Chapter 22d: She’s Like the Wind

Narration: Power, a form of ascendancy that brings out the evil in men. In their quest to lay claim over all of Hydaelyn, the Garlean Empire has shown their might ten-fold over, leaving a path of destruction in it’s wake. Their advance however was halted by the summoning of Primals, mighty powerful beings comprised of aether. These beings that would take the form of Gods of the Element, were summoned by the beast tribes throughout Eorzea, who refused to let the Garleans lay claim to the land. And while the beast tribes believed that the Primals would be the saviors of the land, they were infact beings who themselves, sought power.

As beings made up of pure aether, their very presence drained the land of it’s lifeforce. The Primals became just as much of a threat to the realm as Garlemald and that of Dalamud, the crimson red lesser moon that hung in the skies. A foreboding prophecy would lead a Sharlayan scholar to Eorzea where he would seek the help of the land’s adventurers. There were many that tried and fell at the might of the Primals, but the Sharlayan Scholar stood tall, knowing that one day the chosen warriors of light would one day step forward and not only defeat the primals, but unify all of Eorzea.

But first, they had to learn to work together.

Sangi: That’s a hell of a wing span.

Syn: Nice rack too.

Narration: Milyah, Sangi, and Cyan all turn and look at Syn, slightly disturbed by his perviness.

Sangi: Seriously!?

Cyan: I wonder why she’s just standing there.

Syn: Dude, she’s a chick.
They only stand like that for one reason.

Sangi: Let me guess, come get some daddy.

Syn: Uh…no, does your mother know you talk like that?
Anyways, that is the I’m a psycho-bitch and I’m going to kill you look.

Sangi: Oh that is so lame.

Syn: Look kid, I like you…so don’t blow it.

Milyah: Syn is right, Garuda is ruthless and her talons are extremely lethal, she won’t hesitate for a moment to kill us. We need to be careful how we….

Narration: Just then, Sangi charges towards Garuda, battle cry and all. Cyan stands there with his jaw nearly hitting the floor, saddened that he didn’t even get to cast a protect spell for the party. Milyah fumes in anger, upset that Sangi would run off ahead of the group. And Syn, well…

…he’s just Syn.

Syn: And this is why I was against the kid coming!
All in favor of letting her die, say I!


Cyan: No you weren’t, you were the main one that…

Syn: Shh….I did no such thing.

Narration: Cyan nods his head, complying with Syn. Milyah, furious, yells for the group to go. Cyan continues to pout, still upset about not being able to cast that protect spell.

Cyan: Aww…
And I didn’t even get to cast protect.

Syn: Cast it later!
Now come on!

Narration: Cyan quickly rushes behind Syn and Milyah. He then tosses a cure spell to Sangi and then quickly casts a protect spell on the party. Afterwards, Cyan takes a quick breather, however it was short lived.

Sangi: Hey you lousy healer!
How about doing your job instead just standing there!

Narration: Cyan bawls his fists and grits his teeth. The nerve of this kid, he thinks to himself. Cyan turns to Sangi and gives Sangi a slight warning.

Cyan: Grr…
Okay, first warning!
I wouldn’t have to rush to heal you and cast protect if you didn’t run off the first time!
So I’m warning you, test me and I will let you die!

Syn: Hello!
Less talking and a more tanking and healing!

Narration: Just then, Garuda uses her wings to force the party back with a powerful gust of wind. The party flies back a bit, flying back against two of the four stone pillars. The party slowly stands back up, but before they could move, Garuda fires a few of her plumes at them.
Syn and Milyah quickly dodge, grabbing both Sanig and Cyan along the way.

Sangi: Okay this chick is pissing me off!!

Cyan: Wait!
I have a idea.
The four pillars can be used to our advantage.

Milyah: Cyan you’re brilliant!
The next time Garuda uses that blast attack we take cover behind the pillars.

Syn: Not a bad idea.
You’re learning kid.

Narration: Cyan smiles and the group moves in to once more face Garuda. Sangi goes first, grabbing Garuda’s attention. Cyan provides a few healing spells, closing any wounds that Sangi occurs. Syn uses his attacks Chaos Spear following it up with a Doom Spike.

Garuda soon disappears and then reappears on the other side of the room. Once she uses her wings to create a powerful gust of wind. This time however, the party of four were ready. They quickly take cover behind the pillars, shielding themselves from the attack. Garuda, angered that they would continuously defy her, begins to aggressively pursue them. She fires another set of plumes towards the party, but this time, they weren’t the target.

Syn: Ah fuck!

Sangi: She’s trying to destroy the pillars.

Cyan: We have to stop her!

Milyah: I’m on it!

Narration: Says Milyah as she leaps into the air and fires a Wide Volley of arrows at the plumes. She does this two more times while Sangi and Syn continue to tackle Garuda. The prolonged battle angers Garuda even more and this time she makes sure to clear the room.

Cyan: Uh guys!?

Syn: Sang what’re you doing!?
Grab her!

Sangi: I can’t!

Milyah: Everyone take cover!!


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