Chapter 17b: Hope For Tomorrow

Chapter 17b: Hope for tomorrow

Narration: Following the events of day’s past, Minfilia briefly spoke with Evo. Concerned with the matter at hand regarding the Garleans. With the Garlean Empire setting up a base of operations in Mor Dhona and the Legatus, Gaius Van Baelsar at it’s helm, it was becoming more and more apparent that the Garlean threat was becoming ever more a threat and knocking on Eorzea’s front door.

Minfilia: Evogolist, as you can tell-all is not well in Eorzea. The Garleans stand on our doorstep, the City-States have begun reinstating the Grand Companies as if they would prepare for war, and a dark prophet traverses the realm spreading verses of Eorzeas demise. If I only I were to know where to begin and where to end.

However, these matters are beyond that of our order. My attention is needed elsewhere at the moment and I simply can not allow the Path of The Twelve to get involved. It is not our way.

Evogolist: Then what should we do?

Minfilia: As a member of the Twelve…nothing. But as an adventurer, I implore you Evogolist Lunaire, set out to find the truths of the world. I’ve come to rely heavily upon you my heroic adventurer and so I’m sure that if there’s anyone that can figure this out-it would be you.

I now take my leave of you, but before I do please take with you this armor, sword, and shield. They are said to be blessed by non-other than Hydalyn herself and so I’m sure they will aid you in your time of need.

Evogolist: Thank you.

Narration: As Minfilia takes her leave, she slowly walks past Evo. She then stops and leaves one last message for him.

Minfilia: Though the Seventh Umbral Era may be nigh, press on my hero. Survive so that all of Eorzea may live to see the dawn of a new era.

Narration: And it is with that, Evo departs from the Waking Sands. Back in Limsa Lominsa, Onias continues to investigate the rise in military forces appearing in the City-State. It isn’t long before he’s approached by an Maelstrom officier who just so happened to recogize the former Commodore.

Officier Guincum: Welcome to Maelstrom Command, how can I….Co…Commodore Onias sir!

Onias: It’s former Commodore now soldier, but it’s nice to know that the formalities still remain intact around here. Tell me, what exactly is going on around here.

Officier Guincum: You are in the presence of the Grand Company “The Maelstrom” sir. With the on going threat that Eorzea faces via that of the Garlean Empire, The Admiral deemed it necessary to re-implement such a force.

Onias: Is that so?
And where is the lovely Admiral if I may ask?

Officier Guincum: She…she went out to meet with a few of the city-state’s pirates, but….

Onias: But what? Come on soldier, spit it out already!

Officier Guincum: She went unarmed and unmanned sir! I fear that she may very well be in some sort of danger.

Onias: That damned she-devil of a witch. Many of times have I told her to never go it alone.
Where is she?

Officier Guincum: The meeting was set to take place southwest of Camp Bloodshore.

Onias: Bloodshore ‘eh?
Very well, kitten?!

Silvermane: MEOW!!!

Narration: Silvermane jumps at the sound of Onias’ voice. It’s been days since she had a drink and was far on edge from the brutal training she went through. As Biggs and Wedge, try their best to calm her down, Onias places her in charge in his absence.

Onias: Kitten, come down from there!
*Sigh* Listen I’ll be leaving for a bit to take care of some personal business. You’re in charge while I’m gone.

And don’t you dare try and disappear with my ship.

Narration: As Onias leaves, Silver comes down from the ceiling and then celebrates the return of her Pirate-hood.

Silvermane: He’s gone?
He’s really gone? And I’m in charge?


Baderon: Now that sounds more like the Silver I know!

Narration: As Silver celebrates and returns to her drinking and whore snatching ways, Biggs and Wedge take a deep sigh saddened that all their hard work has now gone to waste.

Wedge: No, no!
Ma’am, you’re going backwards!

Biggs: Wedge, at least she’s happy again.

Wedge: *Sigh* That’s what I’m afraid of.

Narration: Meanwhile, Onias arrives at Camp Bloodshore, disguised as the Black Pirate and begins making his way southwest. He stops for a moment, hearing the sound of a shaking bush. Suddenly he’s ambushed by a group of raiders of whom appear from out of the nearby bushes. A dagger flies by his face, but luckily he is able to dodge it.

Roegadyn Raider: Looks like someone’s in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Lalafell Raider: Oh, that sword sure is nice and shiny. Me want, me want.

Onias: How about you try and take it from it?

Narration: Onias, unsheathes his sword and prepares to fight the group of raiders. The group of three raiders charge him. Despite his old age, is quite fast and agile. He handles the three raiders with ease and disarming two of them and knocking them to the ground. He holds the other one at sword point and the two raiders that lay on the ground realize exactly who he is.

Roegadyn Raider: Wha…wha…what is this?
You two-get up this instant!

Hyur Raider: B…B…But sir….he’s Rostoft – The Black Pirate!

Narration: As the two defeated raiders ran off, the Roegadyn Raider remained at sword. He questioned Onias on his identity. Onias was less than amused and only wanted to know of the Admiral’s whereabouts.

Roegadyn Raider: So…is it true?
Are you really him?

Onias: Not that it matters, but yes, I’m Rostoft the Black.

Roegadyn Raider: Well isn’t this just grand.
Who’d ever thought I be face to face with the legendary pirate.

Onias: Where is she? Where’s Merlwyb?

Narration: At first the Roe raider refuses to answer, but then Onias presses the tip of his sword against the raiders throat. The raider panics and tells Onias the position of the Admiral.

Roegadyn Raider: Wait?! Wait?!!
She’s through there, in a clearing with some robed guy that hired us to watch the area.

Narration: Onias, begins walking towards the tunnel when the raider tries to sneak attack him. Onias quickly reacts and draws his musket, firing at the raider and knocking him off of his feet. The now frightened raider quickly crawls to his feet and high tails it. Upon reaching the other end of the tunnel, Onias catches a glimpse of Merlwyb and the robed stranger.

Onias: Pray forgive me for interrupting, but might I inquire about the complexity of this meeting?

Merlwyb: Onias, you troubling son of a whore. How dare you interrupt a meeting of great importance.

Onias: It’s nice to see you as well Merlwyb.
By the way, who’s you Elezen friend here?

Merlwyb: If you must know, he is Urianger, an Archon sent from the City-State of Sharalyn to help in the fight against the Garleans. It is he who advised me to re-establish the The Maelstrom so that we may have a fighting chance against the forces of the Garlean Empire.

Urianger: Be that as it may, it would seem that our position has been nonetheless compromised and thus our time grows short. Admiral, while I do not doubt the power of the mighty Maelstrom Grand Company, we will need to inact the Eorean Alliance once again if we are to have even the slightest chance of holding against the empire.

Merlwyb: I understand, but how do you propose we do so? The Ul’dahns are nigh ruled by the Syndicate and won’t partake in anything that they can not profit from. And the Gridanian, what will they do with their poking sticks and tree branchs? Call upon imaginary spirits to do their bidding?

Onias: That type of thinking is surely what will cause us to fail.

Urianger: Then what do you suggest might I ask?

Narration: Onias contacts his family via linkpearl. he informs both Evo and Zeriah of the events that are to transpire and advises them to visit the City-States of Ul’dah and Gridania and their respective Grand Companies.

Onias and Merlwyb then head back to Limsa Lominsa and Merlwyb holds quarry with the citizens of Limsa Lominsa. The occassion, The official Grand Company inauguration ceremony. There, Merlwyb gives a grand speach gaining the cheers of citizens and adventurers alike.
Back in Gridania, Zeriah, Milyah, and Nuvea attend a similar ceremony at the Mhi Ketto’s Amphitheater held by non-other than Elder Seedseer and Leader of the Order of the Twin Adders Grand Company, Kan-E-Senna. Back in Ul’dah, Evo stops for a moment at The Hall of Flames investigating what he can of the Grand Company Headquarters. As the First Flame Lieutenant steps away for a moment, Evo hears a bunch of chatter and loud footsteps behind him and turns around.

When he looks, he spots a weirdly dressed white-haired man with goggles on his head. He’s in the company of three others as well. Suddenly, two of them stop. The white-haired man becomes engrossed in a brief converstaion with another one of his collegues. And then Evo hears him say…

Cid: Meteor….

Narration: Heavy in thought, the white-haired man continues to slowly walk. Evo can’t help but wonder what exactly did he mean when he spoke of Meteor. Soon after the Lieutenant returns and advises Evo of the ceremony that was about to take place.

First Flame Lieutenant Aubrey: My apologies for keeping you waiting, but there is infact a ceremony about to take place at the Royal Promenade. If you hurry you can catch General Raubahn’s speech.

Evogolist: Raubahn?!

Narration: Evo snaps. The memories of a man from his past comes rushing back to him. Was this the same Raubahn of whom years ago attempted to bring upon Ragnorok along with the Grand Vizer of Aht Urghan Empire? Evo quickly rushes off to the Royal Promenade looking to ascertain his suspicions.

When he arrived, he was shocked to see that the man known as General Raubahn Aldynn. Evo stopped. This was not the Raubahn from his world. Not only did he look different, but sounded different as well. And yet, spoke with the same wisdom that the former did. Evo halts his anger and instead listens to Raubhan’s speech.

Raubahn: To all with sandstorms in your heart and fires in your bellies-hear me!
I am Raubahn Aldynn, son of Ala Mhigo and proud man of Ul’dah. You all know my deeds, and by them, you know me.

And so you know that no man is more aware of the opportunities this great city can afford, nor of the dreams of those who live here. We do not yearn for an end to the Garleans’ attacks-to merely survive, poor and hungry…

We seek fortune, and the freedom to enjoy it!

Narration: The crowd of Ul’dah citizens let’s roars of cheers and the members of the Syndicate stand in the back watching. Raubahn continues his speech.

Raubahn: I’ll not play you false-the empire threatens our way of life, even here in the south. But with this great danger comes the chance for great glory, and great profit.

Never have we known a time of such rich opportunity, and I for one mean to make the most it

I swear, here and now, in the name of Sultana Nanamo UI Namo…

Our Immortal Flames will consume the Garleans!

We will sear their flesh and char their bones! And when they burn, they will beg our mercy…AND WE WILL NAME ITS PRICE!!!

So I say to any among you who lust for both battle and coin…

Craftsmen! Merchants! Warriors! Adventurers!

Grasp not for the quick profit in plain view. Cast your lot with the Immortal Flames, and know glory and wealth untold!

Narration: The Syndicate members are soon angered by Raubahn’s enthusiasm. Raubahn then follows up by going to several members of the crowd. First are the Craftmen.

Raubahn: Forge arms and armors!

Narration: Next the Merchants…

Raubahn: Stockade meats and mead!

Narration: Then the Warriors…

Raubahn: Temper yourselves in both mind and body! And if you lack the back for crafting-make us a weapon of your wealth!

Long live the sultana! LONG LIVE UL’DAH!!!

Narration: The crowds of citizens let roars of cheers. Lurking within the crowd was non-other than Thancred. He nodded to Raubahn and Raubahn the same. Raubahn walked away and as the crowd cleared, Evo was left standing there in awe. To him this was a different world. A world where the people he knew were different, but the people of it, he loved all the same.

From this moment, Evo vowed that he would do all in his power to protect this world and the next…no matter the cost.


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