The Ranger That Never Was – Part I


Narration: Mesogog, a evil warlord hell bent on bringing chaos and destruction to the current world. He seeks only to see it returned to the age of dinosaurs. Currently, he stands furious as once again he’s had to deal with failure and defeat at the hands of the Power Rangers.

Mesogog angrily paces back and forth in his dark lab, where before him both his sworn general, Elsa and Trent, who posses the powers of the white dino gem, stand…preparing to be scolded by Mesogog.


Mesogog: Time…after time…you have failed me Elsa. Give me…one…good reason why…I shouldn’t…rid myself of you…right here…and right now.

Elsa: My master, I live only to serve you.
I would not have failed had it not been for Mercer’s son.







Trent: How so like you Elsa.
Always willing to suck up to Mesogog, but never willing to take responsibility for your actions.

Mesogog: Silence!!
The way I see it…the both of you are no good to me…and I should rid myself of you now.








Narration: Roars Mesogog as he uses his mental abilities to torture both Elsa and Trent. As the two scream in agonizing pain, both try their best to plead with Mesogog.







Elsa: P…Please…Please my lord…don’t!?

Trent: Wait…wait!!
I…I have…a way…to be rid of…the Power Rangers…for good…









Mesogog: And what!?
So you can fail me again!?

Trent: No!!

Mesogog: Then tell me.


Trent: To get rid of the Power Ranger, why not start at the source.

Narration: Skeptical of Trent’s plan, Elsa interrupts him.









Elsa: And just how do you suppose we do that?

Mesogog: Silence Elsa!
Or, do you have a better plan?

Trent: As I was saying, if we can calibrate the dimensional portals to a different time in the past instead of just somewhere in the city, then we can go back in time and stop Tommy from getting his ranger powers.

Elsa: As if I want to live that nightmare over again.
We already tried to stop him and not only did he steal the black dino gem, he somehow had a morpher on hand.

Trent: Still thinking small are we Elsa?
Remember, this isn’t Dr. O’s first time as a ranger.

Mesogog: Ah, I see.
We go back to when Tommy first became a Power Ranger.

Trent: Exactly.
If destroy his ranger past and we destroy his future along with his and the other’s powers.

Mesogog: Ah…a world without Tommy Oliver?
Yes…Trent go and don’t fail me.

Trent: Don’t worry, I won’t.

Elsa: But my master!?

Mesogog: Quiet Elsa!
You will go and distract the rangers, buying Trent time to open the portal and travel back to 1993 Angel Grove.

Elsa: Yes my lord.

Narration: Both Trent and Elsa set out and make preparations for Trent’s plan. Meanwhile back at Hailey’s Cyber Cafe, the young rangers gather after a long day of school. While browsing the web, Ethan comes upon a powerful gaming pc and becomes overly excited about it.







Ethan: Oh my god! I don’t believe it!

Conner: Dude what?

Ethan: It’s a custom build gaming pc with a Athlon 64 FX-55
SLI NVIDIA 6800 Ultras
2GB Corsair XMS DDR Ram
Two Western Digital 320GB HDD’s in Raid 0
Two 19″ 1280×1024 LCD’s.

That is so sick.

Conner: You know, you never cease to amaze me how much of a geek you are.

Hayley: Hey, give him a break Conner.
I remember being just like that.

I still am actually.


Narration: Hayley looks over and can’t help but notice Kira staring into space.

Hayley: Hey Kira what’s wrong?

Kira: Oh nothing, just thinking about Trent.

Hayley: Oh him.


Kira: I mean, why would he betray us like that?
We were his friends.

Conner: I don’t know, but he’s toast when I get through with him.

Narration: In another part of the cafe, aspiring reporter and Reefside student, Cassidy Cornell rushes in looking to cover a story on the Power Rangers.

Cassidy: Outta my way! Move it!!

Devin: Coming Cass…







Cassidy: Devin, I specifically told you that I wanted to be in and out.
What’s taking you so long?

Devin: Well Cass…I have all of this equipment. Then there’s setup and…

Cassidy: Devin, you’re suppose to be a professional.
Now move it!!

Devin: Sigh…
Yes Cass…coming Cass.

Narration: Just then, Cassidy notices famous reporter Mina Moralez. Mina, a world renowned reporter from Angel Grove, is coincidentally covering a special on the Power Rangers. Cassidy’s jaw drops to the floor and she ends up fuming due to their similar stories.

Cassidy: Gasp!
No way…Mina Moralez

Mina: Hi, this is Mina Moralez reporting live from Hayley’s Cyber Cafe in Reefside. Lately, there’s been an increase of monster attacks in Reefside. But per usual the Power Rangers always seem to save the day. Who are these mysterious heroes?

Cassidy: Gasp!!
Devin, she’s doing our story!
Devin!? Devin?

Narration: When Cassidy looks over at Devin, she sees Devin struggling and tripping over all of the equipment he brought.

Devin: Umm…
I think I’m gonna need some help here.

Narration: Meanwhile, Hayley and the rangers take notice of the famous Angel Grove reporter. And while both Hayley and Kira are curious to know exactly what and why the reporter is there, Conner and Ethan on the other hand, are busy swooning over looks and credentials.

Hayley: Hey guys look.

Kira: Hey, its that famous reporter from Angel Grove.
What’s her name again?

Ethan: Her name is Mina Moralez.
She’s only the best news reporter in Angel Grove. I can’t believe she’s here!
Legend has it that during the big alien invasion a few years ago, when she was just a struggling journalist, she was in the mist of the big battle. She was the one who got and covered the story on the rangers from then and their true identities.

Conner: I don’t know who she is, but she is definitely hott.

Kira: I wonder what she’s talking about?

Mina: We all remember years ago when the Earth was heavily invaded by evil space aliens such as Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd as well as many many others. It was then that we discovered the true identities of the Power Rangers.

Since then, many rangers have come forward with their identities. Some working for government organizations such as Lightspeed Rescue and some as private military groups such as the Silver Guardians. But then there are some who still choose to remain hidden in the shadows.

Just who are these mysterious heroes and just where do they come from? Are they aliens from a far away galaxy or are they just simple teenagers with attitude?

Cameraman: Annnnnddd that’s a wrap.

Narration: As Mina and her crew wrap up her segment, she over hears Hayley mention a familiar name.

Hayley: Has anyone seen Tommy?
I think he should see this.

Mina: Excuse me, did I hear you mention Tommy Oliver?

Narration: With Mina standing there, Hayley has a deep look of concern on her face. She wonders how exactly does Mina know Tommy. What could she possibly want with him? Could she have found out about Tommy’s past as a Power Ranger?

Somewhere in a wooded area, Tommy is off searching for another Dino egg. After running scans across Reefside, Tommy had finally caught on to a egg’s energy signature. Instead of contacting Connor, Ethan, and Kira, he thought it be best if he handled this alone and let them enjoy their teen-hood. What’s the worst that could happen, he questioned.

However, the worst was yet to come.

Tommy: Hmm…according to this scanner, there should be a dino egg around here.

Narration: Suddenly there’s a ruffle in the bushes nearby. Tommy looks around, but sees nothing out of the norm.

Tommy: Huh?
Ha, I’ve been out here too long.
Get it together Tommy.

Narration: Tommy continues to look for the egg, when once again, he hears the sound of rattling in the bushes.

Tommy: Huh!?
There it is again.
Now I definitely heard something that time.

Narration: Just then, Tommy finds himself surrounded by Tyranno-drones. Tommy prepares to take on the Tyranno-drones when a portal opens up and from it emerges Elsa and a few more Tyranno-drones.









Elsa: Looking for something Tommy?







Tommy: Elsa, I should have known.
And here I was thinking it was going to be a easy day.

Narration: Prepared to take on Elsa and her Tyranno-drones, Tommy summons his Brachio morpher prepares to morph.

Tommy: Dino Thunder, Power Up!!







Elsa: Give it up Tommy.
Don’t you think it’s about time you stop playing super hero?

Tommy: Not as long as people like you exist.

Elsa: Very well then.
I guess I’ll have to force you then.


Tommy: Come on Elsa, let’s dance.








Narration: Back at Hayley’s Cyber Cafe, Kira is less than pleased at Mina’s story. Her blood boiled with frustration, upset that her efforts as a ranger weren’t enough to satisfy people such as Mina. That people like Mina were more focused on getting the rangers to reveal their true identities, instead of being grateful that they can live peace thanks to the rangers. The truth was, Kira loved her privacy away from her ranger life. If nothing else, all she ever wanted to was to graduate high school and become a famous singer.

Kira: Can you believe her!? I mean, we go out and save the world every single day and you think that would be enough. But no, people like her come around and want to pry into our private lives.

Ethan: Kira, you might want to take it down a notch. We aren’t exactly at Dr. O’s lab and not to mention…you have that little vein popping out of your forehead.

Narration: Conner on the other hand, welcomed the attention.

Conner: I don’t get it.
Other rangers have revealed their identities, why can’t we? It would definitely be a weight off of my shoulders and finally be able to talk to some of my friends about all the crazy stuff we deal with.

Hayley: Because it destroys lives Conner.

Narration: Conner, Ethan, and Kira sit there in silence. They knew deep down that what Hayley said was true. If news reporters, tv producers, and government agencies weren’t one problem, then their enemies would use their loved ones against them. It was a risk that none of them were truly willing to take and no fortune and fame was worth it.

After a few more minutes of sitting in silence, Kira once realizes that it’s been a while since they last heard from Tommy.

Kira: Hey, has anyone heard from Dr. O?
It’s not like him to be this quiet.

Conner: What? You mean a day where he’s not calling us to go egg hunting with him or lectures about how important homework is? I’d say leave him be.

Besides, knowing him, he’s probably too busy being caught up in some work back at the bat cave.

Narration: Unbeknownst to them, homework was the least of Tommy’s worries. Tommy continued to battle Elsa and her Tyrannodrones. Though he was formidably out matched, Tommy tried his best to hold his own. But the tides of battle, would soon change.

Tommy: Give it up Elsa, there’s no way you can win.


Narration: From the shadows, Trent watches. And while he knows that he has a mission to complete, it wouldn’t please him more than to have a go at the great Tommy Oliver himself before Tommy’s entire life as a Power Ranger was erased from history.

Trent summons his Drago Morpher and morphs into the White Dino Ranger.









Narration: With Tommy distracted by Elsa and her Tyrannodrones, Trent takes full advantage and sneak attacks Tommy, leaping out from his hiding place.

Tommy: Huh?

Trent: You might wanna learn to watch your back Dr. O.
Wouldn’t want your students to end up with a permanent substitute.


Tommy: Trent.
I should’ve known you wouldn’t be too far behind.

Trent: Go ahead Dr. O.
Lecture me.

Tommy: Huh?

Trent: You know, the whole “Trent you don’t have to do this…”.

Tommy: No, not this time.
I’m done talking.

Trent: Good, so am I.

Narration: And so the two rangers battled it out. The two going back and forth, trading blow for blow. Tommy held his own, but he knew he was no match for all of Trent, Elsa, and the Tyrannodrones together. Deep down, there’s a part of Tommy that misses his teenage years. The days when he was younger and faster. Even his powers were stronger. He knew that while he was grateful for the opportunity to take up being a ranger once more, the black dino gem’s power was no where near as powerful as his Green ranger and White Ranger counterparts. Heck, even with his Zeo and Turbo powers, he was a bit stronger than what he is now.

Elsa: What’s wrong Tommy?
Old age catching up to you?

Tommy: Grr…
Your old jokes are getting a bit annoying Elsa.


Narration: Finding himself overwhelmed, Tommy contacts the others.


Tommy: Kira, Conner, and Ethan, I need your help!

Narration: Hearing Tommy’s call, Hayley quickly tries to pin point Tommy’s location. Once found, the three young rangers rush to undisclosed location and summon they respective dino morphers. They then morph into their rangers form, call forth their Raptor Cycles, quickly make their way to Tommy’s location.

Conner, Kira, and Ethan: Dino Thunder…Power up!!































Narration: When they arrive, Ethan is the first to use his powers, pounding his fist into the ground and creating a giant crack, eliminating some of the Tyrannodrones. Kira is up next, using her powerful shockwave scream to fend off some of the drones and send them flying. And finally Conner, who uses his super speed to quickly attack and take down a few more of the drones. They then rush to Tommy’s aid and check on him.

Conner: Dr. O!!

Kira: Dr. O are you okay?

Tommy: Y…Yeah just feeling a bit beat up.

Ethan: Don’t worry Dr. O, we’re here and we got your back now.

Tommy: Thanks guys.

Conner: The tides are turning Elsa.
Give it up and run back to your pathetic master.

Narration: Elsa lets out a laugh. She refuses to go down without a fight and the battle is far from over. Soon after, a sudden shift in the wind. Then without warning, the rangers find themselves being struck and attack by non other than Trent.







Conner: You know, I’m really beginning to hate that attack.

Ethan: You’re not the only one.

Trent: What’s wrong rangers?
Did I…knock you off your feet?

Kira: Trent!?
Why are you doing this?

Trent: Kira…

Narration: Kira calls out to Trent hoping to somehow reach him. While the white dino gem has control over Trent and is altering his mind, Trent himself still tries to maintain some from of control. And so for a moment, Kira able to get through to him, however Elsa quickly interferes and calls forth a monster for the rangers to fight. This in turn, gives Trent the time needed to finish opening the portal and making the trip to the past.

Elsa: Aw, isn’t that sad.
Such a tragic love story, betrayed by the one you love.

Son of Mercer, go and complete your task.
I will finish off these wanna be heroes.







Trent: Fine.
Farewell rangers and nice knowing you Dr. O.

Narration: Trent jumps into the portal that opens and the rangers look on, wondering what exactly it is that Trent is up to. Unfortunately for them, it would had to wait. Elsa’s monster had gone full size and begun to wreak havoc in the city. The rangers look on and know that whatever Trent is after will have to wait.








Tommy: Grr…
Looks like Trent will have to wait, we got bigger problems guys.

Ethan: Yeah, much bigger.

Conner: What do we do?

Kira: You’re kidding right?

Conner: Oh yeah, the zords.

Ethan: Sometimes I worry about you.

Conner: Give me a break dude, I’m hyped up on adrenaline right now.

Tommy: Save the small talk for later guys, we’ve got work to do.

Narration: Says Tommy as he summons the Brachio zord. From the waters of Reefside, emerge the gigantic Brachio zord. A carrier zord housing the three main ranger zords, as well as their arsenal zords.








Conner: Alright guys, let’s get to it!








Narration: Says Conner as he, Kira, and Ethan enter their respective zords and then set up to form the Thundersaurus Megazord.






















Narration: With the Megazord complete, the rangers prepare to face the monster. As they approach it, the monster quickly turns around and blasts the megazord. The rangers stumble back a bit, nearly losing their footing.

Rangers: Whoa!

Ethan: We can’t take another hit like that.

Kira: I got a idea!

Narration: Kira calls for the ankylozord. The monster once again tries to blast the rangers, but this time they’re able to shield their-selves with the back of the Ankylozord. The rangers then use the drill tail of the Ankylozord to finish off the monster.

Conner: Let’s make quick work of this guy before he causes anymore trouble.

Ethan and Kira: Got it!

Rangers: Thundersaurus Megazord Ankylo Drill!!

Narration: Shout the rangers as the Megazord powers up it’s finisher. The megazord pulls back it’s arm and then drives it into the monster. The monster stands there with a hole in it’s torso, before falling back and exploding.

Down below, Tommy finishes his fight with Elsa as she retreats from the battle.

Tommy: Running again Elsa.

Elsa: Only for now Black Ranger.
I’ll let you have this victory, but just know that the worse is yet to come.

Narration: As Elsa escapes through another portal, the young rangers regroup with their mentor, who himself wonders what it is that Elsa could be talking about.

Tommy: What was that all about?

Rangers: Dr. O!?
Are you okay?

Tommy: Yeah, thanks again guys.

Kira: What happened?
Why were they after you?

Conner: As if they ever needed a reason.

Tommy: I thought it might’ve been the egg, but that didn’t seem to be their goal.

Ethan: So what was it then?

Tommy: I don’t know, but I intend to find out.
Let’s get out of here.

Narration: Tommy, Kira, Ethan, and Conner make their way back to Tommy’s lab to investigate the reasoning behind Elsa and Trent’s attack. Meanwhile, Trent arrives at a pivotal period in time. On this day, it would be the day that a young Tommy Oliver started his first day at Angel Grove High. Coincidentally, it would also be the day that Tommy would be recruited by one Rita Repulsa.

Trent watches as the younger Tommy takes on Rita’s putties in the alley way.











After making quick work of the putties, Tommy unaware of what’s about to happen to him, picks up his back and prepares to make his way home.

Tommy: Man, why me!?

Narration: Suddenly, on a rooftop of a nearby building, the evil witch Rita Repulsa appears. Her plan was to capture Tommy and turn him into her evil Green Ranger. A foe formidable enough to take on and finally defeat the Power Rangers of that time. But just as Rita began to raise her wand, Trent made his move.







Tommy: W-What’s going on!?

Rita Repulsa: I…have chosen you Tommy, to become my evil Green Ranger.

Trent: Oh no you don’t.

Look out!

Narration: Shouts Trent as he leaps and pushes Tommy out of the way.

Rita Repulsa: What? No!
How dare you interfere!?

Trent: Try me Rita, I dare you.

Narration: Says Trent, boldly daring the evil witch. Rita spots Trent’s Drago Morpher and unwillingly retreats back to her palace. Trent stands down and then turns to check on the younger Tommy.

Trent: Are you okay?

Tommy: Uh…I…I think so.
What the heck just happened?

Narration: Trent turns and looks away grinning as his plan has finally begun to be set in motion. With Tommy’s Timeline now interrupted, will this be the end of the legacy of one the greatest rangers of Power Rangers history? And what of the future? What will happen them?

Find out next time on Power Rangers Dino Thunder.



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