Chapter 19c: The Wild Hunt Part III

Narration: The Heroes of Eorzea, Warriors of light charged with protecting the realm from the evils of the world. Recently, they’ve been tasked with defeating the primal known as Ifrit, Lord of the Inferno. But first, in order to defeat Ifrit, they must acquire several key items that will grant them access to Ifrit’s realm.

First up was Evo and Zeriah.


As they arrive in Limsa Lominsa, things aren’t as simple as they seemed. Zeriah stormed throughout the City-State searching for their father, upset that he had allowed Kilyah to arrest Evo.

Zeriah: Where is he?!

Cuda soldier: Um…ma’am I’m sorry, but you can not go in there.

Zeriah: The hell I can’t!
Now where’s that no good slacker father or mine?!

Narration: Evo just stood there shaking his head in disbelief. He couldn’t believe that with all that was going on, Zeriah felt it most important to stop and scold their father.

Cuda Captain: Just what is all this ruckus out here?

Zeriah: Hey you!
Where’s my father?!

Cuda Captain: Young lady you would do well to mind your manners in this place.

Zeriah: Mind my manners huh?

Evogolist: Uh, Zee…I know that look.

Narration: Just then Zeriah bawls his fist, raises it, and then bashes it into the Captain’s face.
All the other cuda soldiers looked on in disbelief that someone would be gusty enough to do such a thing. Hell, other than the new Admiral, they didn’t even think that such a woman even existed.

Cuda Captain: What in the bleedin’ ‘ells ye’ do that for?!

Zeriah: Now I’m going to ask nicely just once more, where is my father?

Cuda Captain: Who the ‘ells are ye?

Zeriah: I’m Commodore Onias Lunaire’s daughter, Zeriah Lunaire. Now where’s my father?!

Narration: The captain shivers at the sound of hearing that the very woman who stood before him was none other than Onias’ daughter. He studders to get his words out as she holds him up by his shirt.

Cuda Captain: C…C…Commodore…Onias…is…no longer…with the…Thalasscracy.

Zeriah: What do you mean he’s not with the Thalasscracy any more?

Onias: That’s because he went rogue.

Zeriah: Huh?

Evogolist: Huh?

Narration: Both Evo and Zeriah are shocked to see their father, let alone dressed in his pirate outfit. He makes his way over to Zeriah and places his hand on her shoulder.

Onias: Young lady, I thought I taught you better manners than that.

Zeriah: Huh? Dad?

Onias: That’s me.

Zeriah: DADDY!!

Narration: Shouts Zeriah happy to see her father alive and well. They both embrace each other hugging and rejoicing in seeing one another again. Then, as they both let go, Zeriah punches Onias in the face.

Zeriah: Grr…

Evogolist: Zee?!

Onias: Ouch!
What was that for?

Zeriah: How dare you arrest your own son?!

Onias: Arrest?
Oh, that little incident.

Zeriah: Little incident?! He’s your son! How could you lock up your own son?!

Evogolist: Zee, calm down…I’m fine…see.

Zeriah: The hell you are!

Narration: Onias takes and leans over to whisper in Evo’s ear.

Onias: She reminds me so much of your mother. That mouth, that punch…yup she’s definitely Sulvia’s daughter.

Evogolist: Mom…

Narration: Evo remembers his and Zeriah’s mother back in Vana’diel. How she took care and raised them after Onias perished in the Crystal War. He wonders how she’s doing knowing full well that she was sick the last he remembered. It saddens him even to remember the story that Wedge told him of Rostolf and how everyone of Rostolf’s crew including Rostolf’s wife had died at sea.

Rostolf was Onias and Rostolf’s wife was none other than Sulvia, mother to Evo and Zeriah. So much was different in this world. His father was alive and yet his mother was not. He’d asked Onias to return to Vana’diel with him, but then he’d be depriving the Evo of this world his father.

Onias: Son, is everything okay?

Evogolist: Huh?
Oh, yeah…was just thinking about something.

Onias: Whelp, I think this has gone on long enough.
Young lady! I am your father and you will mind your manners!
Do I make myself clear!?

Narration: Zeriah stops yelling for a bit.

Zeriah: Huh?

Onias: Do I make myself clear?

Zeriah: Y…Yes father.

Onias: Alright, so now…with a bit more sense, what brings you and your brother here looking for me.

Evogolist: Well actually…

Zeriah: We need your help!

Evogolist: Huh? We do?

Onias: Well you sure do have a strange way of asking for it.

Narration: Just then, as the three of them are talking, BIggs and Wedge return from their errands.

Wedge: Captain?!

Biggs: Scrag?

Wedge: Watch your mouth you stupid idiot!

Biggs: Oh, right, Captain Scrag!

Evogolist: Huh? Biggs? Wedge?
Heyas Guys!

Onias: Ah, I see you remember these two.

Evogolist: Yup, long time no see guys.
Hey where’s…?

Onias: The kitten? Fired.
She just couldn’t make it as a pirate.

Narration: Zeriah feeling a bit annoyed, interrupts their little reunion.

Zeriah: (Clears throat)
Um…hello, we have monsters to slay and not a lot of time!

Evogolist: (sigh)
This coming from the girl who made us take a detour.

Wedge: Monsters?!

Onias: I’m a bit curious myself.
Who these monsters be?

Zeriah: Really dad? You can stop with the whole pirate act.

Narration: Onias gives Zeriah a strong stern look. Evogolist, knowing full well what was next to follow, quickly covers Zeriah’s mouth and instead explains the situation to Onias.

Evogolist: They’re two fearsome beasts. One is a blood-sucking vamp known as Slippery Sykes. He nasty and slimey and if you get too close, he’ll spray his acidic liquid on you. And don’t turn your back, because he’ll take and latch itself on to your skin and suck you dry. Thus, leaving nothing, but bones.

Narration: Biggs and Wedge grab ahold of each other, shivering at the thought of being sucked dry by the leech monster.

Biggs: Sucked dry?!

Evogolist: Oh, but that’s not the worst one. The worst to come is the giant dodo bird Glutenous Gutrud.

Wedge: Glutenous…G…G…Gutrud?!

Evogolist: Oh yeah.
As the name implies, she’s a hungry little wetch.
She uses her long beak to impale her prey, before then using it to rip you apart by opening it while it’s still impaled in you.

BIggs and Wedge: Aaahhh!!

Narration: As Biggs and Wedge hold each other screaming in terror, Evo laughs in delight knowing that he was able to frieghten his former ship mates. Zeriah, finally free from Evo’s hold, punches Evo in the arm.

Evogolist: Ouch Zee!

Onias: (Clears Throat)
While that was an interesting story, I’m assuming that you didn’t just come here to scare these two.

Zeriah: Father, we need your help.
The beast tribes have begun to summon their primals and we have to stop them.
These two contain that of which we need in order to enter Ifrit’s realm.

Narration: Onias stops and thinks to himself for a bit. Taking on a primal. A crazy idea if he ever did hear one. The likely hood that they would not survive was high, but the risk of not trying at all was much more higher.

Onias: Tell me son, is the adventure worth it?

Evogolist: More than that father.

Onias: Very well then, let’s go get us a monster.
All right you two let’s go!

Narration: Shouts Onias as he readies himself for the adventure of a life time. Meanwhile, Biggs and Wedge slowly stand up, afraid of what’s to come.

Biggs: Uh…Biggs what’s that smell?

Wedge: Uh…nothing.

Onias: Did you…soil yerself?

Wedge: Uh…I’ll be right back!

Narration: Though there were a few miss steps along the way, the party of five head out to face the notorious monsters Slippery Sykes and Glutenous Gutrub. Should they succeed, then that would be two of the six crystals needed to face the primal Ifrit. And though it is unsure of whether or not their efforts will be enough, it is all that they have.

Meanwhile, in the sand strewd sea of Thanalan, the one known as Silvermane, tirelessly makes her way across the desert land. Feeling faint like, she stops for a moment.

Silvermane: Ugh…what the hell.
Why is it so hot? I need a drink.

Narration: Silver grabs her canteen, unscrews the top, and lifts it only for there to be nothing there. She then takes and throws it across the desert sand, all the while pouting.

Silvermane: I have no rum, no crew, and no ship.
Stupid old man. Just who the hell does he think he is.

Oh well, it’s not like I’ve never been kicked out before. I mean…I never really belonged anywhere anyway.



…Limsa finally seemed like a place I could call home. And those two bumbling idiots felt like a family. Even…even that stupid scrag was fun for a while.

Narration: SIlver slightly tears up a bit, but just as she looks down, she spots a glowing red crystal.

SIlvermane: What the…?

Narration: She squinces her eyes slightly, hoping to get a better look at it.

SIlvermane: Hmm…

Narration: And then, she pounces.

SIlvermane: By lady luck, you’ve found me again.

Ha, Ha, Ha!

Narration: Silver, occupied by the bright glowing jewel, fails to take notice of the beast standing behind her. The beast stood there. Eyes glowing red, steam coming from his nose. He held with both his hands a giant axe.

And just when this seemed like SIlver’s lucky day, she found herself in the unluckiest of situations. Would this be the end of SIlver’s nine lives?

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