Chapter 9b: Difference of Opinion

Narration: As the adventurers of Vana’diel draw near the Shadow Lord’s Throne Room, they find themselves facing off against his top generals. Thus far, two have fallen to the hands of our heroes. However, as they ventured to the third teleport, the adventurers of Vana’diel learned that they were not alone.

The third demon general had been defeated by another group of adventurers.  Two adventurers of who is our heroes learned were none other than the Dark Knight Galka known as Zeid  as well as the mysterious female hume known as Lion, were also making their way through Castle Zhval Keep in hopes of stopping the evil Shadow Lord.

To their dismay, one more general stood in their way. It was non other than Viscount Morax, head general of the Shadow Lord’s army of Kindred and a nightmare from Lightwind’s past. While the Elvaan knight sat on the floor in fear, the remaining adventurers of Vana’diel battled valiantly. Unfortunately,  they were no match for the demon general and his demonic powers.

Finally fed up and knowing that they stood not a chance against Viscount Morax, unless they all came together and fought together, Zeriah pleaded with Lightwind to come to his senses. And with the help of the young female hume, Lightwind realized that he must fight past his childhood fears so that he could not only avenge his sister Allenoire, but the young Elvaan from his past.

Lightwind: I remember you being a lot taller and scarier.

Morax: I appear that way to younglings like you.

Narration: Lightwind then turned and looked towards the others. For him this was his fight and his fight alone.  Morax needed to pay for his crimes and Lightwind would not let Evo and the others fight his battle for him.

Lightwind: Adventurer!
Go! The Shadow Lord awaits.

Narration: Evo refusing to allow the Elvaan knight fight alone, grabs his sword and runs to his side.

Evogolist: No! Let’s do this together.

Narration: Once again, Lightwind asks the young adventurer to leave. Evo stands firm where he is and refuses to leave.

Lightwind: I’ll ask you once more adventurer, leave us be or I won’t hesitate to turn my blade on you.

Narration: Evo turns slightly, eyeing Lightwind from the corners of his eyes. He attempts to ignore the Elvaan knight,  but Lightwind blocks Evo with his sword.

Lightwind: You foolish Hume!
I warned you to stay out of this.

Evogolist: Aw, come on, and let you hog all the fun?!

Narration: Evo attempts once more to attack the demon general, but Lightwind quickly jumps in front of Evo and knocks him back with his sword. Evo catches his balance and tries once again to rush past Lightwind and strike Morax. However,  Lightwind still refuses to allow Evo to interfere and blocks the young adventurer for a third time.

Evogolist: Now you’re starting to piss me off.

Lightwind: Do you wish to fight me Hume?

Evogolist: No, but you’re not leaving me much choice.

Narration: As the two stand face to face with each other, the other members of the party look on confused.

Amerita: Um…what the hell just happened?

Zeriah: Evo! Lightwind!
Stop it! Stop it please?!

Lion: Great, just what we need.
You two mustn’t fight amongst yourselves, otherwise you play right into the Shadow Lord’s hands.

Oooh, Zeid do something!

Zeid: The affairs of Humes and Elvaans are none of my concern.  If they want to kill each other than fine by me.

Lion: Well I’m not.

Narration: Lion runs and shouts at the two, meanwhile,  Morax laughs at the two adventurers as they battle it out amongst each other. Blade and lance clash as Evo and Lightwind try to best each other.

And while the other party members pleaded and shouted for the two to stop, the twin dragoons sat down enjoying some millicorn popcorn.

Silverstar: Well brother, seems like it’s gonna be awhile.

Blackstar: Mili-popcorn?

Silverstar: Why, don’t mind if I do.

Narration: The dragoons use their wyvern’s Fire Breath to heat their respective pans. Zeriah, desperate to end the fight between her brother and Lightwind, look to the two dragoons for help, only to be angered by what she saw.

Zeriah: Just what the hell do you two think you’re doing?!

Silverstar: Um…popcorn…

Blackstar: Have some?

Narration: Zeriah grabs the two by their long ears and drags to where the battle is taking place.

Zeriah: I can’t believe you two!

Blackstar: Ow…Ow…my poor Elvaan ear!

Silverstar: We didn’t think they needed our help.

Zeriah: Well they do, now get your good for nothing hides OUT THERE NOW!!!

Narration: Zeriah takes and pushes the two dragoons out in to the midst of the battle. The two however, are clueless as to what to do and thus try to reason with the two adventurers.

Silverstar: Uh, guys you mustn’t fight amongst each other!

Blackstar: Yeah, there’s a big evil demon behind you!

Evogolist: Yeah try telling that to this guy.

Narration: Replies Evo as he continues to struggle and try to hold his own against the Elvaan knight. In fact,  Evo was giving it his all and Lightwind was as well. Sadly,  Evo was outmatched in every way possible. Lightwind was stronger, he was faster, and he was geared a whole lot better than the young dragoon was.

Evogolist: Hey guys, some actual help please?!

Narration: Yelled Evogolist to the twin dragoons.  The two brothers however simply looked at each other and broke out in cheer. Amerita and Zeriah both looked on in disbelief.  They couldn’t believe their eyes. These two fools were actually cheering on Evo as if they were actual cheer leaders.

Amerita: What exactly are those two doing?

Zeriah: <Sigh> I’m afraid to look.

Narration: Meanwhile,  Lion grows frustrated and fed up with the fighting and pleads to Zeid one final time.

Lion: Grr…Zeid please, you have to stop them before they kill each other!

Zeid: I told you they’re none of my concern.

Lion: Fine big guy, then I guess I’ll tell everyone your big secret.

Zeid: What secret?
There is no secret of mine that you would have knowledge of.

Lion: Really?

Narration: Lion pulls out a stuffed chocobo that just so happens to belong to the dark knight Galka.

Zeid: Lion?!
You wouldn’t dare?!

Lion: Try me.

Narration: Zeid grabs his giant sword and rushes towards the two adventurers. All the while screaming and cursing at Lion.


Narration: Zeid swings his sword one time, blocking Lightwind’s next attack. Lightwind falls back, but lands in his feet. Evo goes running towards Lightwind, but Zeid stops Evo in his tracks, placing his giant-sized Galkan hands on Evo’s head.

Evogolist: Grr…let me go!
Just one more hit, that’s all I need.

Zeid: I said that’s enough!

Narration: Evo and Lightwind stand down as Zeid stands tall. Lion steps in and scolds the group of adventurers.

Lion: What is wrong with you guys?
I mean seriously,  I got one guy with a death wish, two dragoons that want fame and fortune,  but would rather clown around than actually earn that of which they seek, and then you…Evogolist.  You want so much to right that of which the likes was naught of your own doing.

How do expect to lead this team, if you can’t even forgive yourself?

Evogolist: I…um…

Zeid: By all means, this little lass deserves to lead this team than anyone of you little runts. Lion and I have watched closely as Zeriah brought together a group of adventurers to not only save her brother, but to save all of Vana’diel.

Lion: Evogolist, your sister, she nearly died trying to bring you back from the darkness. Tell me, is this truly how you repay her?

Narration: Evo looks over at Zeriah. He’s saddened to see how broken and torn she is to see her new-found friends fighting and destroying everything that they worked hard to build. Lion then turns to Lightwind and prepares to scold him, but the Elvaan knight shuts her down before she even starts.

Lightwind: Save your theatrics for someone else hume. I will not hear them today.

Lion: But this is madness Lightwind, can’t you see that?!

Lightwind: Than a mad man I shall be.
This demon will fall by my hands and my hands alone.

Lion: But…

Narration: Zeid stops Lion before she can say anymore.  If Zeid knows anything,  it’s how stubborn Elvaans can be and Lightwind is about as stubborn as they come. Amerita approaches Lightwind, places her hand on his arm, and questions his resolve.

Amerita: Lightwind, is this your final resolve?

Narration: Lightwind says not a word. Instead, he briefly looks at Amerita from out the corner of his eyes and then stares the demon general down and grips his sword tightly.

Amerita: Very well.
Live well and die freely brother of light.

Lightwind: Live well and die freely.

Narration: Amerita’s and Lightwind’s words slightly frighten Zeriah. While she prays and hopes that they all can return home together,  her gut tells her that the truth is far more painful.

Amerita walks over to the party of friends and suggests their next course of action.

Amerita: He’s giving us a chance to go on ahead.

Zeriah: But he that would mean…

Amerita: Yes, he wishes to face Viscount Morax alone.

Zeriah: No!

Evogolist: Zee, there’s nothing more we can say.

Lion: Do not worry, I will stay behind with him just incase.
Big guy, see them safely through will yah?

Zeid: Very well.

Narration: Zeid along with Evogolist and the others head off to face their last challenge,  non other than the Shadow Lord himself. And as the Shadow Lord awaits the Adventurers of Vana’diel, Lightwind prepares to face off in what might be his final battle.

Morax: So Elvaan,  now that dramatic show is over, shall we officially begin?

Lightwind: I was just about to ask the same.

Narration: Lightwind grips his great sword and Morax his Staff. There’s silence as the two stand ready to battle each other. And then suddenly, they charge.

To be continued……

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