Chapter 17c: And his name…was CId.

Cid: Garlemald, a nation known for it’s line of genius men and women and the high tech machines they produced. I, was one of those genius. Following in the foot steps of my father and those like him, we created some of the most powerful machines that man had come to know. These machines would come to be known as…Magitek.

With the aid of our Magitek machinary, the would be emperor, Solus Zos Galvus, then just a Legatus…would lead Garlemald to numerous victories and eventually turn our once small nation into a militaristic power to be feared. He then set out to conquer new territories and in doing so, absorbed them into Garlemald. Eventually, Galvus would crown himself Emperor of Garlemald, and under his command the Garlean Empire was unstoppable.

No one dared to oppose him, and those who did were met with a swift end. However, I could no longer stand by and watch my life’s work be used for such ungodly causes. And so, I fled. Along with a few others that shared my optimazation, we set out to right the wrongs we had so willingly brought upon the world.

But…if I am to accomplish my goal, I’ll need more than just the help of a few engineers. I’ll need all of Eorzea in order to put an end to this evil. And though yet I know that they will oppose me and that Garlean spies will try to stop me, I will save this world, even if the price is my own life.

However, my task is not one that is easily accomplished.

The Gridanians wish to lend their lend help in order to protect the Twelveswood and all her people…

Narration: Following the speech by Elder Seedseer, Zeriah and Milyah made their way to the Quiver’s Hold where they would meet with Bowlord Lewin.

Lewin: Ah, Lady Zeriah is an honor and a blessing to have you back to health and on your feet once more.

Zeriah: Thank you milord.
Tis, was a shame that I could do no more for Gridania during the Lucavi crisis.

Lewin: No, it is I who should be apologizing.
And what is this?! Lady Milyah?!
You’re alive!
By the Twelve!

Milyah: It does me well to see you once more as well Lewin.

Lewin: But how?
No, do forgive me.
It is enough to just have you back with us.

Milyah: If you would milord, I would be honored if you would have me back amongst the God’s Quivers?

Lewin: No, no…the honor would be mine.

Milyah: Thank you milord.

Narration: Zeriah looking to get back to business, questions Lewin on the urgency of his message. What he tells them, sends somewhat of a shock to Zeriah as just a few days before hand, Nuvea had mentioned something similar to her.

Zeriah: So what exactly is going on Lewin?

Lewin: All will be explained once we arrive.
The Wood-wailers and engineers from Garlond Ironworks have already assembled at Stillglade Fane. I would assume that the lesser moon Dalamud would be the subject and this Cid character knows more than what he’s letting off.

Zeriah: Dalamud?

Milyah: Zeriah, you know of it?

Zeriah: It’s weird, Nuvea spoke of a red moon in the sky, but said that she had only dreamt of it.

Lewin: Then it is no mere coincidence that your niece’s dream and the appearance of Dalamud are as one. Let us go and see what the Elder Seedseer has to say.

Cid: Upon their arrival, the Gridanian leader spoke of her fears. Though, I know not of the Gridanian’s magic nor of their spiritually ways, but I do know that science and magitek were what played a part in the awakening of Dalamud.

Though my stay was not long in Gridania, I did however learn a great deal of information and thus made my way to the other two nations. My stay in both Ul’dah and Limsa Lominsa were less than inviting. Both only cared for what Garlean tech could do for them. Neither cared for protecting the realm.

Had I not stopped them, their foully ways surely would have destroyed us all.

Narration: Returning from his meeting with the Admiral, Onias finds himself in deep thought. He wonders what would make the Garleans return after their failed attempt so many years ago. He also wonders will the efforts of the three City-States be enough to stop the Garleans before it’s too late.

He makes his way to the Drowning Wench only to be angered by an ungodly sight.

Onias: Grrr…

Narration: Silvermane, whose piss drunk, slightly lifts her head, greets Onias and then passes out once more.

Silvermane: Old man, have a drink.

Onias: Kitten you get up this instant or you’re off the ship for good!

Narration: Silver doesn’t budge. She simply waves her hand, shooing Onias away. Biggs and Wedge run over to Onias, apologizing for their negligence and do their best to get Silvermane to sober up.

Suddenly, a officer of Limsa Lominsa’s Grand Company, the Maelstrom comes running to Onias.

Maelstrom Officer: Commodore Onias, sir?

Onias: At ease soldier, state your business.

Maelstrom Officer: Sir, your presence is humbly requested at Maelstrom Command.

Onias: Very well then.

Narration: Onias looks over at Silvermane and is still disgusted by current condition. He then orders Biggs and Wedge to get her sobered up and the ship ready by the time he returns. After meeting with the Maelstrom superiors, Onias and crew made their way to Vespar Bay. Silver was less than happy. Along the way, Onias punished her for her trechery, by forcing her to stand on the ship’s deck while holding to buckets of water. The buckets themselves were attached to a stick and Silver struggled to maintain her balance as the ship rocked along the Vylbrand sea.

Silvermane: Stupid Old guy, ruining all my fun.

Onias: Kitten, you’d best not let not one drop of water spill out or else I’ll strand you on the nearest island. Biggs…Wedge…I’d better not catch you helping her or else you’ll be joining her.

Biggs: Yes sir!

Silvermane: Traitors!!

Wedge: Sorry ma’am!

Narration: Upon docking at Vesper Bay, Onias spots a few members of pirate crew that Storm Lieutenant Guincum spoke of. They were engaged in battle with a few members of Ul’dah’s Grand Company, the Immortal Flames. Onias grabs his sword and runs in to assist the pirate crew.

Cid: Even for his age, Onias is still a force to be reckoned with and takes down the members of the Immortal Flames. I stood by and watche things play out, that is until I got wind that the main party was taking place up north.

When I arrived, the members of the Hollow Baron were in a heated argument with the main dispatch of the Flames. They were just about to have an all out brawl when I interfered.


“Stop!” I shouted.

I tried my best to reason with them. I explained how their battle with one another was fruitless and that a bigger problem was at hand. Dalamud-the lesser moon was growing bigger by the day and with it so was the wildlife. Even the aetheric flow was being disrupted by Dalamud’s dominating prescence as of late.


Fortunately, I was able to persuade them enough or at least bore them to death that they haulted their conflict and returned from whence they came.

I spoke a few words with Sir Onias. A humble, yet strong and wise old man he was. He understood my words and my mission and for that I am grateful.

From there I made my way to Ul’dah.

After meeting with my fellow engineers, we made our way from the Hall of Flames and onward to continue our investigation of Dalamud.

“Meteor?” I wondered to myself as one of my colleagues had spoke to me of the Garleans latest plan.

As I walked past the front counter in the Hall of Flames, I sensed something. Something strangely odd and yet unlike anything I’d ever sensed before. At the counter stood a boy, at least to my standards anyway. As he turned and watched me in passing, I couldn’t help but sense with my third eye that there was something…unique about him. To my surprise, I would meet this boy once more, though the circumstances weren’t the best.

I had long suspected that there were possible Garlean spies amongst my team of engineers. My suspicions came true when evidence of a trusted colleague of mine, Charledore, came to light. Though a few of us gave chase, he was able to elude us.

Narration: Following reports that Charledore had gone missing, Evogolist was tasked to find Charledore and bring him and/or any information he may have acquired. After speaking with a few of Charledore’s colleagues, Evo learned that Charledore was infact a traitor and had made a run it. His last known location, Camp Horizon and it was there that Evo’s latest adventure would begin.

Evogolist: Whelp, this seems like the place.
Now where could this Charledore guy have gone?

Narration: Speaks to a few of camp’s occupants as well as the search party, asking for any information that help lead them to Charledore.

Ironworks Engineer: Over here! We found him!

Narration: Shouts one of the engineers. Evo gives chase and when he finally catches up to Charledore, the Garlean spy has no where else to go.

Evogolist: Dude, what is your problem?

Charledore: <cough> You know nothing, fool. Nothing!
Your pathetic realm worships Cid Garlond─the genius, the creator. Hah! <cough> <cough> But did you know he was once an engineer of Garlemald? An artisan in the employ of His Radiance? No, of course you bloody didn’t.

He is driven by a great passion─yet blinded by it as well. His research and experiments made our Empire what it is, spilling the blood of hundreds, thousands in the process. A small price to pay for his art.

For years, he enjoyed His Radiance’s favor, being given all he ever asked, until one day he tired of his duties, turned his cloak and forsook us for this doomed realm. All for his own ends, lest you doubt it. That monster never gave a damn about anything else!

And the dogs at the Ironworks name me a traitor!? Hah! They who serve the greatest traitor of all!

Isn’t that right…Cid?

Cid: Charledore was right.
I am a defector of Garlemald. And in time I would pay the price for what I had done. For the atrocity that I had commited under the rule of Garlemald. But it would be on my terms. I attempted to hear and reason with Charledore, but he would not heed my words.

Charledore: Stay your bloody tongue!

Charledore: The stench of the eikons permeates this pathetic realm. Even now I feel saturated by it. I can taste their stink, and every time I do, I fear that I’ve somehow been infected by it. Destruction alone can deliver this Eorzea from its taint─and destruction it will know!

Charledore: No man can stop Ifrit. Nor Leviathan and Titan, nor the eikons yet to come. Only Eorzea’s end will bring about their death!

Charledore: Long live Nael van Darnus!!! Long live Garlemald!!!

Narration: Shouted Charledore before diving off the cliff and into the water. Cid alarmed by Charledore’s words, spoke briefly with the young adventurer.

Evogolist: That didn’t sound too good.

Cid: It’s not.
It would seem that along with the growing threat of Dalamud and the Empire, the beastmen tribes have taken to calling forth their primals out of fear. And behind it all is none other than the White Raven himself.

maxresdefault (2)

Evogolist: Primals?

Cid: Yes,powerful beings, almost god-like, composed of aether and summoned with the power of crystals. Should the beast tribes succeed in summoning their respective primals, I fear the realm will be in more danger.

Evogolist: Wait?
After the battle with Ultima, this old man spoke of primals.

Cid: Wait…you fought an primal? And no ordinary one at that, an Elder Primal. Then I was right about you. You’re stronger than you look.
What was your name adventurer?

Evogolist: Evogolist…Evogolist Lunaire.

Cid: Evogolist Lunaire, a name I shall not forget. The heroics of him and his friends would one day come to be known all over Eorzea. And thou I sense a power in him not of this world, I now know that there is someone else out there fighting the good fight. That I am not alone. And should my death come at the hands of the Garlemald or Dalamud, it shall not and will not be in vain.

Narration: As Evo and Cid part ways, back in Gridania, the elder Elezen scholar arrives. He is weary of the coming events and seeks out any that would assist him with his cause.


Louisiox: Urianger, I fear that we may be too late.

Narration: Says Louisiox as the wind begins to blow fiercely. Across the land, the beast tribes have taken to summoning their primals as stated by Charledore. The first to rise was the Flaming beast, Ifrit. The Amalj’aa had succeeded in summoning their God. The moon was black and the sky burned red as the fire God corporealized.

Amalj’aa Priest: Lord Ifrit, your return eases our worriers. The scaleless creatures call forth evil magic in an attempt to eradicate both the Amalj’aa as well as you.

Narration: As Ifrit blows flames from his breath, he is angered to hear such words. That the Garleans would attempt to defy him would be a sin unforgivable and they would soon pay dearly.

Ifrit: RARRGGH!!!
Succumb and burn in the flames!



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