Chapter 20b: Lord of the Inferno Part II – Ring of Fire

Narration: After gathering the six echo crystals needed to enter the Primal Ifrit’s realm, Evo had to decide which three friends he would take with him to battle the Lord of the Inferno. With great hesitation, Evo chose his three and together, he, Zeriah, Zephon, and Starsabre made their way into Ifrit’s realm. Or so they thought.

Silvermane: Oh no you don’t!
You’re not leaving me out this time scrag!

Narration: Shouts SIlvermane as she pushes her way past Zephon and charges into the portal. With four people now well into the portal, the portal closes and Zeph finds himself locked out.

Zephon: Hey!

Caireann: No way in hell that was fair!

Onias: Why that overzealous kitten. Biggs! Wedge! Remind me to rethink my terms with the kitten regarding the Siren’s Tear.

Biggs: Yes Captain!

Wedge: Aye Aye Captain!

Narration: On the other side of the portal, Evo, Zeriah, and Starsabe all stood still taking in the scenery of the fiery arena, and the black moon that hung over top of the arena.

Evogolist: So I guess this is it.

Zeriah: A bit too brimstone and fire for me.

Starsabre: Aw, it’s not too bad.

Narration: Both Evo and Zeriah look over at Starsabre with a look of disgust on their face. Just then the portal opens once more and out comes Silver, crashing into Evo.

Silvermane: Hey watch it Scrag!

Evogolist: Silver!?
Wait where’s Zeph?

Silvermane: If you thought for one second that I was going to let you have all the fun to yerself, then you must be out of yer ever-loving mind!!

Narration: Just then, there’s a loud explosion and as the party of four turn and look, Ifrit had finally made his appearance known. From the blackened moon, a fiery ball formed and out from it came Ifrit, Lord of the Inferno. He leaped from one rock formation to the next until finally landing in the center of the arena and spewing a breath of flames.

ffxivgame 2012-10-24 02-25-51-66

Ifrit: Who dares to enter my realm and defile it?

Narration: The four adventurers look on ready to tackle the challenge of facing a primal. After his bout with Ultima, Evo feels like he can handle anything, but deep down, he knows that this is different. Different because unlike Ultima, Ifrit is not bound to a host body. This incarnation of the Primal Ifrit is comprised purely of aether and his strength and power dependent on the amount of crystals used to summon him. It would be a tough fight, but Evo knew that they had no choice than to either face the primal and win or die trying.

Meanwhile back in Quarrymill, Ruki and Pos, now joined by Syn Maris and Cyan Auras, did their best to work out a way to free the small Hamlett of Garuda’s control.

Ruki: You know mate, I must admit, these guys make a damn good entrance. The question is what good is that going to do us against Garuda?

Poseidon: Just keep your pants on.

Hey Syn, what do ya think?
Think we can do something about this wind tunnel?

Syn: Pfft, the wind tunnel ain’t a problem.
It’s finding the source.

Ruki: Well that’s simple, it’s Garuda.

Syn: No shit sherlock.
The thing is, Garuda has made her way back to whatever hell hole she occupies. With that said, there has to be something else channeling and controlling the wind tunnel.

Ruki: And just how do you know all this smart guy?

Syn: Because I’m Syn fucking Maris, that’s why!

Ruki: I really hate you guys.

Narration: Says Ruki, sighing heavily and holding his head.

Back in Thanalan, Evo and company stand face to face with the Lord of the Inferno. Ifrit stands there, breathing, growling, and snarling, apparently trying to intimidate Evogolist. He then looks at Evogolist and for a moment, takes notice of the aether surrounding him.

ffxivgame 2012-10-24 02-25-47-12

Ifrit: You!?
The aether encircling you, seems vaguely familiar…

Zeriah: Evo, what is he talking about?

Evogolist: Me and Mr. Hot head here, had a little run in awhile back via the Echo.

Ifrit: Mortal, you are not of this realm.
We have matched each other before, perhaps in a distant past.

Narration: Silver, fed up with the constant chit chat, yells for an end to the banter before grabbing her axe and charging towards the Flame deity.

Silvermane: Shut it already will ya!!
I thought we came here to fight not catch up on old times.
And you, Mr. Fire demon, my axe is itching for a good God smacking!

Narration: Ifrit growls and roars, displeased with Silver’s disrespect towards him.

Evogolist: Uh, Silver I don’t think the goal is to piss off the nice fire God.

Silvermane: Shut it scrag!
I didn’t come here to play nice.

Starsabre: Soooo, what’s the plan?

Narration: Without warning, Silver charges towards Ifrit with her axe in hand. She leaps, soaring through the air before connecting with Ifrit. However, things don’t go as planned and Silver is smacked halfway across the arena.

Evogolist: Welp, there goes our tank.

Zeriah: Star, heal her up please.

Starsabre: No problem, one grand heal coming up!

Silvermane: What the hell just happened?

Zeriah: You just showed us what not to do.

Silvermane: Grr…

Evogolist: So, now that that’s out of the way, how about we try a better plan.

Narration: Says Evo, before quickly going over the plan with the others. Evo, Zeriah, Silver, and Star all stand ready to tackle Ifrit. Evo then looks and stares at Ifrit and Ifrit at him. And as Ifrit lets out a loud roar, Silver leads them into battle with the Lord of the Inferno. With the fate of Eorzea lying in their hands, Evo and company are determined not to fail, but will their efforts be enough.

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