Chapter 20d: Lord of the Inferno – Part IV: Burning Victory/Enter the White Raven

Narration: After gathering the six items needed to venture into Ifrit’s realm, Evogolist, Zeriah, and Starsabre made their way through the aetherial portal. Zephon was to follow, but he was abruptly stopped and pulled out of the way by none other than Silvermane. When the four adventurers arrived, the moon burned with fire and then from the blackness that remained, emerged none other than the Lord of the Inferno himself.

The battle with Ifrit started off rough, but when the group finally got it together, they seemed to prevail against the fire primal. However the battle was far from over.

Meanwhile back in the three CIty-States, the annual Moonfire Faire had kicked off. This year’s event included a group of bomb like balloons that had to be calmed with the traditional Firedance in order to calm and simmer the bombs before they exploded.

Nuvea: So, how do I look?

Narration: Asked Nuvea as she showed off her yukata.

Neya: Ah, you look so pretty!

Nuvea: Thanks Neya, so do you.
Hey, where’s Sangi?

Neya: I don’t know, she was suppose to be changing.

Narration: While Nuvea and Neya, searched for Sangi, Sangi on the other hand was too embarrassed to step out in her yukata. Sangi was always a tomboy so dressing girly was way out of her character.

Sangi: No way I’m going out there. Just look at me!
Why’d they even make them this short!?

Narration: Ranted Sangi, that is until Neya found her.

Neya: Ha!
Found you!

Sangi: Go away…

Neya: Aw Sangi don’t be like that.

Nuvea: Ah ha!
So that’s where you’ve been hiding.

Sangi: Oh great, Nuisance numero dos.

Narration: Neya stood there for a moment trying to count on her fingers in an attempt to figure out which one was dos. Meanwhile, Nuvea argued with Sangi, who was refusing to leave the house.

Nuvea: Would you stop being such a drama queen and come on!?
We’re going to miss the special bomb event if we don’t make it in time.

Sangi: NO!

Nuvea: But there’s goldfish scooping…

Sangi: NO!

Nuvea: B…But…they’re taking really cool pictures with some really cool looking backgrounds…

Sangi: NO…NO…NOOO!!

Nuvea: Grr…

Narration: Nuvea, becoming impatient with Sangi, bops Sangi on the head. And just as Sangi jumps up to scream and shout at Nuvea, Nuvea grabs Sangi by her ears and pulls her along.

Sangi: Ow…ow!
Did you have to grab me by my ears!?

Nuvea: It’s for your own good Sang.
Come Ney, we’re leaving.

Neya: Huh?
Hey! Wait up!

Narration: Not too far, back in Quarrymill, Ruki, Pos, Syn, and Cyan searched for whatever it was that was channeling the wind prison surrounding the hamlet.

Cyan: So what exactly are we looking for?

Pos: Anything that looks out of place.

Syn: It might be best if we split up, you know, to cover more ground.

Ruki: You sure about that mate?

Syn: Am I sure?
Did he just ask am I sure!?

Of course I’m sure, I’m…

Ruki: I know…I know…you’re Syn fucking Maris.

Syn: Just be sure to remember that.

Narration: And so it was that the four split up. They each search a corner of Quarrymill and when they found the channeling feather, they quickly disposed of it. With three out of four down, all that was left was to find the last one.

Ruki was the last to find it, but with it, a dark chilling message was left by the wind primal Garuda.

Garuda Silhouette: Heehee HAHA hahaha HEEHEE haha HEEEEE!!!

Ruki: What the…?

Garuda Silhouette: Wherefore come you hither?
You…who have no power here.
You who have no hope.
No hope, None! NONE!!!

Ruki: Come, we’re being a bit too dramatic here aren’t we?
Surely we can talk things out over dinner and a glass o’ wine.

Garuda Silhouette: Foolish boy, landwalkers are worms, bound to crawl in filth.
I shall scatter you all, FOR I AM THE WIND!!!

Ruki: I take that as a no.
A bit harsh, but definitely a no.

Garuda Silhouette: THE RECKONING COMES!!!
The reckoning of all mortals. This is the price of your folly.
The price of using the crystals’ power, -MY POWER-to waken the other from slumber.

Ruki: Other? What other?

Garuda SIlhouette: That power belongs to me.
All of it.
It is mine.

Pos: I don’t know about you, but I’ve heard about enough.

Ruki: Wait, no!!

Narration: Says Pos before sending his lance spiraling towards the silhouette. The silhouette disappears and with it, so does to the storm surrounding the hamlet. A single feather falls into Ruki’s hand and he stops and questions the meaning of her words.

Ruki: The crystals’ power?
Waken the other from slumber?

Syn: Well that takes care of that problem.

Pos: I’m afraid not.

Ruki: Pos is right. Garuda has to be stopped, but we’re going to need help.

Pos: Come on, we should head to Gridania.
Maybe the Seedseers can help.

Narration: As Ruki, Pos, Syn, and Cyan make their way to the City-State of Gridania, back in Ifrit’s realm, Evo and the others continued their fight with the fire Primal.

SIlvermane: So is anyone going to tell me what the hell that thing is!?

Evogolist: I don’t know and don’t really care.
I only know one thing, it’s not good.

SIlvermane: Well whatever it is, he seems to be hitting a bit harder.

Zeriah: Of course, he’s drawing power from it.

Evogolist: Then we need to destroy it, and fast.

Narration: The party of adventurers turn their attention to the infernal nail, attacking it with all their might. Ifrit takes notice and begins to swipe and attack the others.

Evogolist: Silver!
Could try to at least keep him busy while he destroy this thing!

Silvermane: Grr…
look here you stupid scrag!
Why don’t you do it since you’re the expert!

Evogolist: Because you’re the stupid tank that’s why!

Silvermane: Tank!?
What the hell is a tank!?

Zeriah: Will you two just shut it already!

Starsabre: Everyone just needs to hug.

Evogolist: Star, not now!

Narration: Fed up with their bickering, Ifrit lets out a loud roar and then uses a powerful ability called Hellfire. The arena explodes with fire and all four adventurers drop to the ground.

Starsabre: Ow…that hurt.

Zeriah: Is everyone alright?

Silvermane: Well, aside from my tail being scorched…

Evogolist: Star, can you get us back up?

Starsabre: Sure, give me a minute.

Narration: Starsabre heals the party back to health. The party struggles to get back on their feet. Somehow, they’re able to regroup and prepare for another attack. Ifrit first stares them down, growling. He then let’s out yet another loud roar and then charges towards them.

Evogolist: Look Silver, differences aside, we can’t afford to lose.

Silvermane: That’s one thing we agree on.

Evogolist: So shall we?

Silvermane: Lead the way scrag.

Narration: The party of four charge towards Ifrit. Silver once again throws her axe, grabbing Ifrit’s attention. This time however, she doesn’t immediately pull the axe from him. Instead, she grabs onto it and drags it through Ifrit. After making the wound bigger and deeper, Silver pulls her axe from Ifrit and jumps down behind him. Ifrit turns around, and while distracted, Evo leaps into the air and comes crashing down spear first into the open wound. Ifrit roars in pain and attempts to swing Evo off of him.

Evogolist: W…Whoa…!!
I think I’m going to be sick.

Zeriah: Hold on big brother.

Narration: Says Zeriah as she readies her bow. She then fires off a barrage of arrows, making sure to strike Ifrit with everyone. Ifrit tries his best to regain a footing in the battle, once again summoning eruptions of fire through cracks in the ground. Zeriah dodges the best that she, but never let’s up off her attack.

In the meantime, Starsabre stands there casting heals as needed. Deep down, Star feels useless. She hadn’t felt so useless in all her life. At least not since she left following the incident with the resistance. She knew that she wasn’t strong enough then and she knew that even now. She wished to herself that she could be stronger. That she could be on equal footing with everyone else. And then something happened. A bright light emitted from Star and when she reached into her robe, a jewel that once belonged to her mother was glowing and emitting an atherial beam of light.

Soon, the light from the ruby glowed even brighter and before everyone knew it, it was letting out a blinding light.

Starsabre: Mother…

Narration: Ifrit roars in pain, blinded by the light of the ruby. Both Evo and Star use this chance to use the power of their respective crystals to finish off the fire primal.

Evogolist: Silver now!!

Silvermane: You got it!

Narration: Says Silver as she uses the power of the crystal to unleash her Inner Beast. She then uses a powerful attack swinging her axe in a tornado like fashion. Evo then follows up and with the power of the Dragoon crystal, uses the power of the Azure Dragoon to first drive his lance once more into the wound on Ifrit’s shoulder with an attack called Doom Spike. And finally, with an attack called Chaos Spear, he hits Ifrit once, then twice, and finally a third time.

Evo leaps off Ifrit and the fire primal slowly falls to the ground as aether begins to leak from his body. Before he vanishes though he leaves them with a chilling warning.

Ifrit: Foolish mortals, celebrate this victory as you may. And though I lye defeated, do not think that your fight is over. He who resides in the red moon shall awakened and there is naught you can do to stop it.

Silvermane: Blah, blah, blah…
I’ve heard about enough.

Narration: Silver grabs her axe once more and uses her power to finish off Ifrit. The Lord of the Inferno is no more as he vanishes into aether. The four adventurers look on exhausted and in disbelief that they just defeated a primal.

Starsabre: Is it…over?

Zeriah: Did we just do that?
I mean, I see it, but I don’t believe it.

Silvermane: Well believe it, because we just took down a fricking primal!!

Evogolist: You know, after the whole Ultima thing with Nuvea, I thought that this would be cake. But this was by far the craziest battle I’ve fought.

???: Then allow me to congratulate you on a job well done adventurer.

Narration: From behind them, appears a small army of garlean shoulders. Leading was someone clad in white garlean armor. And as they marched towards the group of adventurers, Evo and company stood ready with their weapons drawn.

ffxivgame 2012-10-24 02-26-20-49

???: Bravo, Bravo, truly a performance worthy of song.
I would know the name of the heroes who dare defy a god.

Silvermane: Oh please, as if we’d ever tell you.

Evogolist: Silver, wait.
I’m Evogolist, Evogolist Lunaire.
Who are you?

ffxivgame 2012-10-24 02-26-46-96

???: Ah, Evogolist Lunaire…a name I shan’t soon forget. Allow me to return the favor. I am Nael Van Darnus. Legatus of the VIIth Imperial Legion. I come bearing the light of salvation to the people of Eorzea.

It warms my heart to see that there are still those who would attempt to preserve life upon this forsaken continent. And by the blood of fallen eikons, no less.

A noble struggle no less, I grant you, but one that is sadly beyond hope. Alone, you stand no chance of survival. None, if you are to prevail, you must needs accept the outstretched hand of salvation – the hand of the Garlean Empire.

Zeriah: You can keep your light, because we don’t need it nor do we want it.

Nael Van Darnus: Ha, ha, ha.
I see.

I know full well your people see the empire as little none than a covetous beast, hungry for territory. But naught could be further from the truth. The world is stricken by an evil blight, her peoples given to despair. Seeing this, the Empire was moved with pity. It reached out to the other nations, bringing them under its wing, that they may know deliverance.

For ours is the radiance that shall banish the darkness that threatens to engulf the land. Embrace the light, child of the South, and your progeny shall live to see a brighter tomorrow.

Silvermane: Gee, that’s one hell of a sales pitch.
Where do I sign up?

Evogolist: Silver…

Silvermane: What!?
Already, I’m just kidding.

Evogolist: Sorry, but I think we’ll pass.


Nael Van Darnus: Very well.

Know that the light is unbending. Its judgement absolute. By it’s allumination, all is laid bare – the world revealed in truest form.

The bold shall inherit the world and the beautiful shall rule it! So has the light decreed, and so…

…must it be!

Narration: As Nael Van Darnus looks up to the sky and raises his arms, his body begins to emit a hueish blue color. Evo and company look on alarmed. Even Van Darnus’ own soldiers are startled by the strange energy coming from him.

ffxivgame 2012-10-24 02-27-24-55

Nael Van Darnus: Only then shall the land be free of chaos!

Ne’er till land consumes sun can sea bear moons, Heavens spew crimson flame, hells seep black dooms.

My words seem to fall on to deaf ears, it would seem.

Naught is eternal. The hour of reckoning is at hand. Soon the crimson star shall descend and the land shall be purged of its taint.

Narration: Grabbing a hold of his lance, Van Darnus powers up an attack. Evo and company still surprised by the power emitting from him brace for his attack. With the power now surging into his weapon, Van Darnus fires a powerful beam at the party.

ffxivgame 2012-10-24 02-27-55-41

Evogolist: Everyone look out!

Zeriah: Big Brother!!


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