Chapter 10c: The Adventurers of Vana’diel

Zeriah: Evo! Evo please…wake up?!


Narration: Cried Zeriah, sister of the adventurer known as Evogolist. Upon the awakening of the Shadow Lord, Evo and his friends confronted the dark lord. Unfortunately, after attacking the Shadow Lord in a burst of anger, Evogolist was knocked unconscious and has since to come to. Meanwhile, the remaining party members fight for the sake of their friends, for the sake of their family, and for the sake of Vana’diel.

Twin Dragoons: Twin Tornado Attack!!

Narration: Yell the twin brothers, but their attack is deflected and the two are knocked across the room. Amerita stands up. She clutches her sword, prepared to guard her two friends with her life. Aware of the riskes of using her special attack too many times, Amerita looks back at Zeriah and smiles with a tear running down her face.

Zeriah: Wha…No!
Amerita you can’t!

Amerita: Goodbye little sister.

Narration: Amerita clutches her sword tight and with all of her energy, using her Blessed Radiance attack one final time.

Amerita: Goddess Altana…grant me thy strength.

Blessed Radiance!!

Narration: As the attack hits the Shadow Lord, Amerita drops her Great Katana and falls to the ground. Zeriah cries as she watches her friends fall in battle. She then holds her brother tightly, hugging him, wishing that he would wake up and save the day. But Evo still doesn’t respond. She wonders could Evo really be gone this time.

Zeriah looks up and sees that the Shadow Lord has begun marching towards her once more.

Zeid: Run you stupid girl…RUN!!

Narration: Yells Zeid, but Zeriah doesn’t listen. At this point she’s beyond reasoning. She’s lost everything and if she was to die here and now, then she would take the Shadow Lord with her.

Zeriah looks over at her bow and picks it up. She then stands up and aims up the Shadow Lord. And with all her might and energy, fires off her Blessed Arrow attack. Sadly, the attack misses and as the Shadow Lord stands before her, he knocks her across the room as well.

The Shadow Lord then celebrates his victory over the group. He soon looks towards Zeid and begins marching over to him.

Shadow Lord: Now old friend, it is your turn.

Narration: Zeriah looks up one last time, but just before she passes out she spots a miracle about to take place.

Zeriah: E…vo…

Narration: Just before she closes her eyes, Zeriah catches a glimpse of the wyvern Lumiere nudging Evo. Suddenly a bright light fills the room.

Shadow Lord: This…light…what is it?

Narration: Says the Shadow Lord as he shields his eyes.
It would come to seem that somehow, though Evo was unconscious, Lumiere was able to once more merge with Evogolist, granting the adventurer her life-force.

???: Evogolist…Evogolist…

Evogolist: Huh?

???: It’s time to wake up.

Evogolist: Who…who are you?

???: It is I…

Narration: Appearing before Evo in a dream like state is none-other than Lumiere. Being as how she’s now merged with Evo, she appears to him as pure energy.

Evogolist: L…Lu!?

Lumiere: Yes adventurer, it is I.

Evogolist: But how?

Lumiere: The question is not how, but why.

When we first met we were bonded by the Holy Crest. A blessing granted to thee by none other than her holiness Altana. You have fought hard and you have fought long, but your greatest battle lies before you.

Narration: Suddenly Evo sees glimpses of his friends.

Gale: Hey Golden Dragoon buddy, you’re not giving up yet are you?

Evogolist: G…G…Gale.

Shybaason: Hey kiddo! Sleeping on the job are we?!

Evogolist: Shy!?

Kusses: Hmph…see, told you. A loser to the end.

Kenshin: Lay off of him Kuss!
He’s just tired. Right Evo?

Evogolist: Kuss…Ken…

Lunaris: Hey buddy…long time no see.

Evogolist: Lunaris…

Lunaris: Hey, don’t go tearing up on me and what not.
We’ll see each other again, but now’s not the time.

Remember what I told back then…

Evogolist/Lunaris: In the light…darkness will fade and the truth will reveal itself.

Lunaris: You got it friend.

Narration: Evo is moved by the words of his friends, both past and present. He knows that they are counting on him to bring an end to this nightmare once and for all. As Lu’s energy orb merges with Evo’s she cheers Evo on one last time.

Lumiere: Evo…

Evogolist: Huh?

Lumiere: Show them why you are the Warrior of Light.

Narration: Evo then awakens, and as the light clears, his friends all awake as well.

Amerita: Huh? Where…where am I?

Zeriah: Evo…?

Narration: And there he stood, with his lance in hand. His strength was renewed and he was stronger and faster than he had ever been before. The Shadow Lord was overcome with anger, appauled that he sensed Altana’s presence within Evo.

The Shadow Lord swings his sword hoping to strike down Evo, but Evo jumps, evading the attack. Evogolist then throws his spear into the air and jumps as high as he can. Next he comes crashing down on top of the Shadow Lord.

Evogolist: For my Family…

Narration: Shouts Evo as he pierces the Shadow Lords body. He then jumps once again, this time higher than the last. He again comes crashing back down on to the Shadow Lord. The Shadow Lord attempts to block the attack, but both Amerita and Zeriah cast a magically based attack, canceling out the Shadow Lord’s physical absorption ability and allowing Evo to once more pierce his body.

Evogolist: For my friends…

Narration: Shouts Evo for a second time. He again jumps into the air, higher than the last two times. This time it’s as if he’s bringing the heaven’s with him as he rides his spear back down. The two dragoon twins jump in the air and join Evo and with the might of three, they pierce the Shadow Lord’s body and land on the ground below.

Evogolist: …and for the sake of all of Vana’diel…Go to Hell…and never return!

Narration: The Shadow Lord staggers to the ground, barely able to contain himself.

Shadow Lord: No…this…can’t be…

I will not fall! I will keep coming back, until the fires of wrath consume me!

Narration: Consumed by such hatred and anger, The Shadow Lord struggles to maintain his power. Zeid tries his best to plead to the Galka deep inside.

Zeid: Raogrimm, stop! Listen to me, it is over!

Shadow Lord: “Rao…grimm”?

Shadow Lord: No, that is not my name! I am… I am the Shadow Lord!

Zeid: You are no such thing! Search your memories for your true self! You are Raogrimm, the Galka’s greatest swordsman!

Shadow Lord: I…

I am…Rao…Raogrimm!? Aaargh!

Narration: As the Shadow Lord’s dark power fades, the galkan talekeeper appears in his true form. No longer bound, Zeid rushes over to Raogrimm.

Zeid: Do you remember?

Raogrimm: Yes… I do now.

Zeid: Raogrimm, it is good to have you back. How has all this come to be?

Raogrimm: As you know, I was the Talekeeper of the Galka–the keeper of our race’s memories. But there was so much pain, so much anger…

I let myself become trapped in a dark abyss of swirling rage and madness…

Zeid: Raogrimm…

Raogrimm: People are capable of kindness beyond angels, yet we also commit sins that would put a demon to shame…

We all stand precariously on the edge between darkness and light… And when we fall, we are greeted by only madness and chaos.

Raogrimm: And so I have fallen…

Narration: With the Shadow Lord defeated, the adventurers of Vana’diel begin to celebrate their victory.

Silverstar: Are…Are we alive?

Blackstar: Here let me punch you.

Narration: Blackstar punches Silverstar as hard as possible, nearly knocking his brother out cold.

Blackstar: Uh…a bit too much I presume?

SIlverstar: Ouch!!
Why’d you hit me so hard!?

Blackstar: Hey…we’re alive!

Silverstar: We’re alive?

Dragoon Twins: We’re ALIVE!!!

Narration: Amerita and Zeriah look at each other and smile happy that the nightmare is finally over.

Amerita: Well little sister, you did it.

Zeriah: Not too bad if I do say so myself.

Amerita: Ha, ha, ha…

Narration: Zeriah then looks over at Evo and notices that instead of him celebrating like the others, he instead stands there sad.

Zeriah: Big brother we did it!

Big brother?

What’s wrong?

Evogolist: She’s gone…

Narration: Evo holds up a wyvern egg.

Zeriah: You’re wyvern, what happened?

Amerita: It would appear that Lumiere gave her life so that Evo could live and banish the evil of this world.

Evogolist: What do I do now?

Zeriah: We wait.

Evogolist: Huh?

Amerita: She’s right.
With that egg Lumiere may once again be reborn.
Her rebirth represents the Holy Crest that the two of you share.

Zeriah: Don’t worry, you’ll see her again.

Narration: And so the Shadow Lord was defeated,
thanks to the adventurers of Vana’diel’s
selfless courage and sacrifice.

Through the clouds shines a symbol of
newfound hope for the peoples of Vana’diel.

But none should forget that wherever there
is light, there is always shadow.

The legend goes on to say…
From the darkest depths of the earth
the Warriors of the Crystal rose…

…or at least that’s what I was told anyway.

See a lot more happened that day, and I was out cold for a bit, but that’s a story for another time.
To be continued…

…In Final Fantasy XI: Adventurers of Vana’diel Series II



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