Chapter 19a: The Wild Hunt Part I


Narration: After receiving a call from Nuvea, Evo and the heroes of Eorzea met up in Gridania at the Apkallu Falls. It was there that they were met by a Sharlayan scholar named Louisiox. In fact it was the archon Lousiox of whom had helped Evo and Milyah banish the Elder Primal Ultima from Nuvea.

Following those events, Louisiox, knowing that the beast tribes would soon summon their respective primal, Made his way to Gridania hoping that the chance and the risk that he was taking, would be well worth it.

Milyah: Nuvea.

Zeriah: Nuvea sweetie what’s going on?!

Narration: Asked a concerned Milyah and Zeriah. They then take notice of Louisiox’s presence.

Milyah: You?
You’re the guy that helped banish Ultima.

Zeriah: Who are you?

Louisiox: I, am Louisiox. a scholar from the City-State of Sharlayan.

Zeriah: Sharlayan?

Milyah: What would the Sharlayan’s want with us?

Narration: Evo then steps in and places his hand on Milyah’s shoulder.

Evogolist: Dalamud.

Milyah: Dalamud?

Nuvea: Auntie Zee, the red moon I saw in my dream, it’s real.

Zeriah: Then Lewin wasn’t lying.

Louisiox: I fear that it is far worse than any old red moon in the sky. The beast tribes have taken to calling their primals. If allowed to roam free, the primals will drain the aether, our planet’s life force dry.

Narration: The area is silent as everyone stops and just looks at one another.

Caireann: And…that’s our cue to leave.

Zephon: It is?

Narration: Questions Zeph who was shocked by Caire’s reply.

Caireann: Yes it is.

Evogolist: Caire? Zeph?

Caireann: I’m sorry Evo hun, but Zeph was almost killed by this last primal that we just fought. No way am I letting Zeph get killed, let alone by a primal.

Evogolist: Shouldn’t that be his choice?

Zephon: Sorry Evo, but Caire’s right. We have a family now, I…I mean WE can’t just run off on every adventure now.

Narration: Milyah steps in to back up her husband’s argument.

Milyah: Caire…Zeph…I know that you mean well, but shouldn’t that be reason enough to fight? I have a husband and a daughter that I need to protect. I want a better and brighter future for Nuvea and her friends.

Narration: Caire and Zeph look over towards Nuvea and her friends and can’t help but feel guilty for thinking selfishly. Evo’s places his hand on Caire’s shoulder and tries to offer her words of comfort.

Evogolist:Β Caire, I won’t let anything happen to Zeph.

Caireann: Can you promise me Evo? Can you promise me that both Zeph and I will make it back home to our kids?

Evogolist: I promise.

Zeriah: No, we all promise. We’ll all make it back home together.

Narration: Still unsure on whether she and Zeph should join their friends, Caire turns to Louisiox and questions his motives behind recruiting them.

Caireann: Why us?

Louisiox: Because, you were the ones who faced a Primal, did you not?

Zephon: Well he does have a point.

Caireann: Shut up and stick with me here!
(I’m trying to negotiate.)

Zephon: (Oh.)

Caireann: So what do we have to do?

Louisiox: Ifrit was the first to be called. In order to enter his realm, you must first acquire the necessary items. There are a total of six wild beast that contain the ingredients needed and then there’s the flame beacon. Together these items will bestow upon you a blessing, allowing you to enter Ifrit’s realm and slay him.

Zeriah: Six? But there’s only five of us!
Are the six beasts capable of being slain by one person?

Louisiox: I…I do not know.

Narration: Nuvea then chimes in and volunteers herself as well as Neya and Sangi.

Nuvea: You mean eight of us auntie Zee.

Zeriah: Eight?
No! No way am I allowing you and your friends to go out there and tackle some notorious monster that could kill you!

Nuvea: Mom?! Dad?!
Help me out here!

Milyah: I’m sorry sweetie, but Zeriah is right. Look what happened last time.

Nuvea: But this is different. I’m stronger now and I won’t let anything happen to my friends.

Narration: Sangi stands off to the side grumbling to herself. She couldn’t believe that she was once again being dragged into something that she cared not for.

Sangi: Grr…
the nerve of her dragging me into such a thing.

What am I? Drag along Sangi?!

Narration: Meanwhile, Evo was a bit stand offish on letting Nuvea in on their task, but he knew that in order for the plan to succeed, they had no choice.

Nuvea: Dad?!

Evogolist: Nuvea…

Nuvea: Dad, remember right before I turned into Ultima how I asked you and mom to stop protecting me?

This is that time.

I learned a lot from Cera’s training and Chyldie’s constant scolding and stern looks taught how to be humble and not be overconfident in my abilities.

Narration: Evo thinks to himself, before finally coming upon a decision.

Evogolist: Okay…fine…

Narration: Both Nuvea and Neya squeal at the excitement of being able to go on an adventure. Sangi however, still continues to grumble and mumble to herself. Evo inadvertently interrupts their celebrations to give them a stern warning.

Evogolist: But, should anything happen or you find yourself in any sort of trouble, Nuvea…you’d better damn well call us.

Narration: Nuvea hangs her head low while slightly looking up to reply to her father.

Nuvea: Yes dad.

Narration: Zeriah looks over at Evo giving him the most disapproving look ever. Evo looks and jumps back, terrified of Zeriah’s evil glare. On his right side, Milyah shakes her head and then leans over towards Evo, slightly scolding him.

Milyah: You just couldn’t say no could you?

Evogolist: What?!
Oh come on! She gave me the sad pouty face.

Narration: With Milyah shaking her head, she stands there in disbelief of how weak Evo can be to their daughter’s charms. Soon after, Louisiox steps forward and taps his staff on the ground, looking to gain everyone’s attention.

Louisiox: So are we all prepared and ready?

Narration: The group look at each other and prepare themselves for the upcoming battles ahead. It’s a long road ahead of them, but if Eorzea is to have any form of future, then they know that this mission isn’t a choice, it’s a necessity.

Not far away in Quarrymill, the adventurers Ruki and Pos find themselves trapped. Unable to exit the small town due to Garuda’s wind vortex, the two struggle to make sense of the situation.

Ruki: Ugh…just great, the village is under attack by a primal nonetheless and yet here I am stuck here with you of all people.

Poseidon: Quit your bitching and whining will ya?
It’s not like I’m too thrilled to be here with you either.

Ruki: What do you suppose is happening?

Poseidon: The beast tribes…they must be behind this.

Ruki: You don’t say…
Any more bright ideas or are you just going to continue to state the obvious?

Poseidon: Well I could always just kill you and use you as an offering to appease Garuda.

Ruki: I really hate you.

Poseidon: Trust me, the feeling’s mutual.

Narration: As both Ruki and Pos stand in the center of town staring up at Garuda, one can only hope how much time they’ll have left before Garuda destroys the town and tempers the people within.


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