the plumes faster. Wait…what?! I’m all like did you guys not see me spamming the hell outta RoD? But no, I kept silent and did one more try only for us to wipe again. After that, I was done.


I hate coming off as an elite player, but sometimes you just get that one group in Duty Finder that just takes you there no matter how patient you are. Of course there were other DF horror stories from the previous week and trust me, I try so hard to forget them. But I know there will definitely be more to come in the near future. And for those people that keep suggesting join a FC or make your own pre-made party, yeah try doing runs with a FC that reaches end-game and then goes all “I Hate You!!” to each other. And even pre mades have their problems and derpy moments.


So until Duty Finder becomes a cake walk full of sprinkles and rainbows, trust me….there will be more Duty Finder Horror stories coming mines and your way.

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