Chapter 22b: Fading Memories and the Battle through Natalan



Narration: Back in the forested City-State of Gridania, the two younglings, Nuvea Crystari and Neya Kuchiki walk around and partake in this year’s Moonfire Faire. As the two pose and take pictures, a less than enthusiastic Nuvea pouts, upset that she couldn’t tag along on the latest adventure.

Neya: Aww!
Come on Nuvea, at least smile.
The photographer’s getting upset and impatient with us.

Narration: Nuvea puts on a fake smile that quickly turns back into a frown with both of her arms folded. She soon begins to vent her disgust for not going.

Nuvea: I can’t believe them! Once again I…I mean we get left behind.
I sit here, I back up Sangi, and you’d think they’d at least let me…I mean us go with them. I’m not some kid you know and It’s not like I’ll turn back in to Ultima.

Neya: News flash Nuvea, you are a kid.

Nuvea: Oooohhh!!
You are so no help right now Neya!

Neya: Nuvea wait!

Nuvea: Huh?

Neya: Does my yukata look okay?
I mean, it’s not showing too much shoulder is it?

Nuvea: Oooohhh!!

Narration: An annoyed Nuvea storms off, with Neya running behind her. The young adventurer wishes dearly to be out there with her parents and friends, but currently finds herself trapped in Gridania.

Little did she know of the dangers that Evo and crew would have to face or the tragic sad fate that awaited all of Eorzea.

In the dark land of Mor Dhona, a place once flushed with beauty but reduced to a wasteland as a result of a battle between the Garleans and Dragons. A battle remembered as the Battle of Silvertear Falls. As a reminder of that battle, in the midst of Silvertear lake lies the fallen Garlean airship the Agrius and the corpse of the Wyrmking, Midgardsormr.

Upon receiving Intel that the Garleans had built a new base, the Grand Companies of Eorzea requested that an adventurer make way to the dark land and investigate this new base now known to be called Castrum Novum. And thus it is Evo who answers the call.

Remembering this place from an early encounter with the Black Wolf himself, Evo carefully sneaks his way around the now desolate wasteland.

Evogolist: Geez, why do the bad guys always choose the dark and scary places. Like for once I just want to fight someone in a field of flowers or a open grassy field.

Yeah…now that would make for a good story.

Hm…this place reminds me of someplace back in Vana’diel. What was it again? Xarca…? Xarca…?

Weird, it’s almost as if I’m forgetting about Vana’diel. Gah, I really need to find a way for me and Nuv to get back, and fast.

Narration: As Evo continues to make his way past the horrors of Mor Dhona, he worries about forgetting his home. But at the same time he hopes for the safety of Milyah and the others as the make their way to face Garuda herself.

Speaking of which…

Cyan: Wait!?
I thought they were the diversion team!

Syn: Give the kid a break Cyan, she’s just flexing her muscles and having fun.

Ruki: You call grabbing the attention of the whole Ixal Hold fun!?

Narration: Growing tired of waiting and ever ready to face Garuda, the Miqo’te youngling known as Sangi purposely alerted the Ixal of the hold to the party’s presence. Thanks to her carelessness, the party soon found themselves up to their necks in flocks of Ixal. And while some struggled, others welcomed and enjoyed the challenge.

Syn: Well the old man seems to be enjoying himself.
Look at him go!

Narration: Said Syn as Onias fought off Ixali after Ixali. Swinging his sword from left to right and all in such a masterful way. Onias showed exactly why he was not only one of the most feared pirate on the seas of Vyllbrand, but why he was the most respected of all the Thalassocracy.

Wedge: Stupid Miqo’te girl! You’d any idea…
Hey! keep you fricking fangs to yerself you mangy mut!!

Narration: Grunted Wedge as he struggled to fight off a pack of Natalan Wolves. Overwhelmed, he quickly calls out to his larger friend with the hopes that he would come assist him. However, in the end Wedge ends up staggering at what appears before him.

Biggs: Yeeehawww!!!
I found her Wedge! I found Uraeus!!

Wedge: What in the…!?
Gibbs…err…I mean Biggs what are you doing on top of that giant lizard!?
You get down here this instant and help me with these mangy mut!

Narration: Biggs has a better plan instead. Whilst still riding Uraeus, Biggs uses the lizard to plow right through the pack of wolves and scoops up Wedge. Wedge then directs Biggs to steer the over-sized lizard towards the flock of Ixal attacking the party.

Wedge: That’s it Biggs, let’s show them feather brains who we are!

Narration: Uraeus plows through the flock of Ixal, using it’s tail to swipe one group away while at other times, using it’s head to knock down any that stood in front of it. Biggs and Wedge held on as tight as they could. Wedge, of course got motion sickness and almost vomited on Biggs’ back.

Suddenly the area was clear and before they knew it, Uraeus was taking off with Biggs and Wedge still holding on for dear life. Onias yelled for them to let go, but Biggs was too excited to have his pet lizard back and Wedge was too scarred out of his wits to let go.

Sangi: Well that was fun.

Ruki: Of all the irresponsible…

Syn: Give it a break long neck, nobody died.

Ruki: But we could have.
As party leader, she needs to be aware of these things and take care not to endanger the party.

Syn: But did you die!?

Ruki: I hate you.

Milyah: That’s enough, we need to get moving while we have a chance.

Narration: And so the party of now four, made their way to The Howling Eye where there, awaited Garuda. As they approached the vortex, they could hear faint singing coming from the other side. It would get louder with each step they took. One could only wonder what awaited them on the other side of the vortex and if their efforts would be enough.


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