Chapter 18b: Twilight Over Thanalan

Narration: In the dusty sands and under the burning sun of the Eorzean sun, Three adventurers travel together in search of their latest adventure. After helping make sure things were settled back at home, Caireann and Zephon joined their old adventuring pal Evogolist in the region of Thanalan. They were so excited to finally reunite with Evo and go adventuring like they used to.

However, things weren’t going exactly as planned.


Zephon: Hey Lunaire, are you sure we’re going the right way?

Evogolist: Uh, I think so, let me check the map.
Hmm… let’s see, Horizon should be just a bit of ways through that valley. But, Nanawa mines is up north…So…grr…everything fricking looks the same though!

Zephon: Yup we’re lost.

Caireann: Uh…huh.

Narration: The three walked a bit hoping that they would finally arrive at their destination. Sadly, they found themselves making a u turn and backtracking back to where they nearly began.

Zephon: Thirsty, I’m so thirsty.

Narration: Cried Zeph as they slowly trekked back through the valley. Evo rechecked the map. He looked up trying his best to ascertain that they were going in the right direction, but he just ended up looking back down at the map again. Caire then takes the out her map and looks it.

Caireann: Evo hun, this isn’t exactly the Black Shroud.

Zephon: Oh god don’t remind me of that place. After living there for all these years, I still can’t find my way around that damn place.

Caireann: You could barely find your way out of the house last I checked, now hush while I try to determine our best course.

Zephon: Hey!!

Caireann: I said hush.
Now Evo hun, where exactly are we going?

Evogolist: Well I wasn’t entirely sure.

Narration: Caire and Zeph fallout from Evo’s cluelessness.

Evogolist: At first I was thinking, “Hmm, maybe the caves around Halatali would be cool.” But then after looking at the map some more, I thought that the Red Labyrinth would be much cooler.

Caireann: How about we play it by ear?

Zephon: Evo, never lead us again okay?

Caireann: Oh hush you big lug nut.
Anyways, well for starters we were heading in the wrong direction. We need to take the valley due east to Drybone and then head south.

Narration: The three adventurers begin heading east. Along the way, Zeph begins to notice something really weird with the local wildlife.

Zephon: Hey, um guys…weren’t these little micey things smaller just a while ago?

Evogolist: What are you talking about, of course…they…were…

Narration: After catching on to what Zeph was saying, Evo is shocked to see how the creatures had grown double, maybe even triple in size within just a short span.

Evogolist: Wha…Holy mother of pearl!!

Narration: Zeph picks up one of the marmots and Caire examines it. The marmot then startles Caire as it begins to wiggle itself free from Zeph’s arms.

Zephon: Hmm, maybe we should take one home for our daughter.

Caireann: Oh no!
You remember what happened the last time we got her one?

Narration: Zeph and Caire peep over at Evo.

Evogolist: Wha…?
Hey,give me a break will ya?!
The guy was a total dirtbag and was trying to talk to my sister.

Narration: Responds Evo as he refers to a incident that took place years before hand. Caire and Zeph, baffled that Evo would even recall such a memory, question the young adventurer.

Zephon: Hey Lunaire?

Evogolist: Yeah?

Zephon: You said that you weren’t the Evo from this world, but yet another Evo from another world right?

Evogolist: Yeah…?

Zephon: So tell me, how is it that you remembered that?

Caireann: Yeah, hun how is that?

Evogolist: Well, I…uh…I don’t know.
I mean, the memory is clearly there, but I don’t know how.
When I first came here, I knew nothing about this world. But it seems like these last few months, I’ve started having thoughts about the weirdest things.

Minfilia said that it was something called the echo.

Zephon: Or…maybe you’re a alien from another world who took over me and Caire’s bestest buddy’s body and now the real you is fighting for control.

Narration: Evo stares blankly at Caire and Zeph and then begins to laugh hysterically at Zeph’s theory.

Evogolist: Ha, Ha, Ha!
Zeph, I think you’ve been in the sun for too long.

Zephon: Really?

Evogolist: Guys, I’m Evo…”The” Evogolist Lunaire.
I’m about as baffled as you guys are on this stuff.

Zephon: Then prove it.

Caireann: Hun?!

Evogolist: Really Zeph?

Zephon: Who was the best man at me and Caire’s wedding?

Evogolist: Well, it sure wasn’t me because I didn’t meet you guys until after you two married.

Zephon: Yup, it’s him.

Caireann: HUN?!!

Narration: Shouts Caire as she knocks Zeph upside his head. Evo laughs at the two and then before long, they continue making their way south west throughout the Thanalan desert.

Caireann: So Evo hun, have you thought about our destination yet?

Evogolist: Yup, Red Labyrinth it is.

Caireann: Alrighty hun, The Red Labyrinth here we come!

Zephon: Yay!
Can we stop and get some drinks first?
I’m so thirsty!

Narration: After briefly stopping at Camp Broken Water, the trio of adventurers then made their way southwest towards the Red Labyrinth. Their path through the Labyrinth however, would not be an easy one.


Overrun with Gnats and vultures, the trio fought their way through the Labyrinth until so that they finally reached their destination.

Zephon: Um…Lunaire!
We’re standing at the edge of a cliff man!

Evogolist: Well there’s plenty of room down there.

Caireann: Evo have you lost your friggin’ mind?!
I’m not jumping all the way down there!

Evogolist: Well, if you have any other ideas, now would be a good time to share them.

Caireann: Grr…
Leave a woman to do a man’s job.

Narration: Caireann powers up her most powerful attack. First she channels all of her energy into fists of fire. And as she stands there reading to pounce, she urges Evo and Zeph to move out of the way.

Caireann: Step aside boys, because I’m about to rock their world.

Zephon: Um…honey, I don’t think…

Caireann: MOVE!!

Zephon: Yes ma’am.

Narration: With the way clear, Caire leaps into the air and then with a powerful force of energy, drives her fist into the ground. The impact sends a shockwave towards the group of enemies, disposing of them once and for all.

Caireann: And that takes care of that.

Narration: Evo and Zeph peak from behind a rock.

Evogolist: Is it safe to come out yet?

Caireann: Yup, the coast is clear.

Zephon: He means from you.

Caireann: Come and find out.

Narration: Caire playfully grabs Evo by his shirt and raises her fist, before bursting into laughter and giving Evo the biggest hug. She then turns to Zeph and the two kiss, showing their unbreakable love for one another.

Evogolist: Aw, come on guys.
Get a room already!

Zephon: Hater!

Caireann: So where are we?

Evogolist: The edge of the Red Labyrinth.

Zephon: A dead end?
Dammit Lunaire, you took us through that on purpose!

Evogolist: Wait?
Look, cool scenery.

Caireann: It’s beautiful hun.

Zephon: Hey Eve’s what’s that red area over there?

Narration: Says Zeph as he points towards a area far off into the desert valley. In the area of question, the sky is lit red and large clouds of smoke seem to rising into the sky.

Evogolist: Um, to be honest, I have no idea.

Narration: Suddenly, Evo receives a call via the family linkpearl.

Nuvea: Dad! Dad can you hear me?!

Evogolist: Nuvea?
Nuvea honey what’s wrong?

Nuvea: Dad, you have to come home quick. Something major is going on!

Narration: The aetherial waves circulating throughout the area, begin to interrupt the call and before long, Evo and Nuvea are disconnected. With a stern look of concern on his face, Evo looks at Caire and Zeph.

Caireann: Evo hun, what’s wrong?

Evogolist: That was Nuvea.

Caireann: Is everything alright?

Evogolist: I…I don’t know.
Before we got disconnected, she said that something major was happening and I need to get home.

Zephon: Eh, maybe it’s nothing.

Evogolist: Sure didn’t sound like it’s nothing.

Zephon: Then what are we waiting for, let’s get going!

Narration: Shouts Zeph as the trio prepare to head back to Gridania. Evo is the first to teleport out, followed by Caire. Zeph soon follows behind, but not before taking one more good look over at the smokey area.

Zephon: Why do I have a bad feeling about this?


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