Site News/Update – September 2015

Heyas everyone, Donnell a.k.a. Evo here with a little update on what’s going on with the website, book, and anything else that I’m working on. So this may be a looooonnnnggg post.

Okay so let’s get started. For starters, how did you all like the chapter 18 as a whole? When I wrote it, I was determined to finish off the whole chapter. Now, while some of the sub-chapters may seem like fillers, they each lead up to the battle with the primals Ifrit and Garuda and the very meeting between the Warriors of Light and the main villain from the Seventh Umbral Era storyline, Nael Van Darnus. So please stay tuned and keep reading for what’s to come.

Moving on, I’m wrapping up final edits to Dark Kingdom Book #1 and I’m setting my goal for a Mid – Late October publication. No excuses, no more delays. You guys have waited long enough to read this book and I’ve waited long enough for you all to read it. In the meanwhile, I’ve also been working on drafts for Book #2. While character names aren’t final, It will be set as taking place before and around the same time as Book #1. Included in Book #1 will be a short horror story titled Shadows on the Wall. While I will not provide details for it, hopefully it will have you all on the edge of your seats. I’m considering doing a series of these shorts for each DK book. For the time being, all I ask that you guys bare with me for at least one more month and support me when it does hit the shelves.

Last, but not least, after careful consideration, I will be changing the name of the website from AoV Hunters to Echoes of Fantasy. The reason behind this change is because over the years, I’ve done a fair share of writing and a lot of that writing is not limited to my Final Fantasy fan-fiction. So far, a date has not been set as to when the name change will take place, but it’s definitely happening.

Other than that, thanks a bunch guys for your support and hope that you continue to send them my way.


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