Chapter 22c: Enter the Raging Wind and The True Face of the Black Wolf

Narration: After a long drawn out battle with the primal known as Ifrit, the Heroes of Eorzea as they’ve come to be called, discovered that the Lord of the Inferno was only the beginning of their problems. Appearing before them was non-other than the White Raven, Nael Van Darnus. He offered them a chance for salvation, to join forces and defeat the primals, only so that Garlemald could lay claim to the land. The group refused his offered and thus nearly found themselves being obliterated by an powerful other-worldly attack.

If that wasn’t enough, Ruki, Pos, Syn, and Cyan appeared with news of the Ixal succeeding in their summoning of Garuda. Garuda had attained enough power to ravage the land and only craved more. And then there was the issue of Dalamud, a crimson red moon that hung in the sky and seemed to grow bigger by the day. The group of adventurers were stretched thin, but with the help of a few old friends, they would soon come up with a plan to deal with such problems and bring peace back to Eorzea.

And now, Milyah, Sangi, Syn, and Cyan make way into the Howling Eye, home to Garuda. With use of the Vortex Feather that was left behind, they enter Natalan and stand at the entrance to her realm.

The singing grew louder and as they entered, Garuda descended from the sky.

Cyan: Well somebody sure likes to make an entrance.

Narration: Syn mocks Ruki’s earlier advances on Garuda, via the group linkshell. However, Ruki was far less than amused.

Syn: Hey long neck, your date’s arrived.

Ruki: Really mate!?

Syn: Yes, really mate!
I am so never going to let that down.

Ruki: Ugh, just kill me already.


Narration: Shouts Milyah as Garuda lands, lets out a loud screech and then fires off a few deadly plumes. The party quickly ducks and dodges while Sangi uses her shield to block any incoming plumes. When it was over, Garuda stood there with a coy smirk on her face. She enjoyed seeing them hide in terror from her. Sangi stood up and showed that Garuda’s little stunt only angered her.

Sangi: Now that was just plain ol’ rude!
I’m going to bash that ignorant little smirk right off of your face!

Syn: I like this kid, she’s got style and charisma.

Milyah: Save the admiration for later, Garuda isn’t your run of the mill monster.

Syn: You don’t have to tell me twice.
Hey Cyan, how about a little protection!?

Cyan: Uh, right!

Narration: Cyan casts a powerful protect spell allowing them to withstand a bit a damage should the need call for it. The stand there ready and as Garuda awaits them, Sangi makes her move.

Sangi: I’m going!

Narration: Back in Mor Dhona, Evo finally arrives at the designated point. Evo takes a moment to survey the damaged cargo before turning around and noticing crashed airship that Cid spoke of deep down in a crevice.

Evogolist: This must be it.
I wonder what it was that they were transporting.

Whelp, this should do for now.
I’d better get…

Narration: Before Evo could make his way back, he found himself at the sharp pointed end of Gaius Van Baelsar’s blade. Evo quickly draws his own in the sense that he may have to fight his way out.

Gaius Van Baelsar: You…You I remember.

Tell me, do you think it fate that brings you here?
Some threads woven by your Weaver whore?
Or was it no more than the meddling of Master Garlond?

It matters not.

Evogolist: Yeah, well I’m not exactly happy to see you either.

Gaius Van Baelsar: Silence!
Go, take what you have scrounged like a rat and run to him.
He is the only hope you have left.

Do not think this mercy.

Garlemald will annihilate the primals and claim dominion over all Eorzea.
It is inevitable.
As inevitable as your futile resistance.

Evogolist: I swear on my blade and the graves of those that have fallen at your hand, that you will pay for the crimes you’ve committed.

Gaius Van Baelsar: Perhaps, but for now all you can hope to do is decide the manner of this realm’s demise. This is the mercy that I offer you. A choice-an end by the red moon, or an end by Garlean might.

Evogolist: How about neither!?
Haven’t you done enough? Does Garlemald desire conquest so bad that they would destroy what they cannot grasp? The beast tribes summon their primals out of fear and because so, drain the planet of it’s life force. In the end, the planet will be reduced to a empty husk with non to inhabit it.

Narration: In a strange twist of fate, Evo’s word’s seem to resonate with the Legatus. Gaius lowers his weapon and turns his back to Evo, looking up at the red moon known as Dalamud. His next brand of words would seem more like a warning and plea for help than that of mercy.

Gaius Van Baelsar: I will not deny that the primals have proven a great nuisance. They have delayed our advance. It was to break the stalemate between us that Nael Van Darnus sought to bring down Dalamud.

The impact of Dalamud would destroy the primals in an instant. Little wonder that His Radiance embraced the scheme. But Dalamud is no mere rock, despite what Van Darnus would have us believe.

It is a great red sin, exiled to the skies by ancient Allag. There it has long festered, becoming something far more vile than we ever supposed.

I see proof of this in Van Darnus. His manner is…altered.

He is anxious.


He deceives His Radiance.

Of those in your realm, only the son of Midas nan Garlond sees the red moon for what it is. His Radiance will reach the same conclusion in time. Yet by then it will be too late. The Shadow of Dalamud will already be dark upon these lands.

Oppose van Darnus and Meteor if you wish.

It is the only hope you have of sparing Eorzea from complete obliteration.

Narration: As Gaius van Baelsar makes his exit, Evo thinks strongly on his words. Evo sheathes his sword and then stares up at Dalamud, the crimson red moon, and wonders the true implications of Dalamud. Evo shakes off the thought for the moment and continues with his mission, making way back to Camp Brittlebark. It was there that he would rendevous with Cid nan Garlond, explaining the events that happened and then finally making way back to Gridania.


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