Chapter 21c: Weak No Longer

Narration: Following their escape from Ifrit’s realm, Evo and company came to bore bad news as The White Raven made his presence know. On top of it all, The primal Garuda had also awakened and was wrecking havoc throughout the land. Standing there with their hands seemingly tied, the group of adventurers found help from a few old friends.

Come to be known as the Circle of Knowing, Thancred, Y’shtola, Yda, and Papalymo offered their services, easing the stress and worries of the group. Minfilia, who had recently reappeared, spoke of her confidence of the group of adventurers and revealed long suspected truths. Milyah, inspired by Minfilia’s words and newly born purpose, volunteered her bow, vowing to one day find a way to revive her brother.

Evogolist: Mily, what are you doing?

Milyah: I’ve sat around and felt sorry myself long enough.
I’ve hid behind false confidence, all the while trying to hide my insecurities.
That’s not who I am.
You know it, they know it, and…

…Kilyah knew it.

Evogolist: So that’s what’s this is about.
Mily, look I know what Minfilia said, but…

Milyah: But what, that it may not be possible!?
That I should give up? Because I won’t. Just like you didn’t give up on me and Nuvea.

Caireann: Evo hun, Milyah has made up her mind. I know you want to protect her, but how long will you do that before you drive her away?

Evogolist: I…

Zephon: Listen to her Evo.
How do you think Caire and I were able to stay together for so long?
Sometimes, you just gotta step back and let them lead for once.

Narration: Evo thinks it over and then comes to a resolve.

Evogolist: Very well then, Milyah…

Narration: He says as he approaches her and takes her hand.

Evogolist: You’ve always been strong.
Even when our daughter was in danger, you faced death with courage and then you came back to me. So I’m asking…no, I’m ordering you to come back to me when you’ve found what you’re looking for.

Narration: Evo spins Milyah around and pulls her close to him, kissing her and then holding her as tight as he could. Nuvea runs over and joins them.

Nuvea: Mom, don’t you die on me.

Milyah: I promise, I won’t, and I’ll bring your Uncle back as well.

Narration: Growing impatient, Syn clears his throat, trying to gain everyone’s attention.

Syn: So now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, we’re still short one person. A tank of some sorts.

Zephon: Whelp, guess that’s me.

Caireann: Sit down!

Zephon: Yes ma’am.

Narration: Knowing that their options were limited, the only one left was non other than Sangi. Sangi jumped for joy as she was more than ready for some action.

Sangi: Yes!!
Finally, I get to see some fricking action.
This place was absolutely boring me!

Zeriah: Hold it right there young lady.

Sangi: Ah man!

Nuvea: Auntie Zee, please let her go.

Sangi: Huh?

Narration: Sangi stands there surprised that Nuvea would stick up for her. After how she treated Nuvea on her Nameday and the days that followed, she wondered why Nuvea would do such a thing.

Nuvea: Auntie Zee, I believe in Sangi.

Zeriah: I know you do sweetheart, but she is but a youngling like yourself and Garuda is no mere monster that they will be facing. Even your father and I had a tough time with Ifrit. So if what they say is true about Garuda, she’s more than likely to be far more powerful than Ifrit.

Sangi: It’s alright Nuvea, I knew it would be impossible anyway.

Nuvea: No!
I won’t stand for it!

Zeriah: Young lady!

Nuvea: Auntie Zee, you’ve always taught me to fight for what I believe in. Like I said, I believe in Sangi. She’s more than capable of helping Mom and the others. Just give her a chance.

Neya: Yeah, give Sangi a chance.
Sangi won’t let us down. And she won’t die!
You won’t will you Sang?

Sangi: Huh? Oh, um…well…

Narration: Sangi stands there at a loss for words. She never imagined that she’d become friends with someone like Nuvea or Neya or that they’d be standing here defending her. Sangi continues to think on their words, unsure of what to say, that is until Nuvea mentions someone.

Nuvea: Sangi what are you doing?
You have to believe in yourself, just like we believe in you, and just like…

…just like Chydie would believe in you.

Sangi: Chydie…

Narration: Sangi looks up. She then walks over, puts on her helmet, and then grabs her sword and shield. And as she makes her way back pass Zeriah, Nuvea, and Neya, confidentially says…

Sangi: I don’t care what happens, but I’m going.
I have people counting on me, my friends, and I won’t let them down, not for you, or anyone else for that matter.

Narration: Sangi then marches over and joins Milyah, Syn, and Cyan as they prepare to make their way to Coerthas. Accompanying them would be none other than Ruki, Onias, Biggs and Wedge providing diversion to the Ixal. The eight adventurers say their farewells and then make way for Coerthas.

Once gone, the Circle of Knowing approaches Evo and with that, giving him a special assignment.


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