Chapter 21b: Your Purpose

Narration: Evogolist Lunaire and his sister Zeriah Lunaire, along with the Miqo’te called Starsabre and the pirate marauder Silvermane stepped in to the realm of fire where they would stand face to face with the Lord of the Inferno, Ifrit. And though the battle started off a bit rough, the four were able to come together and finally bring down Ifrit. Their celebration would be short-lived as non other than Nael Van Darnus, Legatus of the VIIth Legion, would arrive congratulating them on their victory and proposing that they join him.

Evo and company would refuse.

Amused by their resilience and will to resist the Empire, Van Darnus bid them adieu, but not before giving them a powerful display of his might and showing why he is feared by many. The four quickly escaped through aether stream that once allowed them to enter.

When they arrived back in Gridania, they were severely shaken, especially that of Starsabre, who knew first hand the might of the Garlean Empire and that of the White Raven. Evo and company bore the bad news to the others, but that would be the least of their worries.

In another part of Gridania, the Ixal had succeeded in summoning their Primal. Garuda, goddess of the wind, had begun to wreck havoc throughout the twelveswood, starting with the hamlet Quarrymill. Ruki, along with the Woodwailer Pos and his two new squadron members dispatched the feathers channeling the powerful vortex entrapping the hamlet. Fearing that they would need help, the four made their way to Gridania where they would meet up with Evo and the others.

Feeling overwhelmed by the weight of the ongoing problems, the group of adventurers worried that their efforts would not be enough, that is-until the found help from a few old friends.

Thancred: Then it’s a good thing you won’t be going at this alone then.

Narration: Says the smooth talking hume. Joining him are the other members of the circle of knowing. Yda, Papalymo, and Y’shtola all emerge and lend their aid in the coming crisis.

Y’shtola: Evogolist, when I first met you, you were but a wandering adventurer on that ship. Since that fateful day, you have shown your bravery ten fold over. I shall lend my magicks at your behest.

Narration: Evo nods, thanking Y’shtola and Thancred. Papalymo and Yda then approach young Nuvea, as they recall their first meeting.

Yda: It seems like only yesterday that we were crash landing into a field of daffodils and being greeted by you Nana.

Papalymo: For Rahlgr sake Yda, when will you get it through that thick skull of your’s that we are not dead and she is not your Nana!?

Narration: Nuvea laughs whole-heartedly as Papalymo scolds Yda.

Papalymo: Yda is right about one thing though, you’ve grown a lot since we first met young one.

Minfilia: We’ve all been watching you, each and every one of you. The things that you each have accomplished has been no small feat. You each have saved the lives of many Eorzeans many times over, my own included.

Evogolist, do you know why I had my people scout you?

Narration: Evo thinks to himself for a minute, but aside from his ability to access the power of the echo, he stands there clueless.

Evogolist: Uh…the echo right?

Minfilia: Yes, very much to be exact.
You see, a lot of the things that you experienced, the incident that you witnessed in La Noscea with Y’shtola, the troubles of the youngling named Khrimm, and then the tragic event that took place in Ul’dah that lead to me losing my father and becoming the woman you see standing before you.

These were all echoes…memories of someone who’d experienced these events before you.

Evogolist: The real Evo!? The Evogolist of this world?

Minfilia: Perhaps…
However, the ability to see into or experience one’s past is not the only power that the echo grants you. Granted shear will and tenacity, the echo grants you the power to banish the darkness that plagues the land. All of which are gifts from the mother of the crystal herself, Hydaelyn.

You, Milyah Crystari and your daughter are a by product of this blessing from the mother.

Narration: Milyah thinks to herself of the events of yesterday’s past. Rediscovering who she and her brother were, living for over a hundred years, and harnessing the power that she once possessed.

Zeriah, as she listened, was overwhelmed by this information.

Zeriah: What are you talking about?
Are you saying that they aren’t real?

Y’shtola: On the contrary, they are every bit of real. However, both Evogolist and Nuvea seem to not be of this world. Milyah on the other hand, is a being comprised completely of aether, as was her brother. But unlike her brother, her body…her presence has been solidified by the love she shares with both Evogolst and Nuvea.

Ruki: So in other words, Lady Milyah and her brother are summoned beings like the Primals?

Thancred: Hitting the nail right on the head.

Narration: Milyah listens to Y’shtola’s words and wonders if the possibility of her brother coming back would be possible.

Milyah: Wait!?
So my brother, could we summon him back?

Louisoix: While it would be possible, the chance of it working would be naught slim. It is unknown of which element your brother is birthed from and the amount of aether needed to revive him would be taxing on the land itself.

Narration: Milyah stands there saddened and disappointed. Evo places his arm around her and tries his best to comfort her. Meanwhile, the group of Syn, Pos, and Cyan grow impatient.

Syn: Hey guys, while the history lesson and reminiscing on the past is fun and all, but we do have an actual Primal problem to deal with!

Cyan: Syn is right.
We can’t afford to sit around and wait.

Louisoix: I believe that the Primal you speak of is non other than Garuda.

Garuda is a wholly ruthless being-a harpy among primals. She is as a storm, marked by caprice and prone to violence, and her appetite for destruction is without equal.

She has wrecked ruin upon remote hamlets in the for naught but her own amusement, and is known to butcher the men last, that they might live to see their women and children tortured and killed before them.

Narration: After hearing the archon’s words about Garuda, Caire and Zeph look over at Pos. Concerned for their daughter’s safety, Caire scolds Pos, while Zeph ends up putting Pos in a head lock.

Caireann: And you left your sister back at the house…ALONE!!?

Pos: But mom she’s safe.
We drove Garuda out of Quarrymill well before heading here.

Caireann: Did you listen to anything he just said!?
How is that safe!? How is she safe!?

Zephon: Uh…hun, you might wanna calm down, your tail is frizzing up and you’re hissing in between words.

Caireann: Shut up and back me!

Zephon: Yes ma’am!

Pos: Dad!! Dad no!!

Narration: As Pos struggles to break free of Zeph’s hold on him, Ruki seeks to find a answer to Garuda’s words. The words that she spoke vaguely before vanishing.

Ruki: Garuda spoke of using the crystal’s power to awaken another Primal, who could she have been speaking of?

Onias: Ifrit perhaps?

Louisoix: Perhaps, but I highly doubt it.

Minfilia: Tis probably best we not speak on it now and focus on the enemy that stands before us.

Louisoix: You are quite right my dear.
Garuda is the current threat and it is her that we should focus on.

Cyan: But how would we even find her?

Ruki: Yeah, the only thing left behind was this thing.

Narration: Louisoix looks over Garuda’s plume and is astonished to see it.

Louisoix: This, this plume will function much like the Infernal Flambeau. If I could add my own magic to the power of the tempest housed withing the vortex feather, may hap I could fashion a device akin to that one…

Narration: Louisoix uses his power and amplifies the power resonating from the vortex feather. He then hands it back to Ruki and instructs him on where to access Garuda’s realm.

Ruki: So it’s back to Coerthas then.

Syn: Oh no, it’s far worse than that bro.
The location he speaks of is Natalan.

Zeriah: Natalan!?
That’s Ixal territory, it’d be suicide to go there.

Milyah: Seems like we don’t have a choice.

Onias: Might I suggest we split into two groups.

Ruki: Two?

Cyan: Wait?
He’s on to something, one team will be to divert the Ixal’s attention, while the party going into to face Garuda, makes their way to the aetheryte.

Syn: That’s a plan that may just work.
Well I’m calling dibs on the main party.
Pos? Cyan? You two in?

Cyan: You bet!

Syn: Pos? Pos!?

Narration: When everyone looked, Pos was turning blue in the face from Zeph’s head lock that he’d had yet to break free from.

Pos: I’m a little…busy…at the…moment.

Caireann: Hun!?
You can let’em go now, you’re suffocating him.

Zephon: Naw, he’s fine.

Caireann: He’s turning blue.

Zephon: Oh, like that song…

Syn: Well I guess that counts Pos out. So who else do we have?
We have a damage dealer and a healer, we just need two more.

Evogolist: I’ll go…

Milyah: No, not this time.

Evogolist: But Mily…

Milyah: Evo, you just got back from facing Ifrit and on top of that, you were confronted by non other than the White Raven. And what of your teammates? Silver is probably at the Canopy piss drunk and look at poor Star, she’s shaken to the core.

So no, not this time.

Narration: Concerned with not only her husband’s safety, but that of the other three of whom he fought beside, Milyah orders Evo to stay behind. Instead, she turns and looks at Syn and Cyan and adds her name to the list to battle party.

Milyah: I’ll go…
I give you my word, my bow is at your disposal.

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