Chapter One – The First Adventure

Narration: In a small fishing village, a young boy awakens from a
midnight summer’s dream.

He knows not what the future holds for him, nor does he
know what today brings. However, he does know one

That life and the world outside is full of adventure.

His name is…


Aldo: *Yawn!*
What to do today?

I’d better check in with Asami.

Narration: Aldo made his way outside where he would end up being scolded by Asami.

Asami: ALDO!!
You woke up late again didn’t you!?

Aldo: Uh, hey Asami.

Asami: Don’t you hey Asami me.
Ayana has been waiting for you to come by since early this morning. How are we suppose to make any sort of living if you can’t even get up on time!?

Narration: Though not related by blood, Asami has been like a sister to Aldo ever since the tragic events that took place years ago. Aldo’s parents as well as a few of the other villagers died when a massive tsunami appeared and almost destroyed the village. Since then, Asami has cared for Aldo, often bringing him for food and clothes in exchange for helping out.

Asami: Aldo? Aldo?


Narration: When Asami opened her eyes and looked, Aldo had taken off running. All she could do at that point was just sigh and shake her head.

Asami: That kid, I swear.

Narration: When Aldo arrived at the shop, there stood a beautiful dark green-haired maiden. As Aldo nearly stumbled through the door, she couldn’t help but laugh and then greet him with the kindest of smiles.

Ayana: Hi there Aldo.

Aldo: Hey Ayana.

Ayana: You must have gotten scolded by Asami again.

Aldo: That obvious, huh?

Narration: Ayana laughed again and then made her way over to help Aldo to his feet.

Ayana: There, there, let’s get you all cleaned up.

Aldo: Thanks Ayana.
Asami said that you needed help with something.

Ayana: Oh yeah, sure.
Um, well I’ve already gotten most of the ingredients I needed to make this new potion. However, I am lacking a few herbal plants.

Aldo: No problem, just leave it to me!

Narration: Says Aldo as he again takes off running. Ayana tries to thank him, but is too late to catch him.

Ayana: Thanks…Al…do…
And there he goes again.

Narration: When Aldo arrived in the grass land fields, there were a few herbal plants scattered about.

Aldo: This should be quite easy.

Narration: Said Aldo as he made his way into the field. However, it would not be as easy as Aldo thought. He went reach for the first plant and was able to get lucky, but the second plant turned out to be more than just an herbal plant.

Before Aldo stood a Carnivorous Plant at about the same height as Aldo. A few more appeared, surrounding Aldo with their sharps teeth showing and drool dripping from their mouth.

Aldo, with a slight smirk on his face, reached behind himself and grabbed his wooden sword.

Aldo: So who wants to go first?

Narration: Asked Aldo before charging towards the Carnivorous Plants. He swung his sword left and right, whacking the plants every chance he got. And when they attacked him, he quickly dodged out-of-the-way.

Aldo gave it his all and yet the plants just wouldn’t give up. And so, Aldo used his last option to rid himself of these plants before they overtook him and made a dinner out of him. He used a fire stone that Ayana had given him and unleashed the magicks within in to burn the plants to ash.

When the coast was clear, Aldo opened his eyes and looked around. He was shocked and surprised to see that he had not only burned the Carnivorous Plants to ash, but nearly almost the entire plains field. Aldo was beside himself in sorrow. How would he explain to not only Ayana, but Asami as well that he burned the entire field to a crisp?

And then his miracle appeared before him.

There stood in the back of the field one lone standing bush with a few herbals plants attached to it.

Aldo ran as fast as he could to it. He plucked a few off, but just as he was almost finish, there was a slight noise and the sound of someone shouting something to him.

Aldo: Huh, what’s that noise?

Narration: Asked Aldo as stopped and looked around. With nothing in sight, Aldo shrugged it off and continued gathering the few plants that he could.

But then…

…there was that faint shouting again.


Aldo: W-Wha…!?

Narration: Shouted Aldo, as he looked up and saw the falling girl. The girl crashes to the ground and lands on top of Aldo. She sits there for a minute and rubs her butt, trying to shake off the pain of her crashing fall.

Nina: Ow-Wow!

Where did that kid go?

Narration: Nina looks left and then she looks right, but sees nothing. She then looks between her legs and sees the boy laying there unconscious. She quickly hops up and panics.

Nina: OH MY GOD!

The King of the Clouds is going to kill me.

Narration: As Aldo lays there, possibly dead from Nina’s crashing fall, Nina can only panic at the thought that this boy might have been the one that she was sent to find.

Nina: What to do!?
What to do!?


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