What’s new with AoV Hunters – June Edition

Hey guys and girls, welcome to another edition of “What’s New”. Now I usually wait until mid-month to post one of these, but the first of the month seems more appropriate This month we’ve got a few things going on over here and we (mostly me) hope that you can join us. So sit back, relax (just don’t fall asleep), and get ready for information overload.

Final Fantasy XI: Adventurers of Vana’diel Series I


We’re gearing up for the exciting final chapter in Series I of our Final Fantasy XI story. Evo and company prepare to face off against the evil Shadow Lord, but first they must pass his high ranking general, Viscount Morax. There’s only one problem, Lightwind has been strucken with fear as a memory from past haunts him. Will the Adventurers of Vana’diel be able to overcome this obstacle and finally bring peace back to Vana’diel?

Final Fantasy XIV: A New Beginning – Volume II

The Garlean Empire has begin putting their conquest of Eorzea campaign into motion and no one is safe from their wrath. As a counter-measure, the Leaders of the three City-States have reformed the great Grand Companies, but-will it be enough? Found out in this month’s chapter of FFXIV: ANB as Evo and Company work to bring together an Eorzean Alliance and learn exactly who is Cid Garlond.

The Genesis

Several years ago I worked on a game called The Genesis. It was my own personal game created using the Sony Playstation’s version of RPG Maker. Since then, I’ve had a script of the game’s story just laying around, until now. While I am currently in the process of converting it over to a novelization form, once finish I will be posting this new original story up for you guys to read. So please look forward to it.

Other Changes

Over the next month I’ll continue making this blog/site more user friendly as well as adding more content. I’m still in the process of setting up the video gallery so hopefully that will be in working condition soon.

Well that’s it for this month’s edition of “What’s New”. I hope you guys continue coming back and checking out what all I have instead for this site.

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