Upcoming Site Update – Addition to News section, Goals Update, and more!

Hey guys, Evo here again. 

As stated in the previous post, over the Christmas Holiday I’m going to be making some changes to the site. This means additional News sections, an Update to the Goals section, and several other site adjustments.

One issue that I’ve noticed is that even though over the last year I was able to make the News section easier to navigate, aside from the Final Fantasy XI and XIV specific sections, it lacked a section for all other none Final Fantasy News. So one of the changes I’ll be making is quite simple. Basically I’ll be adding an extra section so that you guys can locate things non-related to Final Fantasy instead of relying on the recent posts widget or the Home Page. 

Another change coming soon is to the Goals section. It’s been over two years since I’ve posted anything there and I was eventually planning on removing the section entirely. Instead, I’m going to be cleaning it up a bit by taking the current page and placing it into an archive section. From there on, any goals that I complete will be listed by game and month. This way, goals are easier to follow and keep track of.  There’s a ton of content I have yet to complete in both Final Fantasy XI and XIV so you guys can definitely look forward to some new goals. I’m also considering adding an suggestion section so that you guys can suggest some goals for me to complete.

Other changes that you guys can expect include adjustments to both the picture and video galleries, and removal of the Heroes, Villians, and Characters section to the History of Final Fantasy section. 

So be sure to check back often for more updates on what to expect from AoV Hunters come 2015. 

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