Chapter 22e: United We Stand

Narration: After receiving news that the Hamlet of Quarrymill had fallen under attack by the primal known as Garuda, the heroes of Eorzea as they’ve come to be called, stepped up to face the ruthless primal. As they once more split into two teams, the party of Onias, Ruki, Biggs, and Wedge provided a distraction to the Ixal, while Milyah, Syn, Cyan, and Sangi made their way to the Howling Eye. Once inside, Garuda greeted them with song and a barrage of feather plumes. Sangi, unwilling to wait led the attack on Garuda first.

The other members, upset that Sangi would head in without a plan, followed behind her, hoping to stop and save her before the young Miqo’te nearly got herself killed. Eventually, the group was able to pull together and not only work together, but also figure out Garuda’s attack patterns. That was until she used her most powerful attack.


Cyan: Uh guys, that doesn’t sound too good.

Syn: The pillars, get behind them!

Milyah: Sangi!
Get out of there!

Narration: Sangi ignores the other three and continues to attack Garuda. However, her attacks end up having no effect on the Primal. Milyah, who yelled for Sangi once more, looked to Syn for help.

Milyah: Syn, we have to get her out of there.

Syn: Really!?
Why me?

Milyah: Just do it!

Syn: Grr…

Narration: Syn then quickly runs in and grabs Sangi, leaping behind a Pillar, and then slamming Sangi against that same Pillar, scolding her.

Sangi: Hey!
What’s the big idea!?

Syn: Are you trying to yourself killed or something!?

We’re fightning a primal, and this is certainly no time to be playing the hero.
You wanna play hero, then go back home and play with your little friends, but while you listen to us!

Sangi: Like I care about what some adults say.
How about you just let me kill this thing and I’ll go and “play with my little friends” as you so politely put it.

Narration: Syn, fed up with Sangi’s snark attitude punches Sangi in the face, giving her a wake up call.

Syn: You just don’t get it do you!?
This isn’t about you, or me, or any of those two.
This about saving Eorzea, our home, and honestly I don’t give a damn if I don’t make it out of here alive. As long as the people I care about back home are safe, then my death is well worth it. But you know what I won’t waste my life on, some snooty kid who thinks this is just a game.

Narration: Suddenly Garuda let’s out a screeching scream and a powerful gust encircles the room. The powerful gust destroys the four standing pillars, with the four party members taking some damage. Sangi, opens her eyes only to see Syn shielding her with his body. And as he lifts up off of her, she thinks on his words.

Syn: Cyan, a couple of heals if you would.

Cyan: One hell of cure spell coming right up!

Sangi: Th-Thank you.

Narration: Says Sangi, appreciative of what Syn did for her. Syn stands up and looks towards Garuda. With his lance ready, he prepares to take Garuda for one final round.

Syn: Think nothing of it kid.

Narration: Sangi reaches for her sword and shield. She then stands and with a new outlook on things, readies herself to tackle Garuda. Milyah and Cyan stand as well over on the other side of the arena. The four prepare themselves, each looking at the other. And with a moments glance, they all charge Garuda at once.

Garuda: HaHaHa, Hehehehe…
die, die, DIE!!

Narration: Yells Garuda as she ducks and dodges their attacks. Fed up with her prancing around the arena, Sangi hits her with a shield bash.

Sangi: Take that you dancing freak!

Milyah: Brother, guide my arrows so that they may strike true.

Narration: Prays Milyah as she aims her bow at Garuda. She then fires four arrows in total, each hitting all four of Garuda’s wings. Garuda falls to the ground beneath her and begins violently swiping at the four party members. Cyan soon follows up hitting Garuda with a few earth based spells, knocking Garuda completely on to the ground. And finally, Syn, who spins his lance around, leaps in the air and then comes crashing down on to Garuda, piercing her with his lance and landing the final blow. He then leaps back off of her and the four watch as she dissipates into scattered aether.

Garuda: No…No…NOOOO!!
The crystals…THE CRYSTALS!!!

My power…No…

It is my power! MINE!!!

Syn: Blah, blah, blah…
Will you just shut up and die already lady!!

Narration: And so it was that the Primal known as Garuda was defeated. The party of four celebrate their victory, relieved that it was over and they were alive to tell the tale. Unbeknownst to them, their victory would be short lived.

Syn: Who just killed a Primal?

Syn fucking Maris that’s who!!

Sangi: So much for not being a hero.

Cyan: I have to admit, that was one hell of a speech you gave back…


Milyah: CYAN!!

Syn: Cyan!!
What the hell!?

Narration: Shout Milyah and Syn as they watch Cyan be impaled from behind. As Cyan falls to the ground, who would appear from behind, none other than Nael van Darnus. Just as before, he would congratulate them on their victory, but taunt them as well as the ever approaching red moon, Dalamud glowed even brighter at Garuda’s defeat.

Nael Van Darnus: Ahhh, yes. Behold the light. Such sublimity!

Such a wondrous radiance…both magnificent and terrible. Truly, the soul can harbor no doubt that this is the light of creation! Even you must recognize that. Garlemald owes you a great debt, adventurer. Wholly without our prompting, you have now felled the primals of both fire and wind. Such ability and devotion commands even mine own respect.

Syn: What do you want!?
And spit it out fast because you just put me in a really foul mood.

Nael Van Darnus: Hmph. Hmhmhm… Ahahahahaha!

Narration: Laughs Van Darnus as he turns his back to the four.

Nael Van Darnus: You would do well to see reality for what it truly is─cold, cruel, unforgiving. No words could do justice to the great deeds that I have done, nor the countless hardships I have endured in their doing.

Corpses litter the fields and choke the streets, and still your gods remain silent─utterly indifferent. Such gods are not fit for worship. As they gaze impassively upon our corpses, so let us gaze upon theirs. The gods are dead to us─we have no need of them.

So please, by all means, persist. Struggle to your heart’s content.

Struggle however you see fit. Struggle long. Struggle oft. And when at last you tire of struggling…summon up your courage and struggle some more!

For with every act of defiance, another drop of Eorzea’s lifeblood shall be given over to the red moon. The crystals, the land, the primals─the power of all shall burn bright and shine down upon this realm a glorious purifying light!

These heathen lands shall be bathed in crimson brilliance. Only then, when the seal is broken, shall all I have labored long to accomplish with Meteor come to pass!

Deeds done for the good of all are rarely seen for what they are. Thus am I styled the villain. I have accepted my lot, and do what I must. As must you, adventurer. Let your fears and desires spur you to action, and struggle for all you are worth.

Syn: Oh for the love of Thaliak, will someone shut him the hell up!

Narration: Yells Syn, frustrated and annoyed by Van Darnus’ constant babble. Meanwhile Milyah tends to Cyan, who despite his injuries, is still managing to hold on.

Cyan: Mil…yah…I am…

Milyah: Shh…no…you’re going to make it.

Narration: Milyah then looks up at Syn and informs him on Cyan’s condition.

Milyah: We have to get him back to Gridania before he bleeds out too much.

Syn: Fine, Sangi…give Mily a hand will ya.

Sangi: What about…?

Syn: Just do it!

Narration: Sangi rushes over to Milyah and helps her carry Cyan back to the Stillglade Fane in Gridania. Syn stands by as the three teleport away and then he confronts Van Darnus one final time.

Syn: Now that they’re gone, let’s talk.
Leave Eorzea, all of you and your band of metal head misfits.
I’ll even give you a head start.

Nael Van Darnus: Your idle threats do not scare me.
However, I will leave you this.

You will tire of futility. Your floundering shall subside, and before long you shall grow still. Only then shall I take your head, lest I do you the dishonor of an unclean cut.

Syn: Perhaps it will be I that takes your’s.

Nael Van Darnus: Hmph…Perhaps.

Narration: Syn watches as Van Darnus vanishes into the shadows of darkness and wind. He clinches his fists wishing that he had did more, but deep down, knows that if had failed it would have all been for naught. Thus, Syn makes way back to Gridania.

When he arrives, the conjurers had already worked their magic and Cyan was as good as new. As a matter of fact, Cyan sat there eating a Rolanberry Shaved Ice.

Syn: Cyan!!

Cyan: Oh hey Syn, what took you so long?

Syn: Why you little rascal!?

Narration: Says Syn as he puts Cyan into a headlock and pushes his fist into Cyan’s head. Outside of the room, Milyah is reunited with both Evo and Nuvea. And though she wishes things had went a lot smoother, she’s realizes that she’s no longer hindered by her fears and that the ones she holds dear, was with her every step of the way. Sangi on the other hand, feels embarrassed and humiliated. Letting her ego and her quest to become a hero almost cost no only her own life, but the lives of her teammates.

Sangi drops her sword and shield, removes her armor and vows never to pick up the sword again.

Sangi: Never again…

Narration: Neya, not far away, watches and then calls out to Sangi. Sangi, not wanting to hurt those around her, takes off running, eventually leaving Gridania for good.

Neya: Sangi!!
Sangi wait, come back!!


Narration: Later that evening, the group of adventurers all gathered at the Lotus Stand. It would be there that not only would Evo divulge about what he found and was told back in Mor Dhona, but where they would learn of the Garlean outpost, Castrum Novum that had finally been completed. With only a small army of Twin Adders and Evo and crew still recovering from their battles with Ifrit and Garuda, all hope seemed lost. But then a miracle happened. Onias appeared and with him was non-other than Merlwyb Admiral of Limsa Lominsa and leader of the Maelstrom. Behind them came Raubahn, leader of the Immortal Flames.

With the Garleans becoming a threat to all of Eorzea, the leaders each offered their services, uniting the realm and once more giving birth to the Eorzean Alliance.

Kan-E-Senna: I am eternally grateful. Together, let us usher in an age of true unity across the realm.


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