Chapter 19f: The Wild Hunt Part VI

Narration: Over the course of two days, a group of adventurers have set out on a journey to acquire ancient powerful crystals that would allow them to enter the realm of a primal. Despite a few setbacks, each group succeeded in acquiring their respective crystals.

In La Noscea, Zeriah acquired her last crystal, the wind echo crystal. Despite getting into another argument with her father and then yelling at Biggs and Wedge, Zeriah was given the right amount of motivation needed to scorch the plant monster known as Barometz and acquire its crystal.

In Thanalan, Caire and Zeph collect their final crystal, the lightning echo crystal from the puk monster known as Pyrausta. After the last battle, Zeph cared not to repeat his past mistakes and thus stuck to his own style of fighting and adventuring. Caire, of course, cheered him on as he showed off.

And finally in The Black Shroud, Evo, Milyah, and Nuvea acquired their final crystal. Milyah even received a strange crystal from a bard they ran into, similar to the ones that Caire and Zeph received.

Knowing that there was little time to waste and that Sangi and Neya were waiting patiently by near the Amal’jaa lair, the three groups hurried to rendezvous with the two younglings.

Nuvea: Neya! Sangi!

Sangi: Took you long enough!

Neya: Nuvea!

Nuvea: Sorry for leaving you to deal with her grumpiness Neya.

Neya: It’s all cool, I just simply casted a sleep spell on her when I got tired of her whining and complaining.

Sangi: What the!?
So that’s why!

Why you little!

Milyah: That’s enough you three, or do you want to alert the Amalj’aa of our presence here.

Zephon: Sup Evo-lution.

Evogolist: Zeph! Caire! You two made it.

Caireann: Yep, with two echo crystals in tow.

Evogolist: Okay, so now we’re just waiting on Zee and then we can make our way inside Zan’arak.

Nuvea: Speaking of which, there’s auntie Zee now.

Narration: As Zeriah makes her way to rendezvous with the rest of the group, she’s followed by none other than Onias, Biggs, and Wedge. However, the company was less than welcome as her and Onias bickered along the way.

Onias: Young lady, I will remind you one more time that I am your father and you are to watch your tone with me.

Zeriah: Ooooh!
And this is why I left home!
You can be way too demanding at times! I had everything under control and yet you chose to butt in and interfere.

Evogolist: Uh, guys?

Zeriah/Onias: Stay out of this!

Narration: Evo quietly backs away, meanwhile, Zeriah and Onias continue to argue. That is however, until a certain Miqo’te could not stand to hear their shouting match any longer.

Silvermane: For Llymlaen’s sake, you’re giving me a fricking headache on top of the one I already have!

Evogolist: Silver?

Silvermane: Oh, it’s you scrag!

Biggs: Captain!

Wedge: Ma’am!

Silvermane: Don’t you captain and ma’am me you two no good, ass kissing, treacherous double crossing sons of bitches! Do you know how long I suffered in this stinking dry ass land or the things that I went through!?

Onias: Kitten!
What is the meaning of this!?

Silvermane: Shut it old man, I’m not your pupil anymore.
Now what’s with all the noise and why such a gathering?

Evogolist: Well, we’re out to take on a primal.

Narration: Silver bursts out with laughter upon hearing Evo’s words.

Silvermane: Ha, ha, ha, ha!
Did I just hear you right scrag?
You…fight a primal?

Evogolist: Yeah, and we could use your help Silver.

Silvermane: Hmm…
Let’s see, you want my help to fight a primal.
And that means damn near risking the very fur on my skin just to save this sticking realm?

Sangi: There be plenty of rum in it for ye, arg!

Narration: Neya elbows Sangi for seemingly antagonizing Silver.

Sangi: Hey, it was just a suggestion.

Silvermane: Hush it kid, I’m thinking here.
However, you do have a point.

Hey scrag!
I’ll help on two conditions.

One, your overzealous demanding pops, gives me back my ship and crew.

Onias: That is absurd.

Evogolist: Dad, we need her help.

Onias: Fine!

Evogolist: And what’s the other?

Silvermane: I left your no good slacking tail alone for fifteen minutes and you get caught and I almost lost me ship for good. So the way I see it, you owe me a shit load of rum.

Evogolist: Very well then, Silver will you help us?

Silvermane: Fine!

Evogolist: Alright everyone, listen up!
Zan’arak is home to the Amalj’aa. They won’t hesitate for a moment to cut us down and so we need to stick together and work together. Silver and Zeph, the two of you will lead us in. Neya and Sangi, you’ll provide support with any heals and debuffs.

Caire, Biggs, Wedge, and dad, you’ll join me on running interference. Any Amalj’aa that get in the way, we’re to stop them.

Milyah, Nuvea, and Zee, you’ll be our eyes from above. You three go up high and take out any Amalj’aa you can.

Silvermane: Alright scrags!
You heard him, let’s go!

Narration: Everyone stares at Silver as if she’s lost her mind.

Silvermane: What!?
Did I say something wrong?

Caireann: You’d might want to work on your delivery hun.

Silvermane: Uh…go team.

Onias: Give it a rest kitten.

Wedge: There…there ma’am. At least you get to lead us in.

Silvermane: Grr…

Narration: Before heading out, Onias walks over to Milyah to offer his condolences.

Onias: Milyah, I can hardly believe my eyes. I was to believe that you were among the deceased.

Milyah: I thought so as well, but here I am.

Onias: My condolences to you.

Milyah: Huh?

Onias: Your brother was a fine soldier. Despite his grudge towards my son, he himself was like a son to me.

Milyah: I thank you father, but if you’d excuse me, I’d rather not focus on that at the moment.

Narration: Onias looks at Milyah knowing full well that she’s hiding her pain. As Milyah walks away, Evo stops her and questions her state of mind.

Evogolist: Hey, you okay?

Milyah: Yeah, I’ll be fine.

Evogolist: I love you Mily.

Milyah: And I, you.

Narration: The party of twelve make their way into the depths of Zanr’ak. Milyah, Zeriah, and Nuvea take to the cliff sides and set up their weapons. Both Zeph and Silver lead the group in and while all seems smooth thus far, it was determined not to last.

Suddenly, about two to three Amalj’aa Hunters appear and attempt to attack the group, but they’re quickly taken out by the three archers. Evo looks up, showing his thankfulness to them. The group continues on, but soon after several more Amalj’aa appear. Silver swings her axe knocking some aside while Zeph uses his shield to break through the Amalj’aa block-aid. Caire follows up, jumping in the air and upon impact sending the very land itself towards the remaining group of Amalj’aa.

Sangi: These guys are such push overs!
I should have been on head bashing duty instead of support heals.

Evogolist: Don’t get over confident kid, we’re not out of the woods just yet.

Neya: Sangi look out!

Narration: Yells Neya as a Amalj’aa leaps from a nearby cliff and almost on to Sangi. Neya pushes Sangi out of the way and then Wedge kicks the Amalj’aa in the gut. Sadly, Wedge’s kick doesn’t faze it.

Wedge: Uh, that was suppose do a lot more damage.

Onias: And that is what happens when you neglect your training regimes for rum.

Narration: Says Onias as he fires off his gun wounding the Amalj’aa. Silver, not wanting to lose to Onias, swings her axe, grabs a hold of the Amalj’aa and then swings it clear into the next block-aid.

Silvermane: Grr…
Say it again Old man, I dare ye!
Don’t ye ever talk about me rum again!

Evogolist: Focus Silver!

Silvermane: Yeah, yeah.

Narraion: The group continues inward until finally coming upon one of the Amalj’aa generals. And there he stood, about eight feet tall, maybe even slightly taller than the other Amalj’aa. He wore a weird headdress and as Evo and crew stopped in their tracks, he slammed down his staff.


Amalj’aa General: Humans dare to trespass on Amalj’aa territory!

Silvermane: Why not? You lizard freaks do it all the time.

Amalj’aa General: Silence!!

Onias: Way to piss off the 8 foot lizard kitten.

Silvermane: Oh, give me a break.

Amalj’aa General: What business do you seek with us?

Evogolist: To be frank, you have something we need.
Something called an Infernal Flambeu.

Amalj’aa General: Rarrrgghh!!!
You dare sneak in here and attempt to steal Amalj’aa sacred treasure!

Narration: Growls the Amalj’aa angered by Evo’s words. Silver and Sangi however, grew tired of the Amalj’aa and growled and roared back at the overgrown lizard.

Silvermane: Rawrrr!!!

Sangi: Rawwrrr!!!

Silvermane: Hey, not bad kid.

Sangi: Hmph.

Narration: Neya however, holds her head, displeased with the two Miqo’te’s behavior.

Neya: Oh god, now there’s two of them.
Sigh, looks like I’ll be casting sleep spells all day.

Narration: Meanwhile, the Amalj’aa general grew weary of the adventurers talking and once again, slammed down his staff. He growled some more and then prepared to do battle with the nine adventurers.

Amalj’aa General: You dare mock Flametail Hundred-claw!
Very well, I will feed your corpses to Lord Ifrit, where you will serve him for all eternity!

Zephon: Well, that doesn’t sound good.

Caireann: You think?

Narration: Soon after, the nine adventurers find themselves surrounded by a large group of Amalj’aa. Evo looks around and then looks at Onias.

Evogolist: You sure you can handle this, dad?

Onias: Hmph, let me show you why I’m the most feared pirate of the Vylbrand sea.

Narration: Says Onias as he unsheathes his sword. Silvermane grips her axe and grits her teeth as she prepares to fight.

Silvermane: So are we going keep talking or are we going to rip this lizard a new one?

Sangi: Hmph, I’m game.

Caireann: Well, what are we waiting for?

Evogolist: Let’s do this then.

Narration: Silver and Sangi both charge the group of Amalj’aa first. Neya, follows up by charging a tier II thunder magical attack. As one group goes down, another one rushes forward. Zeph rushes forward providing Neya with cover as the group of Amalj’aa Shaman try to bring down Neya.

Zephon: I got you kiddo.

Narration: Zeph is able to block and take a few spells, but the combined efforts of the Shaman, prove to be too much and Zeph beigns to fall to his knees.

Caireann: Zeph!!

Narration: Caire, angered and unable to standby and watch her husband be defeated, also rushes the group of Amalj’aa. She then jumps in the air and uses her signature move.

Caireann: You assholes leave my husband alone!
Howling Fist!!

Narration: With the element of fire, she sends a wave of fire towards the group of Amalj’aa Shaman. The group of Amalj’aa are stunned by the attack and Silver takes full advantage of the moment.

Silvermane: Now it’s my turn!
Let’s see how good this new power is.

Steel Cyclone!!

Narration: Shouts Silver as she runs in and then with all of her might, swings her axe in a cyclone. Her axe slices through the Amalj’aa Shaman and they each fall to the ground.

Wedge: Well Biggs, I guess it’s up to us to finish this off.

Biggs: Yeah, this story has gone on long enough.

Wedge: Story?
The ‘ells you talking about!?

Biggs: Er…nothing.

Narration: Both Biggs and Wedge charge the last group of Amalj’aa. Wedge uses the pugilist attack Shoulder Tackle, but ends up missing his target and crashing right into a stone wall.

Wedge: Uh, did anyone get the name of that wall?

Biggs: Wedge hold on!

Narration: Shouts Biggs as Wedge falls backwards. Biggs rushes in with his axe, but just as he attempts to swing it down on a Amalj’aa, he somehow misses as well and ends up getting his axe stuck into the ground. He then struggles to get his axe out of the ground as the Amalj’aa stands before him.

Sangi looks on, shaking her head before taking action.

Sangi: Nophica sake, what a bunch of dimwits.

Narration: Sangi then charges the Amalj’aa, first casting a flash spell and blinding the Amalj’aa. She then follows up with a Savage Blade slicing into the Amalj’aa. The Amalj’aa roars in pain, but Sangi isn’t finished just yet. Sangi finishes up her assault of the Amalj’aa by using a combo know as the Rage of Halone. An five to six fold attack that slices into one’s opponent several times. When she was finished, the Amalj’aa laid there lifeless and Sangi stood there breathing heavy.

Sangi: How you like them apples?

Neya: Sangi that was so cool!

Sangi: Hehe, yeah tell me about it.

Narration: Neya then runs off and joins the others. Sangi however, was still basking in her victory.

Sangi: Hey wait?!
Tell more about how cool I was!

Neya: Later!

Sangi: Grr…
Always later.

Narration: As the last of the Amalj’aa fall, there stands the Amalj’aa general Flametail Hundred-Claw. He stood chanting, asking Ifrit to bless him with the strength and power to defeat the group of adventurers. Too bad for him, Evo and Onias refused to let him. Before the battle, Evo looked up to the cliffs to make sure that his family was safe. He was relieved to see Milyah give him the thumbs up as she along with Nuvea and Zeriah took down the last of the Amalj’aa that had compromised their position.

Relieved that his family was safe, Evo unsheathes his sword and along with his father Onias, they prepare to take down the Amalj’aa general once and for all.

Evogolist: You ready dad?

Onias: Son, I was born ready.

Narration: The two charge head on towards Flametail. The Amalj’aa general, reluctant to keep them away, hurls a fire spell at the two. Luckily for Evo and Onias, they were fast enough to dodge it. Flametail hurls another fire ball at them and another, each time growing angry and angrier as they dodged it.

Evo runs along the wall and leaps off connecting with the first strike. Flametail blocks it with his staff, but then Onias follows up and attack from the side. Flametail is able to block that as well. Flametail then unleashes a powerful burst of flames, knocking both Evo and Onias back.
The two shake it off before charging back in.

Again, Evo attacks first, only to be knocked away by the Amalj’aa’s tail.

Nuvea: Dad!

Narration: Shouts Nuvea. Onias tries to carry on the battle. His sword connects with Flametail’s staff and the two struggle to hold each other.

Onias: That Flambeau will be ours.

Flametail Hundred-Claw: The only way you’ll face Lord Ifrit is as his enslaved thralls.

Onias: I don’t think so!

Narration: Yells Onias as he pushes himself off of Flametail. Not far away, Evo shakes off his bump. When he looks up, he’s surprised to see how well his father is holding his own against the Amalj’aa general. Evo was reminded of how he use to watch his father train when he was alive back in Vana’diel.

Evogolist: Dad…

Narration: As Evo continues to look on, Onias continues the fight against Flametail. The Amalj’aa general swings and swipes his staff trying his best to outmaneuver Onias. Despite his old age, Onias is able to duck and dodge the attacks. Flametail Hundred-claw is able to gain enough distance between him and Onias to cast a fire type spell and hurl it towards Onias.

Onias attempts to block the spell, but due to the strength of the spell, it pushes Onias back.

Evogolist: Dad!
Dad are you okay?

Narration: Asked a worried Evo.

Onias: I’m just fine.
As a matter of fact, I’m having the time of my life.

Evogolist: Then how about we finish this guy together.

Narration: Onias looks towards the Amalj’aa general and spots their target.

Onias: I have a better idea.

Evogolist: Huh?

Onias: Look, right there on his side.

Evogolist: Hmph.

Onias: Just follow my lead kid.

Narration: Onias charges at the Amalj’aa general with Evo following behind him. Flametail braces for their attack, but then the unexpected happens. Evo leaps over-top of Flametail, causing Flametail to become distracted and as he turns around, Onias swings his sword and cuts the Flambeau from Flametail’s waist.

Onias: Better luck next time lad.

Narration: The Amalj’aa general looks back, shocked that he had been duped. And just before he could turn back around and go after Onias, he hears Evo yell…

Evogolist: Gotcha mate.

Narration: Flametail’s eyes open wide and when he looks down, he notices Evo’s sword penetrating his torso. The Amalj’aa general falls and pleads to Ifrit to avenge his death. Meanwhile, Evo and the others all celebrate their victory. Nuvea jumps for joy, that is before almost falling off the cliff.

Onias: That was some good swordsman ship there son.

Evogolist: Not as awesome as you dad.

Zephon: Yeah, not even Evo-lution here could have done all of that.

Caireann: Zeph!!

Zephon: What?!

Onias: Kitten!!

Narration: Shouts Onias as he looks over at a pooped out Silvermane.

Silvermane: Oh, give me break old man!
I’ve done my share of work for the day.

Onias: Kitten, you’re a lazy, no good, booze drinking brat…

…but you did good today Kitten, you did good.

Narration: Silver, shocked by Onias’ compliment, blushes in embarrassment before scolding one Biggs and Wedge.

Silvermane: Oh, shucks…it was…it was…
Hey, you two lug nuts…what the hell are yer doing!?

Wedge: Uh oh, Biggs, looks like the Ma’am is back.

Biggs: Is that good or bad?

Wedge: Bad if you’re us!

Biggs: Then we should run!

Narration: As Biggs and Wedge run off, Onias stands there holding the Infernal Flambeau. An item when combined with the power of the echo crystals will allow them to enter Ifrit’s realm and face the God of Flames himself.

Onias: So this is it, huh?

Evogolist: Yeah.

Onias: Then what are we waiting for?

Evogolist: Let’s go.

Narration: Back in Quarrymill, both Ruki and Pose try to come up with a plan on how to deal with the Wind Goddess, Garuda.

Ruki: So mate, any bright ideas?

Pose: Why do I have to be the one to come up with the “bright ideas”?

Ruki: Because, you’re the one with the group of soldiers.

Pose: Grr…


Narration: Shouts Pose as he whistles for his group of friends.

Pose: Alright guys, listen up because I’m only going to say this once.
A Primal has taken over this hamlet and she seems to not want to let us out. Now the only way out is as her slaves, but I refuse to be anyone’s puppet, especially some fictitious wind creature. Long arms here has agreed to help me, but we can’t do it alone.

Ruki: The nerve of him to call me long arms.

Pose: So I’m giving you guys a choice. Stay here and be her slaves, or join us and take down this winged bitch.

Narration: One of the soldiers step forward. He’s an average height midlander Hyur sporting a patch with black and silver hair. He grabs his lance and looks up at Ruki and Pose and then gives his answer.

Syn Maris: Hmph, and here I was thinking you’d never ask.


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