Chapter One – The Power of the Keys

The Genesis: Spirits of Chaos

By: Marcus Lee/Evo X Syn

In the early days of man, there was true peace. No war, no turmoil.
To ensure that this peace was maintained, The Great God known as Thahn, created two beings. Along with the creatures of the land of Hayo, These two beings lived in harmony, that is….until they were swayed into darkness.

Seeing the evil that man had brought amongst themselves, Thahn sought to start over and thus chose to reset the world. With this in mind he ordered his two guards, one named Megiddo and the other named Genesis purge the world of it’s darkness and rebuild it anew. Megiddo was the first to start, destroying all life on the planet until there was nothing left. Genesis was meant to follow by creating a new world and life, but consumed by her power, Megiddo killed Genesis in the process.

Realizing what she had done, Megiddo pleaded with Thahn to undo what she had done. Thahn agreed, but under one condition, Megiddo herself would have to sacrifice her own life. Realizing that her life would be meaningless if she could not be with Genesis, Megiddo took her own life. Though her life was taken by her own hands, Thahn acknowledged this as her sacrifice and thus restored life to Genesis. Genesis continued with his task of resetting the world and when all was done the world was once again anew.

But there was once again a problem, just like Megiddo could not live without Genesis, Genesis, could not live without Megiddo. And so, seeing Genesis’ sadness, Thahn restored Megiddo’s life, but in order to prevent her from becoming corrupted by her powers again, sealed the two beings in mortal bodies until they were needed again.

In a well lit cavern, an elder by the name of Father Moses has just finished telling the story about a powerful key. A key that his tribe has been responsible for guarding for centuries.

As Father Moses says a prayer over the keys, a young apprentice priest that had accompanied him, questions him on the true power of the key.

Lucian: Father Moses, is it true that there are six keys that can awaken Genesis and Megiddo?

Father Moses: According to legend…yes. Three keys for Genesis and three keys for Megiddo.

The young priest was extremely curious about the keys and thus inquired about their location.

Lucian: Wait, so if we have one key, then the other five…?

Father Moses: Are spread across the land of Hayo, where at, I do not know.

The young priest pressed Father Moses with more questions hoping to hear more about the keys and the two spirits.

Lucian: What would happen if they were to be brought together?

Though annoyed, Father moses chuckled slightly at the young priest.

Father Moses: Ah, you ask too many questions my child.
Surely you must believe that the great Thahn would not simply place the key to Hayo’s destruction and rebirth in the hands of man?

Lucian: But…

Father Moses: Don’t worry child, even if the keys were brought together, only Thahn himself could awaken the two spirits. We’re perfectly fine. Now, if you would excuse me, I must commune with the other elders.

Narration: As Father Moses parted ways with the young priest, a priestess that had been attending to the area approached the priest.

Priestess: Excuse me my lord, but I couldn’t help but hear you conversation with the elder.

Priest: As a priestess, you should know that it’s common law not to speak on things you’ve overheard.

Priestess: Yes my lord, I apologize.

Priest: Then we are done here.

As the young priest takes his leave, the priestess grabs his arm and pleads her case to him. The priest is reluctant to hear her out, what she proposes seems to spark his interest.

Priestess: Please wait?!
I can help you. You seek to know the true power of the keys.

Priest: Priestess, you say you over heard my conversation with the elder and yet you have failed to hear the most important part…the key’s power are a myth.

A myth! And nothing more.

The priest then storms off, but the priestess catches his attention once more.

Priestess: And so the elders have fooled yet another with their blind lies.

Priest: And why should I believe you?!

Priestess: Because, I have the power to help awaken the true power of the keys.

The Priest smiled a devilish grin as he prepared to set out and discover the true power of the keys. Over the next month and a half, both the priest and the priestess gathered like minded members of the tribe and together laid claim to their conquest, laying waste to their former home and taking the one key that was in possesion of the priest-hood.

However, their quest for power would not go unchallenged as they would come face to face with non other than Father Moses himself.

Father Moses: Lucian, what is the meaning of this?
Why do you betray those of whom have raised and protected you?
Those who love you?

Lucian: Love me? Protected me?
You lied to me, you lied to all of us.

Father Moses looks and spots the priestess standing next to Lucian. He’s saddened that Lucian would allow himself to be seduced by her.

Father Moses: You’re right, and for good reason. Let’s say the stories are real, do you really believe that you can control the power of the two spirits?

Tell me Lucian, why do you do this?

For her?

Lucian: For power.
For far too long I’ve watched the world spiral back into chaos while we just sat back and did nothing.

Isn’t it our duty to set out and find ways to protect the land?

Isn’t that our duty as Seekers?!

Father Moses: You sound just like him Lucian.

Jylan was the same way, wanting nothing more than power. He believed that his ways were righteous, that his actions were justified. Like you, he gathered like minded individuals to help further his goal of conquest.

Lucian: But he was foolish and grew greedy. Eventually, the Founding Fathers of our tribe stopped him….blah, blah, blah…end of story.

You know what I’m done talking.

Magni if you will, get us out of here.

Magni: With pleasure my lord.

The priestess and her followers prepare to warp them out, but Father Moses refuses to let them go.

Father Moses: I’m sorry Lucian, but I can not let you go.

Flaming child of the inferno!!

The elder priest calls upon a powerful fire spell and attempts to stop his former apprentice and his army. Unfortunately, the priestess is able to counter the spell, sending the priest flying across the room and into a wall of crystalized rocks.

The force of impact causes Father Moses to fall into an unconscious state and no longer able to stop Lucian and his army. Just then, a trio of Seeker warriors come to the elder’s aid.

Raye: Up here!
There was definitely some commotion coming from up here.

Grunch: I’m right behind ya lad.

Tina: Grunch move your ass or that bastard is going to get away.

Grunch: Easy for ya to say lass, you’re not the one weighing 300lbs and carrying a giant axe up a flight of stairs.

Raye: Will you two just shut it and come on?!

When the party of three arrive, they realize that they are too late. Lucian warps out just as they arrive. Raye, the elfin archer attempts to fire an arrow at Lucian, but misses. Tina and Grunch rush over to Father Moses praying that their not too late to save him.

Tina: Elder Moses!!

Grunch: It’s okay lass, he’s still alive…for now.

Raye: Grrrarrgh!!

Raye, angered by the events of the day pounds his fist into the crystalized wall. As he stands there with his hand slightly bleeding, he vows to avenge the people of his tribe…even at the cost of his life. Tina and Grunch look at Raye with their eyes burning with the same resolve and passion as Raye.

Tina: Vengence…

Grunch: Vengence…

Raye: Vengence…will be ours.






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