New XI Chapter coming soon and other stuff.

Hey guys, Evo here and I just wanted to update you all on the latest of what’s going on with this site and the stories.

Let’s start with Final Fantasy XI, I’m currently hard at work developing the last chapter in the Adventurers of Vana’diel Series I storyline. But first I must get past this last chapter. If all goes well, Chapter 9c should be up by this weekend and trust me, you guys don’t want to miss it. As Evo and crew finally come face to face with the evil Shadow Lord, a startling revelation is revealed (Final Fantasy XI fans know what I’m talking about) and tragedy strikes the team as a member of the party makes peace with his past. So please guys be on the look out for that.

As for the Final Fantasy XIV: A New Beginning story, well I’m working on it, but then I’m not. The reason why is because I’m currently playing around in my head how I want to handle this particular chapter. The last sub-chapter of Chapter 17 focuses on none other than Cid Nan Garlond, and things are about to kick into high gear as Evo and crew rev up to face the likes of not only a new Garlean General, but the likes of the primals, summoned by the beastmen. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the wild life around Eorzea have begun to change as the lesser moon Dalamund begins to not only shine brighter, but also grow in size.  So not only does Evo and crew have their hands full, but I do as well. My goal is to have the Seventh Umbral Era story line finished before, if not by the time Heavensward comes out.

Aside from this, it’s truly amaze balls how some people (mostly my friends) stop and ask me if I still write. Like I said before, you guys are the reason I continue to do this. I honestly just finished writing my first real publication and hopefully that will be in the stores within the next month or two. Now that that’s out of the way, I can truly focus my creative energies on finishing up these stories. And don’t think I’ve forgotten about The Genesis: Spirits of Chaos. I’m currently going back over the script that I wrote years ago and doing what I can to novelize it. So please keep a look out for that.

Thanks again guys for all the support and please continue to support myself and other writers as well. I don’t believe my stuff if the best and I’m pretty sure there’s hella better stuff out there to read. I do ask that you support those guys as well.

Until next time, Adventure on!!

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