Entry #201

Dear Chyldie,

It’s been a year since the disaster that was Dalamud. Since then, some how my family, my friends, and myself were sent five years into the future. Five years…ha, guess that would make me a full grown adult now huh?

Well since then, a lot about Eorzea has changed, for both the good and the bad. My mom and dad have been busy helping to put things back in order. My dad and his friends once again took up being hero of the realm, while my mom on the other returned to her duties as 2nd Bow Lady of the God’s Quiver. So she hasn’t been home much. But that’s a story for another time. But for now, let’s get to the good juicy stuff.

Over the last few weeks the Moonfire Faire took place. And guess who came back to spend time with me. Yup, my mom and dad. Like I said they’ve been really busy and haven’t had time to spend with me let alone themselves. So you could guess that it was time well spent. The opening night of the faire, we visited the different city-states just taking this year’s set up.  Even the residential areas had some nice decorations to them. 



My mom was a bit shy in showing off her legs and so wore her knee high boots. My dad on the other hand…it took some forcing to do, but we finally got him in a Yukata. Even Angelo was excited to go to the festival. 

Different from the last year’s festival, this year’s main events took place in La Noscea…yeah I know, booo right? Can’t really complain though with them having the whole beach setting and all. Though not as fun as the ones before the Calamity, we enjoyed ourselves. I think my dad grew a bit frustrated with the Cannonball game and almost attacked one of the fake cactaurs. My mom and I had to drag him from the game area and apologize to the game attendant. 



On the following day, we stopped in Limsa for a bit ending up seeing this cool line dance. I tried to get involved in it, but for someone reason all the guys kept stopping and staring at me and once again my dad was ready to fight. Afterwards we, headed to the beach in the Mist. Chyldie, I have to give them props, the beach was so beautiful. My dad took pictures of my mom and I playing in the water and afterwards we buried him in the sand and accidentally left him there while we walked around and then relaxed on the beach. 


Later that night, back in Lavender Beds, my mom and dad snuck out for a late night walk. Of course, I followed them. It was so romantic seeing these two together. They must’ve spent like a hour or two just walking and talking. But then my mom stood up and guess who was caught. Good thing I wasn’t grounded. She just shook her head and laughed. My dad was embarrassed, but it was cute to see him showing him mushy side. 


For the next couple of days, we just enjoyed ourselves and spent time with each other. At some point my mom and dad went house hunting. According to them, we had been mooching off of Auntie Zee for far too long and it was time that we got our own place. Not so sure as to how that worked out.  Auntie Zee, however, insisted that we stay. Especially since my dad was constantly being called by the Scions and my mom had her duties as Second Bow Lady to fulfill, which in turn left me alone. You can imagine how that argument went. I mean come on! I’m twenty years old, technically speaking, I can handle being home alone now. 

Anyways, to tie things up, an anniversary event known as “The Rising” kicked off a few days ago. They say it’s the first of many to come in where we honor the memory of those that fell and/or sacrificed their lives during the Calamity five years ago. Though the event itself took place in Limsa, my mom, dad, and I visited the Sanctum of the Twelve. There we prayed and payed our respects to our fallen friends. I prayed for you and Cera, Chyldie. 


Finally the day came to say goodbye to my mom. Lewin had called her back in to duty and she had no choice, but to go. So that morning we stood atop one of the bone structures overlooking Camp Bronze Lake and watched the sun come up before finally saying goodbye again. My mom and dad asked for some time alone and for the next hour they stood there in each other’s arms. My mom then finally had to leave and as she teleported away, I couldn’t help, but cry. I think my dad even shed a few tears. He stood there atop the bone structure for another two hours just staring up at the clouds. Meanwhile, Boco and I sat at the botton and dozed off.


All in all, it was a heartfelt and fun time. I can’t wait until the Starlight Festival. My mom says she should be back either before or by then. I can’t wait. I just wish that you could be here with us Chyldie. 


I miss you.


Your Dearest Friend, 


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