Chapter 9c: Sweet Farewell Revenge

Narration: In an effort to bring an to the Shadow Lord and his army of Kindred soldiers, the adventurers of Vana’diel as they’ve come to be called, set out to confront the evil being at a place known as Castle Zvhal. Once there, they found themselves facing off against the Shadow Lord’s four demon generals. And while, along with the help of adventurers Zeid and Lion, were able to defeat the first three generals, they found their match in the demon general known as Viscount Morax.

Viscount Morax was one of the Shadow Lord’s top generals rising in rank over the years after leading several winning campaigns against the Allied Forces. He was also a monster from the Elvaan knight, Lightwind’s past. While the others tried their best against the demon general, Lightwind cowarded in fear, remembering the demon who had laid waste to his village massacred his people including his older sister Alenore.

Eventually the young female hume Zeriah was able to snap him back to his senses and Lightwind was prepared to face his past. However, this did not come without it’s problems. Lightwind was hell bent on revenge and thus in turn sought to face Morax alone. His decision did not sit right with the others and Lightwind found himself coming into conflict with the hume adventurer Evogolist. They both battled tiredlessly until the fight was ended by non other than the Dark Knight Galkan hero, Zeid.

Lightwind still not wanting help from the others, urged them to move on and go straight to the Shadow Lord’s throne room. Reluctant as they were, they agreed and whilst leaving Lightwind and Lion behind, made their way to face the evil of the land that is the Shadow Lord.

Evogolist: Well, this is it.

Zeriah: The Final Showdown.

Amerita: Through those doors lie the path to the Shadow Lord’s throne room.

Silverstar: And lemme guess, we have to go through them first?

Blackstar: Not scared are you brother?

Silverstar: Pfft…please, we’re the soon to be famous dragoon twins.

Narration: The two twins strike a infamous pose. Zeriah once again slaps the two elvaan dragoons.

Silverstar: Ow, that hurt!

Zeriah: And there’s more to come if you two don’t shut up!

Zeid: Enough!
By now the Shadow Lord is probably almost finish regnerating his power.

Amerita: Zeid is right, if we don’t move now, we may not be able to stop him.

Evogolist: Well…let’s get going.

Narration: Says Evo, as he arms himself with his lance. The party of six rush in taking out any mobs that stand in their way. Meanwhile, a level below, the Elvaan knight Lightwind de Ragnor, continues his fight against the demon general Viscount Morax.

Lightwind: Grr…Light of the Goddess, Banish thy putred creature!!

Narration: Morax dodges Lightwind’s light based spell and then counters with his own dark spell.

Morax: Such lengthy words Elvaan.
So much energy wasted.
Allow me to show you how it’s really done.

Narration: Morax then summons the power of the Celestial Avatars. What appears is a darker version of the avatar Ramuh. Lightwind is less than amused and ridicules the demon general for using such sacred power.

Lightwind: How dare you use such power demon?!

Narration: Lion looks on, terrified that such a power could exist.

Lion: By Altana’s sake, a Celestial Avatar.
But how?

Narration: Lightwind then tries to plead with this darker version of Ramuh. However, his pleas fall on deaf ears.

Morax: Oh, please Lord Ramuh don’t kill me!
Ha, ha, ha…such weakness still exist within you Elvaan.
To hear it, makes my wings flutter in joy.

Lightwind: DAMN YOU DEMON!

Lion: Lightwind don’t!

Narration: Yells Lion as the Elvaan knight charges Viscount Morax. Lightwind is enraged and blinded by that rage, he is unable to properly land his hits. Morax laughs hysterically while watching Lightwind swing his sword effortlessy at him. All the Morax uses Ramuh as his shield.

Morax: Allow me to relieve you of your stress.

Narration: Morax uses an ability known as Astral Flow to summon Ramuh’s full power.

Ramuh: Judgement Bolt!

Narration: Lightwind attempts to deflect the avatar’s attack with his Soul of Ultima attack, but Lion knocks him out of the way before Ramuh’s attack strikes him down.

Lightwind: Soul of…

Lion: Get down!

Lightwind: …umph!
Stay out of this!

Narration: Lion slaps the Elvaan, trying her best to knock some sense into him.

Lion: I won’t fight you like Evo did, but I’ll be damned if I stand by and let you fight so recklessly.

Lightwind: Why do you care?

Lion: Why do I care?!
I care because i have friends and family that depend on me.
Vana’diel depends on me.

I can’t help them if I die here

And neither can you.

Lightwind: Your people are none of my concern.

Lion: Is that what your sister would say?

Narration: Lightwind looks at Lion, eyes wide open. He thinks to himself, the audacity of her to bring Allenoire into this. But deep down inside, he knows that she’s right. Elenor would be dissapointed in him, if she was here. Unlike the Elvaans of Sand’Oria, the people of Tavnazia weren’t selfish or self-centered. They didn’t pride themselves in being the strongest of the five races.

Lightwind removes Lion’s hand from his shoulder and once more stands. He primes himself ready for battle once more, gripping his greatsword.

Lightwind: Summon all the avatars you want demon, but this…this will be our final battle.

Morax: Well, well now, brave now are we?
Very well then.

Narration: Morax summons the first of his avatars sending in Ifrit, the flame avatar. Lightwind charges, letting out a loud battle cry.

Lion: Lightwind!

Narration: Yells Lion as she reaches out her hand to him. Meanwhile, the party of Evo and crew finish up their battle with the remaining demons guarding the doorway to the Shadow Lord’s Throne Room.

Silverstar: And that takes care of them.

Zeid: Come adventurers!
We’ve no time to waste!

Blackstar: Why the rush?

Zeriah: Come on already!

Narration: Says Zeriah as she grabs the Elvaan dragoon and the party make their way across the bridge and to the entrance of the Throne Room. Upon entering the room, it’s dark with the only light coming from a set of four crystal like pillars that seemed to be fully charged.

Zeid: There!
The tomb of the Shadow Lord!

Shadow Lord: Ah, the dark knight…
It’s been twenty years since we last met, Zeid.

Zeid: No! How is this possible? I defeated you!

Shadow Lord: I cannot die.
Not until I have eradicated you and your kind from this world.

Narration: Evo grinds his teeth. Zeriah turns and looks at her brother and sees that he’s more than ready to face the one responsible for disturbing their life and hurting the ones that they hold dear to them.

Back inside Castle Zvahl Keep, Lightwind continues his battle with the demon general Viscount Morax. However it’s a losing battle as he struggles to hold his own against the summoned avatars of Ifrit, Shiva, Ramuh, Titan, and Garuda.

Lion: This is too much.
Lightwind, please stop!

Narration: Lightwind ignores Lion’s plea and continues to fight.

Morax: Such heart you have boy.
I’m sure your sister would be proud.

Lightwind: How do you speak of her!

Morax: Do not worry.
You will join her soon enough.

Narration: Morax once again uses the summoner power of Astral Flow, this time calling forth the full power of all the summoned avatars. Lightwind charges as the avatars begin their assault on him.

Ifrit hits him with his attack Inferno. Shiva then follows up with her Diamond Dust attack. Ramuh strikes with Judgement Bolt. Titan crushes with Earthern Fury. And finally Garuda blows him away with Aerial Blast sending a nearly lifeless Lightwind flying back across the room.

Lion: Lightwind!

Narration: Yells Lion as she runs to tend to the Elvaan.
Morax laughs and then turns his attention to Lion.

Morax: A valiant fight he put up, however, perhaps you should worry more about yourself.

Narration: Morax sends the avatars to take out Lion, but with the last of his strength, Lightwind pushes Lion out of the way and uses his special attack.

Lightwind: SOUL OF ULTIMA!!

Narration: Lightwind eliminates the avatars leaving only Morax to fend for himself.

Morax: No, this can not be.

Lightwind: Help me stand.

Narration: Says Lightwind as he looks to Lion for help.
Lion runs over to him and helps him.

Lightwind: This is as far as I go.
Tell the others I said thank you.

Lion: Lightwind…

Narration: Lightwind preps himself for his final attack. He pulls out his secondary sword, throws it into the air and begins chanting. The sword lets off an aetherial glow and as Morax is trapped in sphere like orb, Lightwind’s greatsword begins to glow as well. The sword opens up and Lightwind then points it towards Morax.

Unfortunately, Lightwind nearly drops the sword as the tip of it slams on to the ground. Lion runs up beside him and helps him lift it once more.

Lightwind: Thank you…Lion.

Narration: Lion smiles and then looks on toward Morax. And with the last ounce of his strength, Lightwind calls forth the power of light and banishes Morax forever.

Lightwind: Blessed Judgement!!

Narration: The powerful blast disintegrates Viscount Morax leaving nothing standing, except for Lightwind’s sword.

Lion let’s out a sigh of relief, but then gasps as Lightwind falls to the ground.

Lion: Lightwind?!

Lightwind: It’s over.

Lion: Yes it is.

Lightwind: Allenoire.

Narration: Calls out Lightwind as he begins to see a silhouette that he assumes is his sister.

Lion: Lightwind, there’s no one else here.

Narration: Lightwind no longer hears Lion. Instead he finds himself taken back to his childhood. He’s once again a young Elvaan and everything is as it was before the attack on Tavanazia.

Lightwind: Allenoire, is that you?

Allenoire: Lightwind, you got lost again didn’t you?

Lightwind: Allenoire.
I’ve been looking all over for you.
Why did you leave me?

Allenoire: You silly Elvaan, come here.

Narration: Lightiwind runs towards his sister, arms flailing and crying the entire time. He wraps his arms around her legs. Allenoire simply smiles, kneels down, and wraps her arms around Lightwind. She then looks at him and wipes the tears from his eyes.

Allenoire: Let’s go home little brother.

Narration: As Lightwind makes his way home with his sister, on the other side, Lion watches as Lightwind fades from existence and crosses over. She cries knowing that another has lost their life at the hands of the Shadow Lord.

Lion: Goodbye my valiant knight.
You will not be forgotten.

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