Chapter 20c: Lord of the Inferno – Part III: Primal Judgement

Narration: In the large ring of fire, stood Evo, ready to battle Ifrit. Along with his sister Zeriah, his Miqo’te path companion Starsabre, and the pirate marauder Silvermane, whom had snuck through the portal, the four adventurers knew not what fate awaited them. They knew only that failure was not a option. That the future of the entire realm depended on them.

Zeriah: So, now that we’ve seen how not to tackle this opposition, how should we proceed?

Starsabre: Maybe we should hug him.

Zeriah: You’re kidding right?
Evo, she’s kidding right!?

Evogolist: Sadly, I don’t think she is.

Starsabre: Guys!!
He’s probably all mad and grumpy because no one will hug him.

Evogolist: Sure Star, Let’s hug the giant fire breathing monster that just so happens to be the embodiment of fire.

Starsabre: Uh…good point.

Zeriah: So anyone else have any other ideas?

Narration: Evo stops and thinks to himself for a bit. Silver’s attack showed that they can’t attack head-on. But, if someone were to distract Ifrit, then….

And like that, the perfect plan pops in his head.

Evogolist: I got it!
Silver, can you do what you did last time?

Silvermane: Do I look like those two idiots Biggs and Wedge!?
The hell is wrong with you?

Evogolist: No listen, if you can hold Ifrit’s attention, then we can attack him from his flank and rear.

Silvermane: And just how do you expect me to get in close to him?

Evogolist: Uh…throw your axe at him, I don’t know! I’m going off of impulse here.

Narration: Annoyed by their constant banter, Ifrit let’s out a loud roar.

Ifrit: You try my patience mortals!

Zeriah: Hey you! Why don’t you shut it and wait your turn!?

Narration: Everyone stops and looks at Zeriah with a blank expression on their faces. Zeriah than looks back at everyone and shrugs it off as no big deal. Ifrit on the other hand, now even more upset, roars once more. This time, with fire spewing from his nostrils and mouth.

Silvermane: Raaawwwrrrr!!!

Narration: Screams Silver showing how unamused she is and not intimidated by Ifrit’s roars.

Silvermane: Okay, I’ve had enough, let’s do this!

Narration: Silver charges toward Ifrit and as suggested by Evo, throws her axe at the fire primal. Ifrit roars in pain as the axe is lodged into it’s shoulder. Silver then leaps over Ifrit, jumping onto his his shoulder and grabbing her axe in the process. And Silver lands behind him, Ifrit turns and Silver now has every bit of the fire primal’s attention.

Evogolist: That’s our cue!

Narration: Shouts Evo as he and the others prepare to take down the Lord of the Inferno. Zeriah is the first to strike, firing a arrow at Ifrit. She fires another and then another, unloading a barrage of arrows at the flame god. Evo tries to follow up, but finds himself as well as Zeriah and Starsabre knocked back by some powerful energy explosion that Ifrit emitted from his body.

Zeriah: What the hell was that!?

Narration: Questions Zeriah.

Evogolist: Star! We need heals!

Starsabre: On it!!

Narration: Confirms Star as she begins to cast a few healing spells. With everyone all healed up, Evo this time around, leads the assault on Ifrit.

Evo tosses his lance into the air and then leaps up, grabs it, and comes diving back down on top of Ifrit. Zeriah fires another barrage of arrows at Ifrit, and Star follows up by casting a few stone and air spells at the Flame God.

Meanwhile, Silver continues to try and hold Ifrit’s attention, but struggles due to the damage output of the others.

Silvermane: Hey! You three mind backing up off of him a bit, he’s starting to lose interest in me!?

Evogolist: Flirt with him a bit! Make him want you!

Silvermane: What the hell type of response is that!?

Evogolist: Fine Silver! But do something quick, I don’t think he’s willing to give us a time out.

Silvermane: Well, here goes nothing.

Narration: Says Silver as she attacks Ifrit with all of her might. She begins to think back on her battle with the Roegadyn Warrior, Curious Gorge. She remembers how he pushed her to her limits and then forced her to go beyond them.

Curious Gorge: A Warrior is more than a man with a axe. A Warrior faces the oncoming battle head on. A Warrior becomes one with the battlefield, losing himself in the midst of it all and unleashing the fury of the beast within!

Silvermane: Unleash the beast within…

Narration: And just then, Silver channels all of her energy and let’s out a loud roar that was heard across the Oasis.

Silvermane: You wanna see a beast, I’ll show you a beast!

Narration: Silver unleashes her inner beast and lands a devastating attack on Ifrit. Ifrit roars once more and then prepares scorch the area in all of his rage.

Ifrit: You foolish mortal creatures, you dare defy I, Ifrit, Lord of the Inferno!?

Succumb to the Inferno!!

Evogolist: Uh…that doesn’t sound good.

Zeriah: No, you think!?

Narration: Suddenly, cracks filled with fire begin to form in the ground. Soon after, the party finds themselves ducking and dodging as the cracks start to erupt, causing huge explosions to take place all over the arena.

And then, if things couldn’t possibly get any worse, a burning spike appears in the middle of the arena.

Silvermane: What the hell is that!?

Evogolist: What is what!?

SIlvermane: That!
What the hell is that!?

Starsabre: Oooh shi…..

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