Chapter 10a: Fear the Shadow Lord

Narration: In the darkest of nights, there’s a howling scream. Four knights pay for their plight. And as fallen knights fade from the light, thus does the Shadow Lord return in all of his glory and might.

It had been a tilmulatious path for the adventurers of Vana’diel. Happiness and joy were taken from them. These things were replaced by sorrow, pain, and death. And while those three factors heavily impacted each of their lives, it was also what brought these heroic adventurers together. And as the force of light shines brightly from these five individuals, the Shadow Lord will do all that is in his power to snuff out that light once and for all.


Silverstar: Well, this is the Shadow Lord’s Throne Room. Not too bad, if I say so myself.

Blackstar: Yeah, sure if you were a overzealous evil being hell bent on destroying the world.

Silverstar: Aw, give the guy a break.
I mean, he probably isn’t even all that bad of a guy.
Where is he anyway? I wanna meet the guy that wants to destroy Vana’diel and walk all over our corpses.

Amerita: Your humor couldn’t be in more poor taste Elvaan.

Silverstar: Watch it Hume!

Blackstar: Yeah, that’s racist!

Zeid: Quiet!
The Shadow Lord is still regenerating his power.
We have no time to bumble around like idiots.

Narration: Both Evo and Zeriah not taking Zeid’s words lightly, draw their weapons.

Evogolist: Well what are we waiting for?
Let’s end this thing before he awakens.

Zeid: No!

Narration: Shouts Zeid, but his warning goes unheard as the five adventurers unleash their respective powerful attacks.

Evogolist: Come on Lu’ let’s go!

Heaven’s Wrath!

Narration: Shouts Evo as he tosses his spear into the air. He then leaps into the air, somehow once again merging with the wyvern known as Lumiere. Evo then finally grabs the spear and comes crashing down onto the Shadow Lord’s tomb.

Both Zeriah and Amerita follow up with their Blessed attacks and the dragoon twins finishing up with their double tornado attack.

Zeriah: Blessed Arrow!

Amerita: Blessed Radiance!

Dragoon Twins: Twin Tornado Strike!!

Narration: With each of them usual their unique weapon skills, it would seem that their attacks were successful…

…or so they thought.

???: Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!

Narration: As the smoke clears, a loud mocking laugh echoes throughout the room.

Blackstar: Uh, guys…I don’t like the sound of that…

Evogolist: Big guy, please don’t say I told you so.

Zeid: Grr…
Dammit alls!!

Evogolist: Aw, I told you not to.

Zeid: Move!!

Narration: Shouts Zeid as he pushes Evo and the others out of the way. He rushes towards the Shadow Lord’s sarcophagus carrying his Greatsword, jumps into the air and attempts to drive into the Shadow Lord’s sarcophagus. Unfortunately, it was too late. The Shadow Lord was awakening and there was nothing that they could do to stop it. Lightening bolts emanating from the seven crystal pillars struck the around the tomb.

Amerita: Zeid!!

Narration: Shouts Amerita as the Galkan Dark Knight is knocked across the room. The lid begins to lift and as fog fills the room, From his twenty year slumber does the Shadow Lord finally arise.

Silverstar: And there goes my day.


Narration: Before them stood the Shadow Lord, over twenty feet tall. Zeriah fell to her knees in hopelessness. The shear size of the Shadow Lord was enough to intimidate the party of five. Soon they would find out that his strength was just as frightening.

Amerita: He’s…he’s so huge.

Narration: The two dragoon twins, finding humor in Amerita’s comment, burst into hysterical laughter.

Evogolist: Uh, what’s so funny?

Blackstar: Oh, man…I can’t believe you missed that.

Silverstar: Yup, went right over his head didn’t it.

“He’s…he’s so huge!”

Narration: Says Silverstar, mocking Amerita for her poor choice of words.

Amerita: Grr…seriously guys!

Zeid: Ugh…my head.
So…it is as I suspected. You are a Galka.

Shadow Lord: Ah, Zeid my old friend.
It would seem that the Gods smile upon me on this day.

Thirty years ago, I came here to this…cursed land. Myself and six others on an expedition to uncover the secrets of a lost civilization.

Unbeknownst to me, I would be betrayed by one that I trusted with my life. It was here that she…Cornelia fell as well, protecting me, a lowly Galka from Ulrich of whom had become jealous of my accomplishments.


Zeid: Rao…Raogrimm?
Is that you? No…it can’t be!

Narration: For a moment, that name resonates with the Shadow Lord. Unfortunately, he shakes it off and prepares himself for battle.

Shadow Lord: A weakling that name is. I am the Shadow Lord, now and forever more.
I will not stop until I have enacted my revenge and eradicated each and every one you!



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