A Country At War With Itself


It’s very rare that I step outside of what I normally post on here to speak anything serious. To be honest, this may very well be the first time that I’ve posted anything that’s not fantasy related. But seeing as how my hometown is currently being treated as a war zone, I felt the need to speak on such.

It’s somewhat hard to say who’s at fault for what happened Monday and why we’re in the situation we’re in now. And while I will say that the looters were 150% percent wrong, you have to think. What if those children had been allowed to go get on the bus or train? Did the police over react? Yes,

The whole purge thing is stupid and people honestly watch too many movies. Taking precaution just in case? Yes, but it was a over reaction their part and because of such, the children more than likely felt scared themselves and backed into a corner with no where to go and no idea what to do, reacted in such a way. Am I saying that their reaction was right? No, but it could have possibly been avoided. I commend the parents who went out there and got their children, but I think we and not just Baltimore, but we as a nation need to step back and re-evaluate how our education system is handled, how our law and criminal justice systems are handled, and how our governments are handled.

There’s enough problems as it is now within our country as we try to find justice for the killings our young black youth by those who have sworn to protect us. Our children SHOULD NOT be made out or feel like they are criminals.

We as a nation need to change before we go out and try to change other countries or else we face imploding and destroying ourselves.

– Donnell R. Baynor

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