Chapter 10b: Might of the Shadow Lord

Narration: After battling their way through Castle Zavhl Keep and now down by one, the adventurers of Vana’diel soon found themselves face to face with the Shadow Lord. During their encounter with him, Evo and the others discovered that the Shadow Lord was non-other than a Galka who went by the name Raogrimm.

His anger and hatred is fueled by his unwavering quest for vengence. Not just for the betrayl he suffered those thirty-some years ago, but revenge against all of Vana’diel. However, there are those such as Evogolist, Zeriah, Amerita, Blackstar, and Silverstar…as well as others like them that stand to prevent the Shadow Lord’s apocalypse.

Evogolist: So I guess there’s no talking you out of this, huh?

Shadow Lord: Ah, my shadow.
You once walked the path that I now walk, yet you chose to walk with them instead.

Zeriah: That’s right!
He’s your puppet no longer!

Narration: Annoyed by Zeriah’s words, the Shadow Lord swings his sword, sending a gust of forciful wind towards her. Zeriah is briefly knocked to her fight.

Zeriah: Ahh!

Evogolist: Zeriah!!

Zeid: You dare pick on those weaker than you?!

Shadow Lord: Silence my old friend.
Stay put and watch as I destroy all that oppose me.

Narration: The Shadow Lord binds Zeid, preventing him from acting while he deals with the group of adventurers. Evo, upset that the Shadow Lord raised his sword against his sister, grabs his lance and rushes toward the twenty foot tall monster.

Evogolist: That’s twice you’ve tried to kill my sister.
Now I’m going to make you regret ever raising your sword against her.

Let’s go Lu!

Narration: Evogolist again merges with his wyvern Lumiere and they both leap into air. Evo hits the Shadow Lord with a three hit jump combo. The first is Evo’s Spiral Dive attack. The second is his Shooting Star attack. And finally Evo’s attempts to end it with his Heaven’s Wrath attack, but the Shadow Lord blocks the attack and counters it, knocking him to ground.

The impact causes both Evo and Lu to unmerge.

Amerita: Evo!!

Narration: Shouts Amerita. The two dragoon twins and their wyverns charge towards the Shadow Lord.

Blackstar: Our turn brother!

SIlverstar: Yes! World famous dragoon twins…GO!!

Narration: The two attack the Shadow Lord, but like Evo, are whisked back by the dark lord. Amerita is horrified to see her party members down. She stands tall and with her Great Katana aimed directly at the Shadow Lord, prepares to use her special attack.

Amerita: No more.
No more will I let you harm those of whom I care for.

By Altana’s sake! Blessed Radiance!!

Narration: Light fills the room and for a moment, it seems as if Amerita may have defeated the Shadow Lord. But when the light faded and darkness once more over-took the room, there stood the Shadow Lord. It was if Amerita’s attack had not even fazed him. When Amerita looked, In his left hand, he held a glowing mass of energy.

Shadow Lord: You fool! All of you!
Do you still not understand that I am all powerful?! That I can not and will not be defeated. Not even by you Zeid.

Narration: The Shadow Lord extends his left arm and then sends the mass of energy hurling towards Amerita. With Amerita down it seems that the party is all, but defeated. The Shadow Lord laughs, feeling as though he had earned his first victory and made his first step towards conquering Vana’diel.

But then…

…a bright light shined throughout the room.

Unwilling to give up like before, there stood wee ol’ Zeriah. Zeriah remembered her teachings from the Windurst school of magic. She then put them to use, casting two or three fire spells and sending them rocketing towards the Shadow Lord.

Shadow Lord: Grrarrrghh!

Narration: Growled the Shadow Lord as Zeriah’s magically abilities did damage to him. Zeriah quickly attempts to revive the others. The Shadow Lord, now angered, begins marching his way towards Zeriah.

Shadow Lord: You will pay dearly for that girl.

Narration: Says the Shadow Lord as he marches towards Zeriah. He stalks Zeriah until he’s close enough to grab her. And just as he’s about to pick her up, he finds himself hit with another magical attack.

Amerita: Leave…her…alone!

Narration: Demands Amerita. The Shadow Lord brushes off Amerita’s attack, but then is jumped twice. Due to having his back pierced, he drops Zeriah and roars in pain.

Blackstar: The twin dragoons are back in the game!

Silverstar: World-Famous Twin Dragoons brother.

Blackstar: Right you are brother.

Amerita: Are you alright little sister?

Zeriah: Yes, I think so.

Narration: Zeriah then looks over at her brother and knows that she must raise him. She knows that this isn’t a battle that her nor her friends can win without him.

They’re a team…

…a family, and with all families…

…every member counts.

Zeriah: I need to get Evo.

Narration: Shouts Zeriah.

Silverstar: What?

Zeriah: My brother, I need to get to him!

Narration: Amerita and the twins look at Zeriah and together, they devise a way to cover for her while she makes her way to Evogolist.

Blackstar: Well brother, today sounds like a great day to die.

Silverstar: Save it for the bards…

Blackstar: Why?

Silverstar: Because it’ll make a hell of a legend.

Narration: The two dragoons rush in, distracting and attacking the Shadow Lord. Meanwhile Amerita stands guard over Zeriah as the two make their way over to Evo whose still unconscious. When they finally reach him, Zeriah quickly casts a raise spell on Evo, but he doesn’t respond. Zeriah tries for a second time, but again there’s no response.

Silverstar: Hey ladies, do you think you could hurry it up?!

Blackstar: Yeah, he’s not exactly being considerate over here!

Zeriah: I’m trying!

Amerita: God I hate those two.

Narration: Zeriah begins to tear up, hoping that this time he isn’t really gone. She pounds on his chest hoping that he’ll come to. But he doesn’t respond.

Zeriah: Evo! Please wake up! Evo!!


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