April 2016 Update

Hey everyone, it’s been awhile since I last updated you all on anything, hasn’t it?

Well, if you’ve been waiting for an update or for more stories, wait no longer. Here’s the latest on what’s happening with the Echoes of Fantasy website.

Itterasshai! A Journey of Many Adventures


If you’ve been reading and enjoying the new series Itterasshai! A Journey of Many Adventures, be sure to look forward to a brand new chapter coming in the next week.  Nina, Priestess of Light, has been tasked to go to the Surface world and locate the young warrior who will help defeat the Seven terrors, but what she finds, isn’t exactly what she was expecting. So be sure to stop by this upcoming Monday for a brand-new chapter based off the cover art characters from RPG Maker MV.

Final Fantasy XIV: A New Beginning – Volume II


Last time we left the Hero’s of Eorzea, they preparing to go after the keys needed to gain entry to the Primal Ifrit’s realm. Meanwhile, Pose and Ruki found themselves trapped in Quarrymill as the Ixal had summoned their deity, Garuda. Be sure to check back in the coming weeks as “The Wild Hunt” continues and the heroes strive to save Eorzea from the Primal menace.

Oh and did I mention the part about Silver being hounded by a hulking beast in the desert?

Final Fantasy XI: Adventurers of Vana’diel – Series II







Following the defeat of the Shadowlord, the adventurers of Vana’diel are finally able to return home and enjoy peace, but before they can leave, an unexpected guess appears and spoils their celebration. If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy XI Online, be sure to stop by as we bring to you the next exciting story in the Adventurers of Vana’diel series.

The Genesis: Spirits of Chaos










It’s been awhile since we last brought you a chapter in this series, but don’t worry, it isn’t over. Coming soon, the three warriors that appeared at the end of the last chapter set out to find the now corrupted priest and the priestess assisting him. But with Lucian now commanding a army, will the three warriors be enough to stop him?


And that’s it for now guys, again, be sure to keep a look out for these exciting titles and thank you all so much for the support. I know I’ve been taking a bit of long-winded breaks here and there, but it’s all been for this little beauty down below.


Now the cover isn’t that much to look at, but yup I finally published it. So it would mean a lot to me guys if you would pick up a copy. It’s currently being sold on Lulu.com  and will soon be making it’s way to Amazon and Barnes & Noble in the future.  If interested, just click the link below.












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