Adventurers of Vana’diel: The Story Thus Far

Final Fantasy XI: Rize of Zilart
Adventurers of Vana’diel: Series II


The Story Thus Far…

Evogolist, a young adventurer that one day arrived in the nation of Bastok, sought out the chance to become a world renowned adventurer. Taking on tasks both big and small, Evogolist slowly made a name for himself. However, the young adventurer realized that it wasn’t that simple.

The Kindred, a dark entity that once terrorized Vana’diel twenty years prior, sought to reawaken the evil being known as the Shadow Lord. For this, three shadow beings were created. Numerous innocent lives were lost at the hands of the three shadows as they reaked havoc throughout Vana’diel. A new crystal war was on the horizon and things would only get worse.

While on an emissary assignment in the wooded forest of Ronfaure, Evogolist met a group of mercenaries that he come to befriend. Unfortunately, their friendship would be short lived as the three shadows would launch an attack on the Mercenary’s headquarters, injuring the young tarutaru known as Karu-Shiba. After hearing Karu-Shiba recant Evo’s name, the young adventurer became the prime suspect of the attack and the group of mercenaries set out to confront their former friend and if need be, take him down.

After being taken captive by the group, Evo learned that a being in his likeness had snuck into the merc’s headquarters and attacked the young tarutaru. And while their leader, Lunaris trusted young Evogolist’s words, the mithran merc known as Silvermane wasn’t as easily swayed. Unbeknownst to Evo and the group of merc’s, the three shadows would once again attack. One of the shadows attacked and murdered both the female Elvaan known as Cera and the young Tarutaru Karu-Shiba. That same shadow would then go on to posses Silvermane and take on the name of Shadowmane. Meanwhile, the remaining two shadows attacked Lunaris and Evo and in the process, murdered Evo’s dragoon friend Penelope and a second shadow possessed Lunaris, taking on the form of Shadowbane. The third shadow who was like Evogolist in likeness, attempted to posses the young adventurer, but linkshell group calling their-selves the Dragons of Chaos, interfered and chased off the three shadows, but they would not stay gone for long.

During a visit to Windurst, Evogolist woke up to find the nation under attack by those very same shadows. It was then that Evogolist was absorbed into the Shadow that would come to be called Dark Evo, all the while his younger sister Zeriah watched. Feeling helpless and believing her brother to be perished, Zeriah mourned her brother’s supposed death. But, when she learned that he may very well still be alive, she approached another adventurer that had been present at the time of Evo’s possession and pleaded for her help. In the coming months, Zeriah traveled the cut off capital of Tavanazia along with the adventurer known as Amerita, where she would train and hone her skills.


Upon returning to the Quon continent, Zeriah learned that San d’Oria had come under attack. Finding herself surrounded by Shadowbane and a few other shadow creatures, Zeriah fought them the best she could. She would however, receive help in the form of two Elvaan dragoon twins known as Blackstar and Silverstar. With lancing abilities, the two dragoons, along with Zeriah, defeated the group of shadows and made their way to the Northlands. Arriving in the Northlands, the party of four encountered Dark-Evo, where he proceeded to taunt them. As the party battled a group of Skeletons that had been summoned by Dark-Evo, another adventurer by the name of Lightwind de’Ragnor appeared and attempted to destroyed Dark-Evo and stop the Shadowlord from being resurrected. Their plan, however was met with failure as Lightwind destroyed what remained of the old seal and a new one would not suffice to prevent the dark lord’s awakening.


Hell bent on stopping the Shadowlord’s awakening and seeking revenge for the attack on Tavanazia twenty years prior, Lightwind joined the party and now as five, they traveled to Castle Zvahl. This would not be an easy task and Zeriah would have to make one of the hardest decisions she’s ever had to make. The three shadows, along with an army of demons, awaited the party outside of Castle Zvahl. With great difficulty, both Shadowmane and Shadowbane were defeated with Amerita nearly sacrificing herself in the process. Dark-Evo provided more of a challenge as Zeriah struggled to reach through to her brother. Eventually, she would make the ultimate sacrifice, choosing instead to take her own life and accepting that her brother was truly gone.


Zeriah’s sacrifice would reach her brother and Evogolist broke the shadow’s hold on him, destroying the dark shadow in the process. With both Amerita and Zeriah revived from the light in Evogolist’s heart, the now party of six traveled throughout Castle Zvahl, making their way to the Shadowlord’s Throne room. The six were aided by fellow adventurers, Zeid and Lion as they faced the six demon generals that guarded the passages leading to the throne room. Sadly, the group found their-selves down one member as Lightwind fought to the death with the demon general Duke Haborym, whom had murdered his sister during the attack on Tavanazia.

The group continued on where they would learn that they were too late to stop his awakening and would stand face to face with the Shadowlord himself. They would learn that he was in fact, the Galkan talekeeper known as Raogrimm who had fallen into a crevice along with the slain hume girl known as Cornelia after being betrayed by one of their own. The Shadowlord, from then on vowed vengeance and a second Crystal War awaited.


Unwilling to allow this, the party of five proceeded to battle and stop the Shadowlord. It was a unforgiving battle and the five adventurers found their selves beaten-ed, bruised, and barely hanging on to hope. And just when things seemed too much, Evogolist somehow merged with his wyvern Lumiere and with renewed power, defeated the Shadowlord once and for all.


Raogrimm reverted back to his Galkan form, remembering who he truly was and realizing how much darkness and hatred had clouded his mind and heart. And thus the day was saved and the threat of the Shadowlord was over. Or so they thought…


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