What’s New For AoV Hunters – May Edition

Heyas everyone, Evo here with another issue of “What’s New For AoV Hunters?” This month I’ve got some good news as well as some bad news. Since it wouldn’t be right to start with the bad news, I guess I’ll get into the good news first.


Fun and Exciting Interactive Twitch.TV Streams


New to the AoV Hunters website is our Twitch.tv streaming channel. With this new channel I’ll be streaming games such as Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, and even non-Final Fantasy games such as The Elder Scrolls Online, Rift, Tera Online, and Aion. During the stream I’ll be interacting with you guys and vice versa. In doing so, you guys get to choose what classes I get to play as well as the events for the day.  So be sure to keep a look out for my streaming schedule and head over to the Twitch.TV tab to check out my stream.


New Blog

ffxivgame 2012-10-24 02-25-47-12

So for those of you that currently play or have played Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn,  you all have at one point or another experienced some of the worst case scenarios played out in the Duty Finder. Maybe it’s that one tank that either sucks at tanking or goes all elite on the pt and rages for no reason. Or maybe it’s that one dps that decides to pull and attack every mob in the instance before the rest of the party can get to it. Or just maybe it’s that one healer that just feels like they should just heal minus the DoT’s. Whatever it is, be sure to check out our new blog “Monday Duty Finder Horror Stories” where I share with you guys my Duty Finder Horror stories for the week.  The “Duty Finder Horror Stories” can be found under the  Journal tab,


Site Updates

One of the good qualities of a decent website is how manageable it is to navigate it with ease. So it’s a total in the rear when you have to back out from the last page just to go to another. That’s why over the last few weeks I’ve been making simple changes to the site and making easier for site visitors to navigate it with ease. Over the next few weeks I’ll continue adding things as well as making necessary changes overall. It’s the least that I can do for you guys that have followed and supported this blog site since it’s birth.

And now for the bad news.

For those of you who may not have noticed, the “Dear Chyldie” blog was taken down. Reason being, I just couldn’t my mind to where it needed to be in order to express the raw emotion of loss. I’m currently working on Chapter 17 of my FFXIV fan-fic and that will allow you guys to see exactly how Nuvea is coping with her best-friends passing.

While we’re on the subject, I know I’m like two months behind on the XIV project and heck I’m hella behind on the XI fan-fic project and while I can continue to make excuses as to why I am, I won’t. I just want you guys to know that I am working on getting them out there for you all to read and enjoy. Finding the right tone and setting as well as trying to stick to the original story can be taxing at times.  Otherwise, the story thus far is coming along great and I hope that you guys are enjoying it and are excited for the coming conclusion of the original Final Fantasy XIV story.


Well that’s it for now, see all next month for another “What’s New For AoV Hunters?” Until then, be sure to keep an eye out for new things coming your way only here at AoV Hunters.com.

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