Chapter 19b: The Wild Hunt Part II

Narration: Not too long ago, the Heroes of Eorzea were gathered by the Apkallu Falls in the CIty-State of Gridania listening to a Sharlayan scholar whose name was Louisoix. The scholar spoke of the evils of the word and how in an act of defense, the beast tribes had taken to summoning their respective primal.

Split on their decision of whether or not they should take on the task of primal slaying, the party debated with one another their reasons for going and not going. Louisoix however, reminded them that there would be no place to call home, let alone a future if both the Garleans and the Primals succeeded in destroying the land.

Now, with their resolve in mind, the Heroes of Eorzea prepare themselves for the upcoming battle. Louisoix’s word play in their heads as they grab whatever gear and rations they’ll need.

Louisoix: There are a total of six wild beasts that must be slain. Each one containing a powerful crystal known as echo crystals.

Milyah: Echo…crystals?

Narration: Milyah thinks back to the words of the scholar Yuuta Takemoto. She recalls him speaking finding the one who wields the power of the echo. For a time, she and Ruki believed that it may have been Evo, but could she have been wrong all this time?

Louisoix: Yes, six powerful crystals that will aid you all in the upcoming battle with The Lord of the Inferno.

The six beasts are as follows:

Barometz of the wind echo crystal…
Slippery Sykes of the water echo crystal…
The Nest Commander of the earth echo crystal…
Pyrausta of the lightning echo crystal…
Queen Bolete of the ice echo crystal…
and lastly The Jackanapes of the fire echo crystal.

They are six fearsome beast if underestimated could spell both the end of you as well as Eorzea.

Sangi: Can we talk this over again please?!

Narration: Cries Sangi, feeling uneased by the whole win or die concept of the battle.

Neya: Sangi! Hey if you be a good kittie, there’s a pony reward at the end of it all.

Sangi: A…pony…? Really?

Neya: Yup!

Narration: Nuvea leans over towards Neya and whispers in Ney’s ear.

Nuvea: You do know there aren’t any ponies right?

Neya: Shhh…yeah I know that, but it’s a good way to shut her up, hehe.

Narration: Both Nuvea and Neya giggle, meanwhile Sangi who was gathering the rest of her gear, realizes that she was just played for a fool.

Sangi: Huh? Wait a sec…
Hey what’s the big idea trying to pull one over me like that?!
Only I’m allowed to do that!

Nuvea: Well, look at the time.
It’s time to go, right Ney?

Neya: Uh…yeah.

Narration: Nuvea and Neya take off and Sangi prepares to give chase, but they’re interrupted by Zeriah.

Zeriah: Alright you three settle down. It’s almost time to head out.

Narration: Everyone gathers together one last time. Before heading out, Evo briefs them on the locations of the wild beasts as well as team assignments.

Milyah: So where do we find them?

Evogolist: According to Louisoix, wind and water are located somewhere in La Noscea. Earth and Lightning in Thanalan, and lastly fire and ice in the Black Shroud. As stated earlier, we’ll have to split into teams, most likely teams of two.

Caire and Zeph, I know that the two of you are inseparable, so of course the two of you will be taking Earth and Lightning together.

Caireann: Aww hun, you don’t have to.

Zephon: The hell he does!

Caireann: Zeph?!

Zephon: Sorry just a joke.

Evogolist: Um…hmm…Nuvea and Zeriah, you two will…

Narration: Zeriah interrupts Evo and pulls him to the side.

Evogolist: Huh? What’s wrong Zee?

Zeriah: I think you should let Mily and Nuvea go together this time.

Evogolist: Are you sure?

Zeriah: Am I sure?! What do ya mean am I sure?! Of course I’m sure you stupid numskull!!

Narration: Everyone looks over at Evo and Zeriah, startled by Zeriah’s yelling.

Evogolist: Uh…Zee, everyone’s looking.

Zeriah: Huh? Uh…hehe, sorry.
Grrr…look, Milyah hasn’t spent anytime with Nuvea since she came back. Even worse, she feels guilty for what happened to Nuvea. This is the perfect chance for them to bond don’t you think?

Evogolist: Hmm…
Okay fine, but who will I team with?

Zeriah: Why, me of course.
Besides, I need to have a little talk with our father.
Just who does he think he is locking up his own son?!

Evogolist: Um…Zee, we’re getting sidetracked here.

Zeriah: Oh right, sorry.

Narration: Apologizes Zeriah. Evo then steps forward and announces the remaining teams.

Evogolist: <clears throat>
As I was saying, Zeriah and I will head to La Noscea and take water and wind. Neya and Sangi, you two will take on fire and ice in the Black Shroud.

Milyah: Um…Evo, what are you doing?

Evogolist: Mily, you and Nuvea will and have the arduous task of getting the infernal flambeau.

Narration: Milyah, surprised that Evo would do such a thing, begins to argue with him.

Milyah: What?! Evo, have you lost your mind?

Evogolist: No, I haven’t. Besides, this is the perfect opportunity for you two to bond.

Milyah: By what, getting us killed?
Look, I don’t have my abilities anymore and Nuvea doesn’t have Ultima inside of her anymore as well. If anything were to happen…

Evogolist: They won’t.
You haven’t seen our little girl in battle yet. She can hold her own.

Zeriah: Just in case, here’s a linkpearl that will connect all of us together in a private network. That way if any of us get into trouble, the rest of the group can just tele’ to a nearby aetheryte and assist.

Narration: Zeriah hands everyone a link pearl. Milyah is still reluctant to venture with Milyah. The guilt of what has transpired in the past still weighs heavily on her heart. She looks over at Nuvea and sees such renewed happiness in the young girl that she worries that she may not be able to protect that happiness. It is then that Evo walks over and places his arms around Milyah’s waist.

Milyah: Why did you do this?

Evogolist: Because the two of you need it. Zeriah told me everything as well as Ruki, Caire and Zeph. I don’t blame you and neither does Nuvea for all that’s happened to her. And yet…

…you blame yourself…

…for everything.

Milyah: I’m so weak Evo. I couldn’t even save my own brother, let alone myself. What if I can’t protect her?

Evogolist: Look at me and listen to my words.

Narration: Says Evo as he places his hands on Milyah’s face and looks deep into her eyes.

Evogolist: Milyah Crystari-Lunaire, you are not weak.
Back then, because of the love that you had for our daughter, you ventured into danger alone to save and protect her from the Ixal. Even if it meant sacrificing your own life to save her’s.When Nuvea first took on the form of Ultima, it was you who awakened from your slumber to save her. When she was dying from the aether poison, you fought Ruki and got back the cure knowing that it meant sacrificing another loved one’s life. To protect Nuvea, our daughter, you have made the hardest decision of giving up her memories of us so that she could lead a normal life and not remember the pain of the past. And lastly, when she became Ultima again, you took command, when I was the one too weak to make the ultimate decision.

My love, you are far from weak.

Narration: Lectures Evo as he and Milyah think back on the past occurrences. A slight tear runs down Milyah’s face, but Evo catches it with his thumb and wipes it away.

Evogolist: Nope, no crying.

Narration: Says Evo as he kisses Milyah’s forehead. Nuvea looking over at her parents runs over to see what’s going on.

Nuvea: What’re you two doing?

Evogolist: Oh, nothing.

Nuvea: Didn’t look like nothing. >.>

Milyah: We were just talking, your dad and I.

Nuvea: Okay fine, be all mysterious like. As long as you two don’t go having another baby, I’m not quite ready to be a big sister just yet.

Evogolist: A baby?
Grr…come here you.

Narration: Says Evo as he grabs Nuvea and both him and Milyah tickle her.

Nuvea: Ha, ha, ha, ha!

Narration: As Nuvea laughs, Louisoix looks on smiling. He appreciates their moment of happiness. Not because of the coming battles. Nor is it because of the battles of yesterday’s past. He cherishes and appreciates their happiness, because he senses deep down that matters are only going to get worse from here on out.



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