Website status update

Heyas guys, Evo here.

Sorry I’ve been away for quite a bit. For those of you that have been checking in and reading my stories, I want to apologize for leaving you guys hanging with no new material.  In the mist of working the next part to my FFXIV story, my net got cut off and then shortly after my computer’s AC power supply overhead and died on me. So my writing is temporarily on hold along with any adventures in Eorzea since I only played via pc.

Now along with that, I mentioned a while back that I was working on my first actual publication.  Well one weekend I wrote about five chapters non stop and burnt out my brain, so with that being said I need to recharge the batteries.

So once again apologies and I pray that you guys continue to follow me and my posts. Thanks again for the love and support and I’ll be back soon…..please look forward to it, hahaha!!


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