Chapter 18c: Primal Disturbance

Narration: In the City-State of Gridania, Evo, Caire, and Zeph arrive and quickly make their way back to Evo’s home. Upon arriving, Evo discovers that no one is home.

Evogolist: Nuvea?
Nuvea are you here?!

Narration: Calls out Evo, but to no avail, there’s no response. He then proceeds to call out to Zeriah and Milyah, but once again, there is no response.

Caireann: Where could they have all gone?

Zephon: Perhaps you should try contacting her again.

Evogolist: Hmm…

Caireann: Wouldn’t hurt to try hun.

Evogolist: I guess you’re right.

Narration: Evo touches the linkpearl in his ear and attempts to contact Nuvea once more.

Evogolist: Nuvea?
Nuvea can you hear me?

Nuvea: Dad?
Where are you?

Evogolist: Thank the Twelve you’re safe. Where are you?

Nuvea: I’m at Apkallu Falls, dad, something’s wrong. You need to get here quickly.

Evogolist: Honey don’t move, I’m on my way.

Narration: Evo, Caire, and Zeph quickly made their way to Apkallu Falls. It was there that Evo was once more reunited with his daughter. However, something was wrong. The air was brooding a dark disturbance. Next to Nuvea was Sangi and Neya, both of whom were assisting the archon Louisoix who had slightly collasped.

Nuvea: Dad!

Evogolist: Nuvea, honey I’m glad to see.

Nuvea: Dad, where’s mom and auntie Zee?

Evogolist: You mean they weren’t with you?

Nuvea: No, and I haven’t been able to contact them.

Narration: With heavy breathing, Louisoix addresses Evo and his friends.

Louisoix: You must quickly contact your friends. Just as the Amalj’aa have summoned Ifrit, I fear that the Ixal have summoned Garuda as well. Should the two primals be allowed to roam free, Eorzea may be in grave danger.

Zephon: I wonder if that cloud of smoke in Thanalan was related to all of this?

Caireann: Maybe so, what do you think Evo?

Evogolist: Mily…Zee…where are you?


Narration: Earlier that day, following their meeting with Bow Lord Lewin, Zeriah and Milyah were tasked with tracking down a band of Ixal whom had been terrorizing several caravans in route to the hamlet Hyrstmill. There had also been reports of a Ixali camp set up not far from the hamlet.

Both Zeriah and Milyah, wearing long cloaked robes, hid amongst the bushes as they carefully watched the Ixal camp. It was a boring watch, but until they got what information they came for, there was naught else the two could do.

Milyah: <Yawns>
I’ve never been so bored in my life.

Zeriah: Tell me about it.
After Lewin’s briefing, I would’ve thought they’d be more active.

Milyah: What I don’t get is why?
Why go through the trouble of terrorizing the merchant caravans?

Zeriah: Well that’s simple, supplies.

Milyah: Well yeah, that’s the obvious, but there’s more to it than that.

Zeriah: Like what?

Milyah: I don’t know.
Somehow, I think that what’s going on now, may have something to do with what happened fifteen years with Nuvea.

Narration: Zeriah thinks on Milyah’s theory for a bit. Suddenly, she gasps as a possible conclusion comes to mind.

Zeriah: <Gasp>
You don’t it has anything to do with the primal thing, do you?

Milyah: Far be it.
While I doubt that they would attempt to summon Ultima, there may be another reason for it.

The Ixal have their own primal that they worship, so summoning another one would surely cause some strife and conflict amongst their tribe.

Zeriah: Hmm…

Narration: Just then, Milyah notices some strange activity taking place in the Ixal encampment.

Milyah: Hold on, somethings happening down there.

Narration: As Milyah and Zeriah look on, they spot a group of Ixal loading up several hot air balloons. Curious to see exactly what it is that their loading into the baskets, Milyah and Zeriah move further down hoping to get a closer look.

Zeriah: What exactly are they doing?

Milyah: Crystals?!

Narration: Says Milyah, shocked to see that the beast tribe would be stocking up on non other than crystals. The question remaining was why. Why would the Ixal be stocking and shipping out crystals? It was a question that played on a loop in both Milyah’s and Zeriah’s heads. That is until Zeriah received call via her linkpearl.

God’s Quiver Archer: Lady Zeriah, do you read? Lady Zeriah?!

Zeriah: This is she, send you message.

God’s Quiver Archer: Mi lady, a unit over in Quarrymill is requesting immediate backup. By orders of Bow Lord Lewin, all units are to rendevous outside of the of the area.

Narration: With a look of concern on her face, Zeriah turns and looks at Milyah.

Milyah: Zeriah, what’s wrong?

Zeriah: Somethings happening over at Quarrymill and Lewin is requesting for all units to report there immediately.

Milyah: Dammit!

Narration: Fumes Milyah, upset and feeling as if her and Zeriah were played for fools.

Zeriah: What is it?

Milyah: Don’t you see?
The Ixal played us for fools. They knew our attention would possibly be where the caravans were being attacked.

Zeriah: Thus giving them the opportunity to do whatever it was that they were planning.
But what? What are they planning?

Milyah: Look! Over there!

Narration: Milyah and Zeriah spot about three air balloons taking off and heading the direction of Quarrymill. Zeriah quickly grabs her bow and fires at one of the balloons hoping to hit it. Milyah follows suit, quickly grabbing her bow and firing an arrow at the second balloon. As they prepare to fire on the third balloon, the Ixali spot the two archers and make chase.

Milyah: Damn, we’ve been spotted.

Zeriah: Come on, let’s go!

Narration: Zeriah grabs her bow and quiver of arrows and makes way for their retreat. Milyah on the other hand, was determined to take out that last balloon full of crystals. She positioned herself just right and aimed her bow, aligning it with the balloon.

Zeriah: Milyah!
What are you doing?! We gotta go!

Narration: Milyah ignored Zeriah’s calls and instead concentrated on her shot. She then closed her eyes, listened to the wind and the call of nature, and when she felt as though it was right, Milyah let go of the arrow and watched as it flew straight towards the balloon.
Zeriah, knowing that they could not spare another moment, ran up to Milyah and grabbed Milyah by her arm and pulled her along.

Zeriah: We’ve done enough, let’s go.

Narration: Milyah looked back, hoping that her arrow had struck the balloon. She was relieved to see the balloon fall from the sky as she and Zeriah disappeared into the woods.

Zeriah: That was some nice aiming back there.

Milyah: Thanks.

Zeriah: Now do me a favor and don’t do that again. I could never forgive myself nor face Evo and Nuvea again if anything ever happened to you.

Milyah: Note taken.

Narration: Milyah and Zeriah ran for as long as they could, but found themselves being slowed down.

Milyah: These robes…we have to lose them.

Zeriah: Agreed.

Narration: Zeriah and Milyah quickly remove the robes they were wearing and continue making their way through the Twelveswood, hoping to elude the pursuing Ixali. Unfortunately, the two found themselves at a deadend. With their backs to a cliff and surrounded by Ixal, Milyah and Zeriah’s only escape was to jump into the flowing river below.

Zeriah: We’re trapped.

Milyah: We could fight them off.

Zeriah: There’s too many of them. We’d be dead before long.

Milyah: Well, there’s always the other option.

Zeriah: What? Jump?!
I’m not jumping!

Milyah: You’d rather stay and die?

Narration: Milyah grabs Zeriah and the two jump into the river below. Unable to swim against the oncoming stream, the two are taken adrift, flowing down the river.

Meanwhile, back in South Shroud, the guardians of the Twelveswood gather to witness yet another primal make it’s presence known to Eorzea.

Garuda: Ha, ha, ha, ha…
Fall before me mortals of Eorzea, for I, Garuda have taken flight!


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