Chapter Two: The Girl Who Fell From the Sky

Aldo: Huh?
What’s that noise?

Nina: Look out below!

Aldo: W-What!?

Narration: Aldo was a young boy in seek of adventure and life outside of his boring village. He often times would make visits outside of the village in the northern grass lands. It just so happened that on this very day, Aldo would find himself becoming involved in the adventure of a lifetime.

That’s if he survives her first.

Nina hits the ground, and very hard might I add. She rubs her butt trying to soothe the painfullness of her fall.

Nina: OW-WOW!
That hurt.

Narration: After overcoming her fall, she then looks around for the kid that she was yelling to, but he seems to be no where in sight.

That is…

Nina: Hey, where’d that kid go?

Narration: …until she notices that she’s sitting on top of him.

Nina: Huh?



The king of the Clouds is going to kill me!

Narration: While Nina panics, Aldo lays there unconscious with birds and stars twirling around his head. After finally coming to her senses, Nina remembers that she’s a Priestess of Light, meaning that she has the ability to heal and restore life.

Nina: Nina you stupid dolt, you’re a Priestess of Light. You can resurrect him.

Come on! Please work!?

Narration: Nina casts her resurrection spell, reviving the young boy. Aldo slowly awakens, rubbing the top of his head.


Aldo: Ugh…w-what happened?

Narration: Nina quickly thought of a lie.

Nina: One of those man-eating plants stood up really high and knocked you clear across the field!

Aldo: Are you sure?
I don’t feel like I got hit.
I feel more like something heavy fell on top of me.

Nina: Heavy! Who you calling H…!?
Uh…I mean, Hey! There’s that giant plant!
Take this! And this…!

Narration: Nina starts firing projectile light beams into the open field, leaving nothing but a smokey and firey mess.

Aldo: Hey watch it will ya!
And just how the heck are you able to do that!?

Nina: Uh…do what?

Aldo: The pew pews and the big zappy things?

Nina: What pew pews and big zappy things?

Aldo: Don’t play dumb with me.

Narration: Trying avoid exposing herself any more, Nina quickly makes her escape.

Nina: Uh…hehe…if you excuse me, I’m suppose to be looking for someone.

Narration: Nina leaves and makes her way into the nearby village. Aldo stands there weirded out and completely and entirely confused about what exactly just happened.

Aldo: She…she was weird.
And where did she come from? I could’ve swore I heard someone yell “Look out below!”

Narration: Aldo grabs his bag and makes way back towards he village. Meanwhile, back in the small fishing village, Nina arrives and is clueless as to where she is.

Nina: Hmm…now where am I?

Excuse me, do you think you can help me?!

Narration: Shouts Nina. The village local of which she was shouting to, was a young boy. Somehow, Nina’s high energy and shear enthusiasm (not to mention she looked like a walking, talking plant monster due to her incident in the grass lands a few moments ago)frightened him so much that he went running scared into his home.


Nina: Weird lady?
Hey! Have you any idea who I am!?
I am the priestess…!

Narration: Just then, Aldo arrives back in town and right in the nick of time.

Aldo: Oh, boy.
It’s her again.

Narration: Aldo quickly runs over to Nina and grabs her arm, rushing her to his home.

Nina: Hey! Take you hands off of me!
Have you any idea who I am?

Aldo: …

Nina: I am a Priestess of Light from the Kingdom of the Clouds.

Narration: Aldo says nothing. He simply just stares at her in utter disbelief. Was she just some crazy coot. A crazy coot that he came across in the grasslands and was now terrozing the villagers in his town.

Aldo: Sigh…
I should’ve just walked away.

Nina: Wait!?

Narration: Shouts Nina desperately.

Aldo: …huh?

Nina: I’m lost and I need your help…


Narration: Aldo thinks to himself for a moment. He wonders if she’s even worth the trouble. If she is just some crazy coot, then he’d be better off just sending her on her merry little way, but then he thought, what if she is who she say’s that she is. If she really was a priestess of light then just maybe he’d get the adventure that he’d been seeking all along.

A million thoughts started popping in his head. Maybe there some evil dark demon after her and if he helped, he’d become a recognized hero, not only among the village, but also among the kingdom of Kadakowa as well.

Maybe this was his chance to finally get out of the village. Maybe he could come across treasure and riches galore and maybe live in a castle of his own one day.

Aldo started to smile and giggle to himself while day dreaming. And then suddenly without thinking anymore, he answered.

Aldo: Okay, I’ll help you!

Narration: Nina was beside her self in happiness. She quickly ran over to Aldo and gave him the tightest and biggest hug ever.

Nina: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Narration: Aldo stood there with Nina’s arms wrapped tightly around him and her breasts pressed against his chest and he stood there with the biggest smile on his face.

Suddenly, there’s a loud growl and the both of them stand there with their eyes wide open.

Aldo: Uh…what was that?

Nina: My stomach, I’m sooo hungry.

Aldo: That was your stomach!?

Nina: Yes it was my stomach. Don’t act so surprised.

Aldo: Geez, what do you have in there? A demon spawn from hell?

Nina: Ha, ha…very funny.

Aldo: Have a seat, I’ll fix us something real quick.
I’m Aldo by the way.

Nina: Aldo…?
I’m Nina.

Narration: As Aldo made his way to the kitchen and fixed the two of them a meal, Nina sat comfortably at the table. While she waited, she looked around the room, taking in her surroundings. She was surprised to see that Aldo lived there by himself.

About five minutes later, she began to smell the food that Aldo was cooking up. The aroma from the food was enough to water her mouth and tease her nose.

Nina: It smells deliciously delightful!

Aldo: It’s almost done.

Narration: Stated Aldo as he continued to cook the meal.

About ten minutes later and the meal was all done. The aroma filled the room and Nina was excited to see what it was that Aldo had cooked for them.

Aldo: All done!

Narration: Said Aldo as he begin making his way over to the table with two plates full of food. Nina’s eyes opened wide as she saw Aldo’s special meal being placed in front of her. After placing both plates on the table, Aldo sat down and next, both him and Nina begin to eat and enjoy their meal.



Narration: Not too long after, the two of them finished their meal and Nina herself, was stuffed.

Nina: That was…that was…so fulfilling!
Where’d you learn to cook like that?

Aldo: My parents.

Nina: They must be really proud of you. I mean to be able to cook like that…

Aldo: I wouldn’t konw, they’re dead.
They died about a year ago.

Narration: The mood changed as Nina now felt bad for bringing up his parents.

Nina: Aldo, I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to…

Aldo: it’s okay, really.

Narration: There’s a brief moment of silence. The air is awkward and neither know what to say now. Aldo leans back in his chair with his arms now folded behind his head. Meanwhile, Nina looks around the room some more.

Aldo, feeling bad for spoiling the moment, questions Nina about her priest-hood.

Aldo: Say, are you really a Priestess of light?

Nina: Yes I am.
What about you? What do you do?

Aldo: I’m just a lowly fisherboy.

Narration: Nina unexpectedly bursts into laughter at Aldo’s comment.

Aldo: Hey!
What’s so funny!?

Nina: I’m sorry, it was just the way you said it.
“I’m just a lowly fisherboy.”

You should be proud of what you do.

Aldo: Yeah, well it gets boring afterwhile.
I want to see the world you know. Go on adventures and fight demons and monsters. Find treasure and maybe even acquire my own kingdom.


Nina: Zzzz…

Narration: At some point during Aldo’s rambling, Nina fell asleep at the table. The meal must’ve been a bit much and knocked her out. Aldo starred deeply at Nina for a minute and then got up and carried upstairs placing her in his parent’s old bedroom.

Before leaving he then starred deeply at her again and this time her felt his heart skip a beat.

Aldo: Huh?

Sigh, what am I doing?


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