Chapter 22a: A Story Untold


Cyan/Narration: Sixteenth Sun of the Sixth Astral Era, year 1572, We’ve arrived safely in Coerthas. Coerthas, a massive land full of beauty and wonder. Such peace and calm, uninterrupted by the horrors of war. That’s not to say war has never touched the very soil of Coerthas. The history books speak of the thousand year Dragonsong War. A war that has raged on for many years between man and dragon.

And yet, when I look out into the open field, it’s as if such a thing never took place.

As we traverse this land’s grassy plains, my companions and I make our way to Natalan, a place said to be filled with the beastmen known as the Ixal. It is through Natalan that we will make our way to the Aetheryte within, using it’s power to transport us to The Howling eye, home of the primal Garuda.

So many people were hurt or even worse, loss their lives as Garuda tore through the hamlet. Their souls cry out for salvation, longing to find peace in the afterlife. If only it was in my power to save them…

…but I’ll make it right….

…I must make it right.

As for my traveling companions, Biggs and Wedge seem to be just as carefree as ever. It’s fun to watch them argue and bicker sometimes.

Wedge: Biggs, are sure we aren’t lost?

Biggs: Am I sure?
Of course I’m sure!

Where were headed again?

Wedge: Give me that map!

Cyan/Narration: The older guy seems to be someone of great importance. It’s fascinating how he just stands there with such dignity. Syn, despite coming off as arrogant and pig-headed at times, is as loyal as they come. I remember when we got our new assignment in Quarrymill. I was extremely nervous, but it was that same arrogant behavior calmed me and strove me to work and train harder.

Syn: Hey Cyan buddy, what ya writing?

Huh? Arrogant!? PIG-HEADED!?


Cyan: Wait…wait…wait!?
Read the rest of it.

Syn: Uh huh, blah, blah, blah…
okay, as long as you recognize brother.

Cyan/Narration: Like I said, he can get a little on edge at times, but he’s cool. And then there’s Milyah. I can’t help but notice how sad she looks at times. It’s almost as if she’s always carrying some heavy burden on her heart.

I watched as she picked up two sets of flowers and placed them at the symbol of Menphina. Ruki then approached her and I wondered what their relationship was.

Ruki: Are you okay?

Milyah: Yeah, just saying goodbye and paying my respects to an old friend.

Ruki: Cera?

Milyah: Yes.
She took care of Nuvea in my absence and because of her sacrifice, Nuvea is still alive today. You know, I never thought that we’d ever set foot here again. Because of the situation, I didn’t get a chance to properly thank and say goodbye to Cera.

Ruki: Well, I’m sure she knows.
And what of the other flowers?

Milyah: For Nuvea’s friend.

Ruki: The young girl?

Milyah: Yes.
I’m not even sure the poor child received a proper burial.

Ruki: We can only pray that her soul is at peace and hasn’t become part of the void.

Cyan/Narration: The pain of lost, a feeling that I wish on no one, not even my deadliest enemy. I’ve heard that she also lost her brother not long ago. I can only hope that she finds peace and happiness when this is all over.

And last but not least, Sangil Plainswalker. Like Syn, she can be a bit arrogant and pig-headed, not to mention a serious troublemaker. At the behest of her friends, Sangi was chosen to lead us into battle against Garuda. Watching her stand there with a look of shear confidence, I get the feeling that it’s nothing more than a facade. In actuality, she’s nothing more than a scared youngling who wants nothing than to be accepted by her peers.

Sangi: Hey!
Are we going to sit around here all day or are we going to kick some primal ass!?

Onias: You watch that mouth of yours young lady or I’ll wash it out with soap.

Syn: Give her a break old man.
I’m with the kid, how about we get this show on the road!?

Ruki: And thus I present to you, the saviors of Eorzea.

Syn: Watch it Dhalmel neck.

Cyan/Narration: Sixteenth Sun of the Sixth Astral Era, year 1572, the eight of us make our way to face Garuda. And while I don’t know what the outcome of the coming battle will be, I will treasure this moment forever, a moment well spent with my friends.


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