Chapter 9a: Facing the Past

Final Fantasy XI: Adventurers of Vana’diel
Chapter 9: The Final Showdown
A: Facing the Past


Young Lightwind: Allenoire!
Allenoire, where are you!

Narration: As the sound of war roared throughout the land of Tavanazia, in small village slightly south-west of the grand town, a young Elvaan searches for his missing sister. Running throughout the village, he sees nothing but carnage and chaos as the bodies of the villagers laid scattered throughout the ground.

Young Lightwind: Allenoire!
Allenoire please…answer me?!

Narration: Cried Lightwind once more. He ran and ran until finally coming to a group of demons that had gathered in a small area. As Lightwind gasped, the demons looked up and turned their attention to him. Past the demons, Lightwind spotted non other than Allenoire De Ragnor herself laying on the ground slightly mangled and dismembered.

Young Lightwind: Allenoire!

Narration: Screamed Lightwind, forcing his way past the group of demons and grabbing Allenoire’s lifeless body. Tears streamed down his face as he pleaded to the deceased Elvaan female to open her eyes. The demons stood overtop of the young Elvaan boy, preparing to dispose of him the same way they had his sister.

The demons reach for Lightwind, however Lightwind isn’t going down without a fight. Though struggling to hold it, he picks up his sister’s sword and strikes one of the demons.

Young Lightwind: I will kill you all!

Narration: Yells Lightwind as he pulls his sword from the demon. The demons attack all at once and Lightwind, despite putting up a good fight, is overpowered and knocked to the ground. He struggles to stand once more, but is once again knocked to the ground.

Suddenly, there’s a dark chilling laugh and from the group of demons emerge their general, Viscount Morax. The demon general slowly walks over to Lightwind and kicks the sword from his hand.

Lightwind struggles to crawl away from the demonic general all the while Morax laughs a frightening and chilling laugh.

Back in the present, a now adult Lightwind finds himself once again being confronted by Viscount Morax. Just like back then, Morax’s chilling laughter terrifies him and he’s helpless to the rest of the party.

Blackstar: What in the blue blazes is wrong with him?!

Silverstar: Yeah, it’s like he just saw some scary ghost.

Narration: Amerita tries her best to get through to Lightwind, but to no avail, he would not respond.

Amerita: Lightwind!
Lightwind listen to me, you have to snap out of it.

Zeriah: It’s no use.

Zeid: To hell with him.
If you can’t stand the war, then don’t join the battle.

Lion: Sorry guys, but the big guy is right.

Narration: Zeid and Lion charge towards the demon general. Evo, Blackstar, and Silverstar join them.

Evogolist: Zee…Ame…we’re going ahead.
Do what you can to help him.

Zeriah: Be careful big brother!

Narration: Morax braces for their attack. The first to attack is Zeid, swinging his Great Sword. The attack misses with Zeid only striking a shadow counterpart of the demon. Lion strikes against the demon general, but like Zeid, only strikes a shadow.

Evogolist: Dammit!
This isn’t working!

Narration: Realizing that their attacks were ineffective, Evo urges the dragoon twins to combine attacks with him. Together, the three combine their wheelthrust weapon skills to create a Tri-Whirlwind attack, dispatching of the remaining shadow copies.

The party of five then charge towards Morax, but Morax has one more card up his sleeves. He laughs maniaclly as he unleashes his full power.

Morax: Avatar of the winds, I summon your great power.
Come to me…COME TO ME!!

Narration: A powerful gust of wind overtakes the room as Morax summons the avatar of wind known as Garuda. Evo and the others try to hold and maintain their footing as the avatar appears.

Evogolist: Well, this isn’t good.

Lion: You don’t say.

Morax: My lord wants you to himself, but I don’t see why I can’t have a bit of fun with you first.

Narration: Says Morax as he prepares to use an ability known as Astral Flow. An ability that allows its user to summon forth the full power of a Celestial Avatar.

Morax: Garuda, unleash thou fury upon thy mortals.

Aerial Blast!!

Narration: The powerful winds send Evo and company flying across the room.

Silverstar: Ugh…did anyone get the name of that wind tunnel?

Narration: Nearby, Zeriah and Amerita continue to try to snap Lightwind out of his state of shock and fear.

Zeriah: Lightwind, you have to wake up!
Please, my brother…our friends…need you!

Amerita: It’s no use.

Narration: Not far, Morax appears and begins approaching Zeriah, Amerita, and Lightwind.

Morax: Here, here…little Elvaan, come and let me send you to join your sister.

Amerita: Zeriah, stay with him.

Zeriah: Big sister!

Amerita: Do what you must, I’ll hold this bastard off.

Narration: As Amerita charges in towards Morax, she let’s out a loud battle cry. Meanwhile, Zeriah continues to try her best to awaken Lightwind. She pleads and pleads some more hoping to finally get through to the white-haired Elvaan, but to no avail, he remains in a state of fear.

Finally tired of calling out to him, Zeriah lands a hard slap upon Lightwind’s left cheek. He turns his head and looks at her with a shocked look on his face.

Zeriah: How dare you call yourself a warrior?!
My brother, Amerita, and all of our friends fight for our future and all you can do is sit here too afraid to face whatever obstacles stand in your way. What would Kujata say if he saw you like this?

What would your sister say? Because that’s why you do this isn’t it? To avenge your sister?

Lightwind: My…my sister.

Allenoire..oh god, Allenoire!!

Narration: Cries Lightwind as he remembers finding his sister’s remains. He then remembers his encounter with Morax and how it was he was able to escape alive.


Morax: Foolish mortal, did you really think you could defeat me?

Narration: Says Morax as he stands overtop of young Lightwind. Lightwind attempts to crawl away from the demon general, but finds himself coming to a dead end.

Morax: End of the line boy.

Narration: Just as Morax is about to extinguish young Lightwind’s life, Lightwind closes his eyes and prays for someone to save him.

Lightwind: Allenoire, I’m sorry…I couldn’t avenge you.
Someone…anyone…help me?

Narration: Just then, Lightwind feels something under his hand. When he opens his eyes and looks, he discovers that it’s his sister’s sword.

Lightwind: Allenoire…

Narration: Back in the present time, Lighwind looks under his hand and realizes that non other than the same sword laid next to him. He then grabs the sword and stands up.

Lightwind: I will not fail you…not this time…Allenoire.

Zeriah: Lightwind…

Narration: Says Zeriah as she watches him finally stand up and face the demon that has haunted him since he was a child. And just Amerita seems to be overwhelmed by Morax, Lightwind quickly steps in and blocks his attack.

Amerita: <gasp>

Morax: You!

Lightwind: Yes…me.

Narration: With a newly rekindled fire in his eyes, Lightwind stands face to face with Viscount Morax. And thus so, seeks to settle his past and finally lay to rest the spirit of his sister, Allenoire De Ragnor.






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