Chapter 18a: Tears of an Adventurer

Narration: Deep in the Twelveswood in the City-State of Gridania, the youngling known as Nuvea, steps out from her home. It is the first time that she’s left the shelter of her home since regaining her memories. A part of still felt shame and guilt for the part she played in both Chyldie’s as well as Cera’s deaths.

As she slowly made her way through town, many of the adults would give her funny looks. They were afraid and as far as Nuvea was concerned, they had every right to be. She was a monster and didn’t deserve to be treated as anything other than that.

Scared Youngling: Monster!

Narration: Shouted one youngling.

Angered Youngling: Murderer!

Narration: Shouted another.
Afraid that their children would possibly provoke Nuvea into her former Primal form, The adults grabbed the younglings and quickly pulled them inside of their homes and just as quickly, slammed shut their doors.

Nuvea was beside her self with such sadness and hurt, that she took off running. She ran and ran until she found herself stopping at the Apkallu Falls. She then stood there, letting her tears flow as she thought on those hurtful words.

Not far off, Neya and Sangi followed behind her, after spotting her running and crying. Well…actually it was more like Neya pulled Sangi along with her.

Neya: Ooooh, hurry up will ya Sangi!

Sangi: Why am I even tagging along?
I don’t even like her.

Narration: Questioned Sangi still unable to accept that Nuvea was not the one responsible for Chyldie’s death.

Neya: Because she’s our friend.

Sangi: Correction, she’s your friend.
Please don’t ever group me with you two losers.

Narration: Neya grew sick and tired of Sangi’s foul attitude and stopped to put Sangi in her place…

…or at least try to anyway.

Neya: Look here you, I’m honestly sick and tired of your foul, obnoxious attitude. Either you fix it or I’ll cast a bio spell on you and make you puke your brains out!

Sangi: Oh really?

Narration: Asked Sangi as she challenged Neya. Neya was just about to cast her spell when Sangi ended up pulling a fast one over her.

Sangi: Oooh!
A Unicorn!

Neya: Huh?

Narration: Neya stopped her spell midcast to look, only to be fooled by Sangi who had taken off running.

Sangi: Hahaha!

Neya: Sangi, you stupid jerk!

Narration: Neya chased Sangi throughout Gridania until they both came upon the Apkallu Falls and bumped into Nuvea, nearly knocking her into the water.

Nuvea: Hey!
Watch where you’re going will ya!
Geez, can’t a girl wallow in self pitty without someone bumping in to her?

Narration: Angrily shouted, Nuvea…that is until she saw who the two were.

Nuvea: Huh?
Neya? Sangi?

Neya: Nuvea!

Narration: Shouted Neya as she quickly jumped, wrapped her arms around Nuvea, and gave her the biggest hug ever. Sangi however, just folded her arms and turned her head up.

Nuvea: Ney? Sangi?
What are you doing here?

Narration: Asked Nuvea. She was unaware that they had followed her and was shocked to see them.

Neya: Well we saw you crying and thought that you might need some cheering up.

Narration: Sangi being her typical grumpy self, interrupted and corrected Neya.

Sangi: There you go with that “WE” thing again.
I told you a million times before not to include me in your little social club.

Nuvea: And, I see Sangi is still her typical evil self today.

Sangi: Whatever.

Narration: Suddenly without warning, Neya splashes water on Sangi.

Sangi: Hisss!

Neya: Behave Sangi.

Sangi: Hiss!!

Neya: I mean it Sang, or else there’s a hug following that.

Sangi: Fine.

Neya: Now be a good kitty and go give Nuvea a hug. Show her that you forgive her.

Narration: Reluctant to forgive Nuvea, Sangi refuses and thus receives another splash of water.

Neya: I warned you.

Sangi: That’s it!

Narration: Sangi chases Neya around the falls, all the while Nuvea stands there laughing and forgetting about her pain and sorrow. However, not long after, Nuvea began to once again tear up. She remembered how it used to be her and Chyldie running around and playing like that. She also remembered how it was Cera who was once in her position as the one looking on laughing and smiling as her and Chyldie would play.

Neya stopped for a minute and noticed Nuvea crying. Unaware of what’s going on, Sangi bumps into Neya.

Sangi: Ow! What’s the big idea?!

Neya: Nuvea…?

Nuvea: Cera…Chyldie…

Neya: Cheer up Nuvea.
It’s not your fault you know.

Narration: Nuvea sighs as Neya tries her best to comfort her. Sangi on the other hand frowns on Nuvea’s sorrowful tears.

Sangi: Oh, boo fricking hoo.
How long are ye’ going to weep and mope over yer dead friends?
You don’t see me still crying over Chyldeluv do you?

Narration: Suddenly, the elder Elezen from earlier appears. Filled with wisdom beyond his years, the Sharalayan scholar, Louisiox Leveilleur spoke to Nuvea and her friends.

Louisiox: Your friends are quite right my dear.

Nuvea: It…it’s you?!

Urianger: Linger no longer the past, for the future leads a brighter day.

Sangi: What the hell is goggles here talking about?

Neya: How rude?!

Sangi: Your face is rude.

Neya: Grrr…

Nuvea: Will you two quit already?! Geez!

Lousiox: No longer does the primal Ultima linger within you. While she longer uses you as her host, her being now travels through the aether, never to bother this world again. Do not blame yourself for what was done in her stead.

Narration: Whilst standing there silent, Nuvea thought on the archon’s words. Suddenly she feels Neya pull her close and hug her.

Neya: It’ll be alright Nuvea, you have us.
Right Sangi? Sangi?


Narration: Nuvea laughs wholeheartedly as Neya once again chases after Sangi.

Sangi: Screw this, I’m outta here before she starts talking about group hugs.

Narration: Back at the Apkallu Falls, Louisiox speaks with Nuvea once more.

Louisiox: It’s good that you have friends such as them. You’ll need them as well as the others from earlier if you are to accomplish your next task.

Nuvea: Huh?
Next task?

Narration: Nuvea looks up as Louisiox points his staff to the sky. There, lurking among the clouds hangs a dimly lit Dalamud. Nuvea thinks back to her dream and though worry lingers in her heart and her mind, she’s ready to face it head on. She knows that some way and some how, she, along with her mom and dad will triumph over it.



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