Prelude: The Priestess of Light

Narration: Far above the land in the heavens, exist a mystical kingdom known as the Kingdom of Clouds. In this kingdom there exist a temple known as the Temple of Kadokawa.

In the Floating Temple of Kadokawa, the king of the clouds summoned his three priestess. Upon summoning them, he would inform them of the terrors forming on the surface world down below and the one who could stop them.But not before consulting with his trusted adviser/knight captain.

Gustaf: My lord do you believe it wise
to summon the three priestesses?

King of the Clouds:Do you Gustaf, see it wise to leave the surface world be?

Gustaf: No, but if you ask me, the surface dwellers brought it upon themselves.

King of the Clouds: And yet they look to me for guidance.  Who am I to ignore their prayers?

Gustaf: You have every right to sire.

King of the Clouds: Perhaps that is why you are the Knight Captain and I’m just a silly old man in a crown.

Gustaf: Do not say that my lord.You have watched over the Heavens and the world below just fine.

Far be it from a lowly soldier to advise you of what to do.

Narration: The king laughs wholeheartedly as Gustaf blushes from embarrassment 

King of the Clouds: Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!

You grow compassionate in your old age my old friend.

Gustaf: Well…I…uh…hmph.

Narration: The king would then summon a magical fairy known as Lucielle to perform the summoning.

King of the Clouds: Lucielle!

Lucielle: Here I am my lord!

King of the Clouds: Lucielle, if you would, summon the three priestesses.

Lucielle: Yes! Right away!

Narration: And those orders, Lucielle started to perform the incantation to summon the three priestesses of the elements.

However, the summoning did not go as planned…

Lucielle: Light…Darkness…and Wind! Three priestesses of the elements, I summon thee!

Narration: The first to come forth was the priestess of darkness. She was dark and brooding, wearing a black-hooded robe with a skull on top of her head.

Priestess of Darkness: King of the Clouds, what terrors do I reap today?

Narration: The next priestess to come forth was the priestess of the wind. She was a carefree priestess and often carried around a bag of fruit. I’m not really sure why though.

Priestess of the Wind: The blessings of the clouds are upon us. How may I serve thy lord?

Narration: They then waited for the last priestess to appear, but for some reason, she just didn’t show.

Lucielle: …

Gustaf: Did you mess up the spell!?

Lucielle: No! Well at least I don’t think I did.

Narration: Denies Lucielle, all the while scratching her head.

Gustaf: Then where is the third priestess?

Lucielle: Uh…I don’t know. Maybe I should try again.

Narration: Lucielle once again performs the summoning, once again hoping that the third priestess would appear, but to her avail…nothing.

Lucielle: Priestess of the Light, I summon thee!

Narration: …nothing.

Lucielle: …

I don’t get why this isn’t working!

Priestess of the Wind: Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Lucielle: What are you laughing at!? Huh!?

Priestess of Darkness: Nina probably missed her summons again.

Priestess of the Wind: It’s a wonder she hasn’t been dropped by the sister-hood by now.

Gustaf: Just what are you witches babbling about?

Priestess of Darkness: We are far from witches tin man. Do not mistake us for such filth.

Narration: Despite their similarities in power, if it’s one thing the priestesses of the sisterhood despised, it was being called witches.

King of the Clouds: Lucielle!?

Lucielle: Y-Yes…my lord?

King of the Clouds: Where is my third priestess?

Narration: Suddenly, the third priestess comes running in. It was as the other priestesses had said, she had missed her summons.

Priestess of Light: Right here! I’m right here!!

Sorry I’m late,I missed my summons…a…gain.

Gustaf: Hmph.

King of the Clouds: I will overlook your lateness this time priestess due to the nature of my summons.

But should it happen again, I shall not hesitate to expel you from your priest hood.

Priestess of Light: Gulp!

King of the Clouds: Now, as to the nature of my call, the surface world is in grave danger. Seven deadly terrors have risen and begun laying claim to the corners of the surface world. I, however, have observed one who would have the power to banish the terrors.

However, he cannot do it alone.

Gustaf: One of you will be tasked to go down to the surface and assist this boy into becoming the warrior he needs to be.

So, who wants to go!?

Lucielle: Why not send all three?

Priestess of the Wind: Because that would be stupid, stupid! Sending all three of us could be dangerous to the Cloud Kingdom and the elements.

Lucielle: Hmm…so who should we send?

Priestess of Darkness: I have dark spells that require my attention. I cannot go.

Priestess of the Wind: And I simply cannot go either. I have a spa bath at seven and then Yuri Yuri class at eight.

Gustaf: Yuri Yuri!?

What the…!?

King of the Clouds: And what of you Nina?

Will you go to the surface world and assist the child?

Priestess of the Wind/Nina: Umm…

King of the Clouds: If you do,I will overlook your lateness for the next two centuries.

Nina: Huh?!

Count me in then!

Narration: Without waiting for any further instructions, Nina takes off running. The craziest part however, was that she didn’t even take the transporter down to the Surface world. She just simply leaped off of the floating island and down to the world below.

Gustaf: Do you think we sent the right one?

King of the Clouds: No.

Gustaf: Then why my lord?

King of the Clouds: Because it’s a good way for her…no…both her and our future savior to grow. So did I make the right choice?

No, I made the perfect choice.

Nina: Vacation…




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