Chapter 19e: The Wild Hunt Part V

Narration: Deep in the woods of the Black Shroud, Milyah and Nuvea make their way to their two targeted beasts. However, things aren’t as they should. The mood is a bit cold and the past still haunts Milyah, making it hard for her to be around her daughter, Nuvea.

Milyah walks a slight distance behind Nuvea, ever so often glancing up to Nuvea, only to look away back into the Twelveswood. Nuvea however, unaware of her mom’s angst, walks throughout the wooded area seemingly without a care in the world.

Nuvea: Woooow, it looks so weird and yet beautiful.
This is the first time I’ve really been this deep into the woods.
Auntie Zee never let go this deep in.

Of course she was all like; “Now Nuvea, you be sure to stay away from the deep parts of the Shroud, the elementals forbid it.”

I was lucky if she even let me leave Gridania.
I mean come on, I’m a big girl, I can handle myself.

Mom? Mom are you even listening to me?


Narration: Milyah was zoned out. Her mind focused on other things. Suddenly, she hears Nuvea yell out to her and stops only to see the youngling standing in front of her with her arms folded and face slightly frowned.

Nuvea: Mom are you okay? You weren’t even listening to me.

Narration: Questions Nuvea, Milyah, however just looks at her.

Milyah: Y…Yes sweetheart.

Nuvea: Are you sure?

Milyah: Yes, continue on.

Narration: Nuvea, full aware that her mother was drifting off into vagrant thoughts, continued on ahead. Moments later, Milyah who had drifted back into own thoughts, suddenly realized that Nuvea’s voice had become faint. She could no longer hear Nuvea and when she looked up in front of her, Nuvea was nowhere to be seen.

Milyah: Nuvea! Nuvea where are you!?
Nuvea answer me!?

Narration: Milyah was frightened. She realized that she was concerned with her own fears and doubts that she had allowed Nuvea to disappear from her sights once more.

Not far, hiding behind a tree, Nuvea hid from Milyah.
Nuvea: If you won’t pay attention to me, then I’ll make you pay attention to me.

Narration: Says Nuvea as she runs off into the woods. Milyah continues to look for Nuvea, calling out to her several times. After getting no response, Milyah panics. Knowing the dangers that lurk deep in the shroud, Milyah begins to worry. She reaches for her linkpearl and contacts Evo.

Milyah: Evo! Evo answer me please!

Evogolist: Go ahead Mily, I’m here.

Milyah: It’s Nuvea, she’s disappeared!

Evogolist: Disappeared!? But how?

Milyah: It’s…it’s my fault. I should’ve paid her more attention.

Narration: Exclaimed Milyah as she began to break down in tears. Evo, knowing that Mily is still struggling to deal with her personal demons prepares to come to her aid.

Evogolist: Mily, try to calm down, I’m on my way.

Zeriah: Is everything alright?

Evogolist: It’s Nuvea, she’s disappeared.

Zeriah: That girl…even with her own mother around she still finds a way to cause mischief. She’s definitely your daughter.

Evogolist: Well either way, I need to go, Mily’s panicking and losing herself.

Zeriah: Okay, go then.
I’ll stay and deal with these two idiots.

Narration: Evo tele’s to the nearest aetheryte and makes his way to Milyah’s location. Meanwhile Zeriah tries to deal with Biggs, Wedge, and her father Onias. Biggs and Wedge struggle to catch the stumpy bird like creature, Glutenous Gutrud.

Zeriah: Really dad, did we have to use the bird as a form of training for these two?

Onias: Could you think of any better way.

Zeriah: Dad, the skinny one is hanging on for dear life while the big one is running around in circles being chased by the bird. I hardly see anything useful coming out of this.

Onias: Why I think you’re right.
Biggs, run faster! Wedge, be sure to hold on tighter!

Narration: Zeriah, growing tired of the three’s escapades, grabs her bow and an arrow. She aims her bow, trying her best to be sure that she hits her mark, and then bam! She strikes the giant dodo, causing it to fall over instantly.

Zeriah: There, now let’s move on to the next one.

Narration: Says Zeriah as she walks over, grabs the echo crystal and makes her way to the next target. Onias, slightly upset that she spoiled his fun, calls out to her in a stern voice.

Onias: Grr…young lady! You come back her this instant!

Wedge: Whew, I’m glad that’s over.

Biggs: You’re telling me.

Wedge: I wonder if our other selves are out there somewhere having better luck than us?

Biggs: Yeah, this is the pits.

Onias: Biggs! Wedge! Let’s go!

Narration: Back in the Black Shroud, Evo finally catches up to Milyah. He quickly runs over to here and pulls her close to him, comforting her.

Milyah: It’s all my fault, I should’ve paid more attention to her.

Evogolist: Stop it okay! It’s not your fault. We discussed this before we left. When are you going to stop blaming yourself?

Narration: Milyah says nothing. She looks away, ashamed to allow herself to be seen so weak. She then takes out her dagger and just like that, cuts a chunk of her hair off.

Evogolist: Mily?

Narration: Questions Evo. He then watches as Mily drops her hair into the lake. Milyah then turns around, grabs her bow and walks off into the woods.

Evogolist: Milyah wait!?
Where are you going?

Milyah: To find my daughter.

Evogolist: Yup Evo, you definitely pissed her off.

Narration: The head off into woods. Not far away, Nuvea comes across a group of Opo-Opos. She watches from a far, trying to figure out which one is the one carrying the echo crystal. She then grabs her bow and an arrow.

Nuvea: Now let’s see, which one of you is Jacknapes?
Narration: Just as Nuvea thinks that she has an idea of which one is her target, she’s suddenly hit upside the head by a stone. When she turns and looks, there in the tree stood another Opo-Opo.

Nuvea: Hey!
What’s the big idea throwing that rock at me, huh!?

Narration: The Opo-Opo jumps up and down screeching and making all sorts of noise.

Nuvea: Hey! You’re Jacknapes aren’t ya!?

Narration: The Opo-Opo throws another stone at Nuvea before taking off into the woods.

Nuvea: Why you…!?
Come back here!

Narration: Nuvea gives chase, chasing the Opo-opo throughout the Shroud. She leaps over fallen tree branches and bushes as attempts to catch up with the quick ape like creature. She then pulls out an arrow and fires it at the Opo-opo, but misses. She grabs another arrow and tries again, but once more misses.

Nuvea: Grr…. come on!

Narration: Shouts Nuvea, frustrated with the Opo-opo. They soon come to a cliff and the Opo-opo leaps across and onto a tree branch. Nuvea sees the cliff up ahead and stops before she can fall off. She looks across at the Opo-opo who seems to be standing there taunting her. Nuvea then steps back a few feet, turns around and then runs towards the cliff attempting to jump it. And just when she thought that she had made it, she loses her balance on the branch and slips. Nuvea soon finds herself hanging from the tree branch. She attempts to pull herself up only to slip again.

Nuvea: H-Help!
Somebody help!
Help me…please!

Narration: Shouts Nuvea. Not far off, Evo and Mily hear Nuvea’s cries for help and rush to her location.
When they arrive, they spot Nuvea hanging from the branch on the other side of the crevice.

Evogolist: Oh god, Nuvea!
Nuvea, hang on!

Milyah: Evo quick, I need some rope.

Narration: The two look around for something that can be used to reach her. Milyah finds a piece of vine and ties it as tightly as she can to one of her arrows. Evo then spots the Opo-opo, whom had begun bouncing on the very branch that Nuvea was hanging from. He knows that if the Opo-opo bounces any harder that Nuvea could fall at any minute and thus looks for something to knock out the ape-like creature. Evo soon spots a stick and then asks Milyah for her dagger. He takes the dagger, cuts a piece of cloth from his shirt and then ties it to the stick.

Evogolist: This was so much easier when Lu was around.
Oh well, dragoon abilities don’t fail me now.

Narration: Says Evo as he leaps into the air and over the crevice. He then pulls back his arm, aims at the Opo-opo, and then throws the hand-made spear at it striking it down. As the Opo-opo falls down into the crevice, Nuvea loses her grip on the branch and begins to fall.

Nuvea: Mom! Dad!
Help me!

Narration: Milyah, determined not to lose her daughter anymore, fires the arrow towards Nuvea and lodges it into the cliff. She then attempts to tie the vine around the tree to provide some leverage and stability. Nuvea tries to grab ahold of the vine, but almost falls again. Milyah drops her bow and grabs ahold of the vine, sliding down to where Nuvea was and grabbing ahold of her before she could fall again.

Milyah: Hey you.

Nuvea: Hi mom.

Milyah: Don’t you ever run away from me like that again okay.

Nuvea: Okay.

Milyah: By the way, you do know you’re grounded right?

Nuvea: Aw man!

Narration: Out of the crevice comes a shining crystal. It would seem that the echo-crystal found itself making its way into the hands of Mily and Nuvea.

Nuvea: Well that’s one down.

Milyah: I’ll say.

Narration: Up above, Evo tries his best to figure out how he’s going to get Milyah and Nuvea back up on the cliff. Unbeknownst to him, help from an unlikely source would come.

Traveling Bard: Looks like you could use some help my friend.

Evogolist: Huh?



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