Chapter 21a: In Dire Need of A Resolution

Narration: As the lesser red moon, Dalamud hangs in the sky, the heroes of Eorzea struggled to bring a stop to the Amalj’aa and their summoned Primal, Ifrit. And though they would start off on the wrong foot, the party of four would eventually claim victory over the primal. With Ifrit out of commission, Evo and company celebrated their victory and prepared to make their way back home. However, their celebration would be cut short as the Garleans would make an appearance and with them, non other than the White Raven himself, Nael Van Darnus.

Van Darnus congratulated the group of adventurers on their victory. He also offered them the opportunity to join with the empire. But to his dismay, Evo and his friends declined. Feeling remorseful for their decision, Van Darnus beckons the power of Dalamud and thus, uses it to demonstrate the power that he now possess.

Narrowly escaping the powerful attack, the four adventurers find themselves back in Gridania. Surrounded by their family and friends, they try to shake off the attack and regroup.

Caireann: I don’t know you guys, they’ve been in there a bit too long.

Zephon: Don’t worry, it’s Evo.
If anyone will come back alive it’ll be Evo.

Nuvea: Uncle Zeph is right Auntie Caire.
I just know my dad and Auntie Zee will come back okay.

Neya: Hey guys!
Somethings happening!

Silvermane: Wh…what the hell was that!?

Zeriah: Big Brother!!

Nuvea: Auntie Zee!!

Narration: Shouts Nuvea as she runs over to hug Zeriah. Zeriah, while grateful to be back home, Zeriah is more worried about Evo who has yet to return. Milyah, concerned, walks over to Zeriah.

Milyah: Zeriah you’re okay, but…where’s Evogolist?

Zeriah: He’s…

Starsabre: The Garleans, they attacked us.

Milyah: Star, what happened to my husband?

Starsabre: Van Darnus, Nael Van Darnus attacked us and Evo pushed us through the aether stream.

Oh god! If Van Darnus is here then this is it. It’s all over!

Nuvea: Noo!!
I don’t believe it!
Father is not gone!

Zeriah: Nuvea…

Narration: Just then there’s a whistling sound coming from the aetherial stream. Suddenly, from it appears Evogolist, kneeling on one knee and breathing heavily.

Nuvea: Dad!!

Milyah: Evo!!

Narration: Zeriah, Milyah, and Nuvea all run quickly over to Evogolist. Evo flinches slightly from a bit of pain, but assures everyone that he’s okay. The Sharalayn Scholar Louisoix walks over to Evo and heals him.

Louisoix: It would seem that I was right to choose you. Ifrit has been defeated and thus preventing Dalamud from drawing from the Primal’s power any longer.

Onias: Are we sure that this is the right way to handle such a situation?

Zeriah: My father is right.
The Garlean general seemed to have anticipated us stopping Ifrit.

Ruki: Sorry to interrupt mates, but the old geezer does have a point.

Narration: Ruki, Pos, Syn, and Cyan who had all just recently arrived in Gridania, spotted the group on their way to the Seedseer. Ruki joins in on the conversation with the others.

Pos: Quarrymill was just attacked by a Primal known as Garuda.

Caireann: Pos!
Where’s your sister?

Pos: She’s okay.
I told her not to leave the house.

Milyah: Zeriah, it must the one that the Ixal were preparing to summon.

Zeriah: Then that would mean…

Syn: Yup, they succeeded.

Narration: Biggs and Wedge look closely at Syn, surprised at how much he resembles Evo.

Wedge: Hey Biggs?
Biggs? BIGGS!?

Biggs: Huh!? Oh yeah, I’m Biggs, hehehe.

Wedge: Hey, doesn’t he remind you of the scrag?

Biggs: You know, he does kinda resemble him a bit.

Narration: Syn quickly notices the two staring and question their motive. Biggs and Wedge embarrassed, high tail it and pretend as it they saw nothing. Meanwhile, the others continue their discussion on Garuda’s presence.

Louisoix: The beast tribes fear of both the Garleans and Dalamud have caused them to summon their respective primals. Seeing as how the Ixal were successful in their quest to summon Garuda, the Kobolds will not be far behind.

Onias: Titan.

Evo: Huh?

Onias: The Kobold will attempt to summon Titan.

Milyah: We have to stop them!

Zeriah: Milyah is right.
The Primals can’t be allowed to freely roam the land.

Caireann: But we have to stop the Garleans too.

Zephon: We’re in way over our heads here.

Thancred: Then it’s a good thing you won’t be going at this alone then.

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