Chapter 19d: The Wild Hunt Part IV

Silvermane: Why if I ain’t the luckiest kitty in Eorzea.

Narration: Said Silver as she looked admired a red jewel that she had found. Silver was so awe stricken by the jewel, that she forgot all about losing her ship to Onias. However, there’s one thing that Silver didn’t notice. There was a large beast standing behind her. He stood there, giant axe in hand, and ready to turn Silver into Kitten Kabob.

Curious Gorge

Fortunately for her, the giant beast carried a bad odor to him allowing Silver’s sense of smell to kick in.

Silvermane: What the…?

What the hell is that horrible smell!?

Narration: Silver turned around and there stood over six feet tall, a Hellsgard Roegaedyn clad in some strange armor. As his eyes glowed red and steam brewed from his nose, Silver stood there with her eyes wide open and jaw nearly hitting the ground.

Silvermane: H…Hey big fella.

This wouldn’t happen to belong to you would it?

Narration: The Roe did not respond. In fact, the only thing he did was growl and then raise his axe up high. Silver quickly dodged out of the way avoiding his axe as it came crashing down to ground.

Silvermane: Hey!

What’s the big idea douche bag!?

I was going to give it back to you!

Bestial Roegaedyn: Grrrarghh!!

Silvermane: Rawrrr!!

Back to you smart ass!

Narration: The Bestial Roe picked up his axe and again prepared to attack Silver. Silver wasn’t having however and grabbed her axe as well.

Silvermane: So you wanna play rough ‘eh?

Fine, have a little taste of my pal here.

Narration: As Silver prepared to go up against the Bestial Roe, in another part of Thanalan, Caire and Zeph look for their respective mobs.

Zephon: So just what are we looking for anyways?

Caireann: I have no idea.

You know how vague Evo can be at times.

Zephon: Yeah, remember that time he took us through Shposhae and we ended up fighting a Coeurl?

Caireen: Oh my god, yeah!

And we got chased halfway through by a bunch of snippers! And you screamed like a little girl.

Zephon: Yeah, and then we ended up fighting a giant bomb. What did he call it again?

Caireen: The Bomb Baron!

Zephon: That’s it!

And I did not!

Caireann: I swear we have the craziest adventures with Evo.

Zephon: Tell me about it.

He just had to go off and get married and become a family guy.

I mean, we started a family and still went on crazy life threatening adventures with him.

Caireann: Well babe, maybe he and Mily had to compromise.

Zephon: Ah phooey!

Narration: Suddenly, Caire stops and Zeph ends up bumping into her.

Zephon: Hey what’s the big…!?

Caireann: Shh….

Narration: Caire shushes Zephon as not more than a few feet ahead of them, stands a giant ant creature.

Zephon: Speaking of big.

Caireann: Do you suppose that’s the Nest Commander they spoke of?

Zephon: Well unless there’s more than one giant ant creature around here, I would assume so.

Caireann: Hmm…what would Evo do?

Zephon: Ha, he’d probably be like, let’s poke it!

Caireann: Ha!

Hellz yeah!

Zephon: Well then, let’s poke it!

Narration: Both Caire and Zeph charge after the Nest Commander, but instead going by their plan, they instead end up getting the scare of their lives. The giant ant stands up on all six legs and screeches loudly.

Caire and Zeph stop in their tracks and frightened, scream at the top of their lungs.

Caireann: Poke it huh?

Zephon: Hey you asked what Evo would do.

Caireann: But I didn’t say do what Evo would do.

Zephon: Well I guess that proves it. Evo is a bit of a nut job.

Caireann: Babe, we need to focus!

Zephon: Focus, right!

Narration: Caire and Zeph grab a hold of their respective weapons and prepare to fight the giant ant creature. Caire jumps in to the air and then comes crashing back down, driving her fist into the ground. The impact creates a shock wave effect sending it towards the giant ant and knocking it off balance. Zeph follows up with a shield bash, stunning the ant for a bit.

Zeph then tries a technique that he once saw Evo do, but…

…it doesn’t turn out too well.

Caireann: Hun, what are you doing?

Zephon: I once saw Evo do this, just watch.

Caireann: Um…babe…

Zephon: Grrr…

Caireann: Babe!

Zephon: Grrargh!

Caireann: BABE!!

Narration: Zeph flips twice and the third time he attempts to jump over the ant and attack it from behind, but instead he lands on the ant’s back.

Zephon: Um…Caire, help!

Caireann: I tried to warn you, but oh no…you wouldn’t listen.

Zephon: I think I’m getting motion sickness.

Narration: Caire looks on, cheering her husband on as he rides the Nest Commander…rodeo style.

Caireann: Woohoo!

Ride’em cowboy!

Narration: Suddenly the Nest Commander begins shrieking, calling out to its fellow ants in the area. Before she knew it, Caire found herself surrounded by dozens of ant soldiers and more were on the way.

Caireann: Ah crap.

Babe shut that damn thing up.

Zephon: How?

Caireann: I don’t know!

Just do something. I’m up to my neck in giant ants and I don’t think my boots are big enough to stomp them!

Zephon: Fine!

Narration: Zeph takes his sword, turns it downward, raises his arms, and then stabs the Nest Commander. The Nest Commander raises up high, knocking Zeph to the ground.

Zephon: Umph!

Caireann: Zeph!!

Narration: Shouts Caire as Zeph falls to the ground. The giant antling turns around, this time angered by Zeph’s actions. Zeph unaware of this, tries his best to shake off the impact of the fall. The Nest Commander opens it’s pincers up wide and just when it’s about to chomp down on Zeph, a mysterious man comes running in and knocks the giant antling away.

Mysterious Roegaedyn: Quickly!

Cover your eyes!

Narration: Shouts a mysterious Roegaedyn. Caire ducks and covers her eyes and the mysterious Roegaedyn uses magical light ability to blind the ants. He then leaps into the air and then comes crashing back down causing several beams of light to emanate from the ground. The beams of light each strike the antling soldiers surrounding Caire, causing them to fall to the ground.

Meanwhile, the mysterious man continues to fight with the Nest Commander. Zeph looks on in awe as a Highlander Hyur clad in some strange yellow gear battles it out with the giant ant, bare-fisted none the less.

The Hyur punches the giant antling a few times, followed up by a few kicks here and there.

Highlander Hyur: It’s about time I ended this.

Narration: After wearing the Nest Commander down, the mysterious Hyur uses a combo attack the ant. He then sees Zeph’s sword, pulls it from the ant’s body and tosses it to Zeph.

Highlander Hyur: Here friend, catch!

Zephon: Huh?

Narration: Zeph catches the sword and looks toward the mysterious Hyur.

Highlander Hyur: Use it, he is weakened.

Narration: Zeph nods and then charges towards the giant ant. The ant attempts to chomp at Zeph, but Zeph ducks under him and slides under the ant’s head. He then takes his sword and jabs it up into the Nest Commander’s head. The giant ant squeals before falling to the ground.

Zephon: Whew, that was rougher than I’d thought it be.

Caireann: Babe!

Narration: Shouts Caire as she runs over to hug Zeph.

Caireann: You had me worried.

Zephon: Really?

Caireann: Yes.

Narration: Without warning, Caire punches Zeph in the arm.

Zephon: Ouch!

What was that for?

Caireann: Don’t you ever worry me like that again!

Narration: The Highlander Hyur looks on smiling. Meanwhile, the mysterious Roegaedyn walks over to the giant ant whose body had begun to glow and change into a small crystal fragment.

Zephon: That’s…

Caireann: …the Earth Echo Crystal.

Mysterious Roegaedyn: I assume that this is what you two were after?

Caireann: Yes.

Zephon: I don’t know how we can ever thank you.

Mysterious Roegaedyn: You fought well and with honor and diligence. It is thanks enough that there are still people out there that possess qualities like yourself.

Here, take this…

Zephon: What is it?

Mysterious Roegaedyn: When the time is right, seek out a man in Ul’dah by the name of Jenlyns, a Sultansworn and Paladin.

Zephon: Paladin?

Mysterious Roegaedyn: Yes…he will guide you.

Better than I can.

Highlander Hyur: Milady, you fought well and though your mind still needs focusing, you are well on the path to becoming a powerful fighter. And thus, I give you this.

Caireann: What is this?

Highlander Hyur: This lands hope.

I won’t let it fall like Ala Mhigo did.

Caireann: Ala…Mhigo…

Highlander Hyur: When you are ready, seek out a professor Erik in Ul’dah.

Narration: The two mysterious warriors take their leave, but not before Caire and Zeph can ask them one more question.

Caireann: Wait!?

Zephon: These crystal things, what are they?

Mysterious Roegaedyn: The souls of warriors of light.

Caireann: But why us?

Highlander Hyur: Because…you represent our hope.

Narration: As the two part, in the hands of Caire and Zeph, the crystals begin to emit a powerful glow.

Caireann: Their hope?

Zephon: The Warriors of light…

Caireann: Come on ya big lug.

We can figure it out on the way.

We still have one more echo crystal on our list to get.

Zephon: Ugh…don’t remind me.

Narration: As Caire and Zeph take off and head to their next assignment, the two warriors that helped them look on from afar.


Mysterious Roegaedyn: Look not only to the crystal’s powers, but to the soul that lurks within you as well. Fore, they shall give you strength when you most need it.


Highlander Hyur: Be easy my mighty ones for the war has yet to come.

Both: Good luck my friends.

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