Chapter 17a: Coping

Final Fantasy XIV: A New Beginning

Chapter 17a: Coping

Narration: Just when things seemed to had calmed down and Evo finally had his family back, Evo received a call on his Path of the Twelve linkpearl. The call was in reference to Starsabre, who had in fact disappeared prior to the events concerning Nuvea.

After taking the call, Evo headed back to a deeper part of the Black Shroud hoping to locate his Miqo’te friend. Upon finding her, he came across a group of Ala Mhigan Resistance fighters. One of their own had gotten lost within the Shroud and held important info, thus causing the resistance members to send out a distress call in which Starsabre intercepted.

Following these events, Evo, Starsabre, Minfilia, and the Ala Mhigan Resistance all met at the Waking Sands where the Captain of the Resistance informed the antecedent of their plan. A plan to sneak into the newly established Garlean base in Mor Dhona, and high jack a Garlean airship. Seeking vengeance for the death of her mother, Starsabre, who was also of Ala Mhigan descent, backed the Captain’s plan and headed off to Mor Dhona.

Minfilia, knowing full well the power of the Garlean Empire, advised against this action. But her cries went unheard. Fearing the worst she asked Evo to follow them and if nothing else, bring Starsabre back home…alive.

When he arrived, Evo witnessed one of he resistance members being cut down by Garlean soldiers. It wouldn’t be long that he would find himself face to face with non-other than “The Black Wolf” himself, Gaius Van Baelsar. The resistance members had failed in their operation. Both Evo and Starsabre were soon to meet the same fate as that of the fallen resistance, however they were saved by some familiar faces. After the battle. Gaius disappeared and Y’shtola would leave them with words of wisdom if they were to defeat this new enemy.

Meanwhile back in Gridania, Nuvea remained locked in her room. Still angered that her family would lie to her and still coping with the loss of both Chyldie and Cera, Nuvea would often ignore her Mother’s calls as well as that of her Aunt Zeriah’s. Instead, Nuvea sat in her room recounting the days to Chyldie via her diary.

Nuvea: Dear Chyldie,

It’s been about four days since I got my memory back and it’s still hard to believe that both you and Cera are gone. I haven’t left the house, let alone my own bedroom for hence of wanting to just be left alone. Sometimes the other younglings will come to my window and shout for me, but I hide from them as well. While Auntie Zee often knocks on my door, my mom has been quiet. Maybe she knows how mad I am at them and so stays her distance. My dad on the other hand hasn’t been home. Go figure right? Not much has changed with him.

I mean, they are wrong right. Why lie to me? I’m not a child anymore. Oooh, Chyldie…I miss you. Who else could make me laugh at a time like this? And I could hear Cera now giving me one of her boring, yet wise lectures…

Narration: Suddenly, Nuvea’s stomach growls. She’s been trying so hard to avoid both her mother and her aunt that she hasn’t really been eating.

Nuvea: Oooh, why now?!
*Sigh* Guess I’ll have to try to sneak my way to the kitchen again.

Narration: Nuvea slightly opens her bedroom door. There’s a bit of a creek in the door and so she stops, hoping not to alert neither Milyah or Zeriah. She then peeks through the crack checking to see if anyone is around. Nuvea opens the door a slight bit more and peeks once more.

Nuvea: Good, I’m in the clear.
Now to hurry.
Ninja stealth mode…let’s go!

Narration: Nuvea, quickly makes her way to the kitchen trying her best to avoid contact with any adults lurking within. Unaware of how clever her Auntie Zee was, Nuvea failed to notice her aunt lurking around the corner from her bedroom.

Zeriah quietly made her way to Nuvea’s room. Upon seeing how messy Nuvea’s room, Zeriah placed one hand on her hip and placed the other on her forehead all the while sighing dejectedly at Nuvea’s room.

Zeriah: Not a child anymore, huh?
That young lady is the biggest….

Narration: Before she could finish her sentence, Zeriah is startled by Milyah. Like Zeriah, Milyah had found herself waiting until the right moment to catch Nuvea off guard.

Milyah: Dear lord this child of mines can be such a slob at times.

Zeriah: *Gasp*
Milyah, you startled me!

Milyah: My apologies.
Seems like we both had the same idea.

Zeriah: It would seem so.

Narration: Both Milyah and Zeriah look around the room and both take notice of several letters addressed to Nuvea’s deceased friend.

Milyah: What’s this?

Zeriah: Dear Chyldie?

Milyah: It’s addressed to her friend?

Zeriah: It would seem so.

Milyah: Why?

Zeriah: A way of coping I assume.
Milyah, when it was assumed that you were dead and Evo was missing, it was hard for me to raise Nuvea on my own and run the God’s Quiver. At times I found myself crying not knowing what to do or who to turn to.

At the time, Nuvea was still too young to understand what was going on. She saw me crying one day and came to comfort me.


Narration: Zeriah sits on the floor in the middle of her home. She’s crying tears of grief and sadness. Feeling alone she grabs a nearby picture. The picture is a photo with her, her brother Evogolist, Milyah, Kilyah, Cera, Caireanne, and Zephon at a time when they were together and happy. She held the picture tighter as she cried.

Suddenly a five-year old Nuvea comes over, curious as to why her dear aunt was shedding tears. Nuvea then wraps her small short arms around Zeriah and hugs her as tight as she can. Overwhelmed by emotion, Zeriah continues to cry.

Nuvea: Auntie Zee, do you miss my mommy and daddy?

Narration: Asks Nuvea innocently. Zeriah parts her lips while still sobbing.

Zeriah: Yes~yes…very much.

Nuvea: You should write to them and tell them. They’ve gone away for a while right?

Zeriah: Oh baby.

Narration: Cries Zeriah as she pulls Nuvea to her and continues to cry. Nuvea lays there in her aunts arms never fully understanding why her was hurting as much as she was. That is, not until today.

(Back to Present)

Milyah: That little girl of mines…she’s something else.

Zeriah: Yes, she is.
It’s why all the younglings love being around her. Chyldeluve was no exception.
But this, there’s so many of them. Do you suppose she’s in denial?

Milyah: …..

Narration: Just then, Milyah and Zeriah are caught as Nuvea returns to her room.

Nuvea: Wha..What are you doing here?!
Get out!

Zeriah: Nuvea sweetie please talk to us.

Nuvea: No, just leave me alone!

Milyah: Nuvea we need to talk about these.

Nuvea: You went through my stuff?!
How dare you?! Get out!

Milyah: Nuvea.

Nuvea: Ahhh!!

Narration: Screams Nuvea to the top her lungs. Milyah comes over to her, raises her hand and then lands a hard slap against Nuvea’s face. Nuvea stands there in shock and holding her face. Zeriah then runs over and wraps her arms around Nuvea shocked that Milyah would resort to such a tactic.

Milyah: That is enough young lady!

Zeriah: Why’d you do that?

Milyah: It’s the only way that we can get through to her.

Zeriah: Nuvea, look at me.
What’s going on? Are you okay? Why’d you write all of these letters?

Narration: Nuvea suddenly begins to break down in tears. A part of her still blames herself for what happened and thus utters the words from her mouth.

Nuvea: It’s my fault…
It’s my fault.

Zeriah: No, it’s our fault.
Our fault for not protecting you.

Narration: Zeriah, while holding and hugging Nuvea tight, begins to shed a few tears herself. Milyah then wraps her arms around both of the two and joins them.

Milyah: You’re not alone this time.
Neither of you are.

Let’s get through this together.



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