Chapter 23a: I Dream of Vana’diel

Narration: Not long before, the Heroes of Eorzea, as they’ve come to be called, found themselves battling the Primals of Wind and Fire, as well as coming face to face with both Gaius van Baelsar and a new player to the field, Nael Van Darnus. The latter of which seeks to bring down the red moon known as Dalamud upon Eorzea. The group of adventurers also found themselves at the center of the rebirth of the Eorzean Alliance.

Through all of this, one adventurer in particular could only think of one place…

Evogolist: Vana’diel…

Narration: As he laid there with Milyah cuddled up to him on one side of the bed and their daughter Nuvea cuddled up on the other, he wondered how his friends and family were doing back home and if him and Nuvea would ever make it back.

Meanwhile, back in Vana’diel, Zeriah sighed at the thought of both Evo and Nuvea missing. To make matters worse, Milyah had fell into a deep depression. This version of Milyah was far less confident in her abilities and still had yet to come into who she was. It was the bond that she shared with Evogolist that allowed her to be reborn after nearly fading away. She needed him, but he wasn’t there and neither was Nuvea.

Kilyah, her twin brother, was angered by such. Though one to show emotion, Kilyah made it known whenever he was displeased by Milyah’s saddness. In fact, this had been the second time that Evo had abandoned Milyah. The first being the Abyssea crisis, when they were due to be wed and now after the loss of Nuvea, a moment when Milyah needed him the most.

As the two sat in the fields of Lufaise Meadows, Kilyah would often glance over at Milyah only to be met with her emotionless depressed expression. With every glance he would swing his sword harder….faster, letting out his frustrations. At the end of the night, Kilyah would stand by as Zeriah helped and tucked Milyah into bed.

Afterwards, he would stand outside and vow revenge against Evogolist. But there was one problem, he needed more power. Evo had always been stronger than him. With Evo’s Blue Mage abilities, Kilyah was outmatched. He knew that there was no way for him to hold his own against someone of that caliber. If only I was stronger. If only I had more power he would often say, and then one day the opportune chance arose.

Windurst Citizen #1: Did you hear!?
Adoulin has opened it’s ports to prospect pioneers!

Windurst Citizen #2: You don’t say?
I’ve been looking to get me hands on some honest work.

Narration: Word spread fast as more and more became interested in the idea of not only visiting a new land, but having stake in colonizing it as well. While Kilyah cared not for what faraway lands held, but fate would have it, he’d make his way to Adoulin after all.

One night as a storm brew, a strange energy emitted from the lake not far from the Windurst Woods gate house. Suddenly a bright ball of light appeared and from it emerged a beautiful elvaan girl clad in gear never before seen in Vana’diel. As she landed, she breathed heavily as the ball of light seemed to have taken a toll on her.

Kilyah, who was close by, saw the bright light and made his way to it’s location. Upon discovery of the elvaan girl, Kilyah quickly ran over to her. As he attempted to check and aid her, he was shocked to see such an exotic look.

Kilyah: A…Are you alright?


Narration: The Elvaan girl brushed back her hair, and as she looked up, Kilyah stood there with his hand extended to her. Unfortunately, she mistook his kind gesture as an act of aggression and ended up tossing Kilyah into the lake.

Kilyah: What the!?

???: You’d do best to keep your hands to yourself.

Kilyah: Why you ungrateful little wench!

Narration: Growled Kilyah as he jumped up and raced towards the young girl. The young girl quickly dodged Kilyah, and as Kilyah nearly found himself tripping and once more falling into the water, his anger got the better of him. Kilyah drew his greatsword and combined with some of his dark magic swore that he would teach the girl a lesson.

Kilyah: No one makes a fool of me.
It’s by time I teach you a lesson girl.

Narration: What Kilyah did not know was that the girl herself not only carried a greatsword of her own, she was also well trained in a type of magic unknown to many in this part of the land. Kilyah, once again charged the girl, but this time she blocked his attack and then pushed him back.

???: Only a fool would draw his blade out of anger.
Perhaps it is fitting that I make you realize just how much of a fool you really are.

Narration: Kilyah soon began casting enfeebling spells, trying his best to weaken and immobilize her. The Elvaan girl would counter his spells with a few warding spells. This only angered Kilyah even more. This time he turned to casting elemental spells, but as with his enfeebling spells, she blocked and countered his attacks with wards. Kilyah, couldn’t help but look on surprised. She’d bested him in both melee and magics. Thus anger swelled inside of Kilyah causing him to grab his sword and recklessly charge the young girl again. This time however, she would not only counter his attack, she would knock his sword from his hands and him to the ground.

With her sword pointed at Kilyah, the young girl questioned Kilyah on his intentions and identity.

???: Who are you and why did you attack me!?

Kilyah: Wha…
I didn’t attack you.
I was trying to help you, before you threw me in the water.

???: Help me…
Who are you?

Kilyah: I’m Kilyah Crystari, son of the dark crystal, who in the hell are you?

???: I am Ravenose.
Protege of Octavien and Guardian of Ulbuka.

Kilyah: Ulbuka, what the hell is that?

Ravenose: A land to the far West, that has recently opened it’s ports to those who would seek to become pioneers and colonize the land. While many see this as a chance for Adoulin to prosper, there are those of us who don’t. The Founder King would not want this and so I’ve come to ask he who wields the power of light for help.

Do you know him?

Narration: Kilyah thinks on Raven’s words. He knows that she asks for Evogolist, but with the adventurer no longer around, she would likely either settle for another or give up. Kilyah then thinks on the power that she wields. It may be exactly what he was looking for. A power to rival that of Evo’s blue magic.

Kilyah stands up and answers Raven.

Kilyah: The one you seek, his name is Evogolist Lunaire. He is no longer of this world.

Ravenose: Then all is lost.

Kilyah: Wait, let me help you.

Ravenose: You are a wielder of darkness, your power would more likely be a threat than that of help.

Kilyah: Not if you teach me.
Teach me that of which you wield.

Ravenose: You are reckless, filled with anger and hatred.
You are unworthy to wield my power.

Narration: Kilyah grew impatient. He would not bring himself any lower to gain such power. His blood began to boil and his heart began to beat faster. And as a powerful aura enveloped around him, so too did his sword gain such a aura.

Ravenose was shocked.

Never had she seen such a reaction.

Before she could react, Kilyah appeared near his sword, grabbed it, and then pointed it at Ravenose. Raven was stunned to see such movement and the aura emitting from Kilyah was completely over-whelming. She looked Kilyah in the eyes and saw how determined he was to learn the ways of the Rune Fencer.

Kilyah: Now, let’s try this again.
I’ll help you, but in exchange you teach me whatever magic that is that you’re using.

Ravenose: V-Very well.
I will teach you.

Narration: Kilyah looks back towards Windurst. He regrets having to leave his sister, but knows that when all is said and done, it will all be worth it. Ravenose prepares to make way for the nearest Proto-Waypoint and as the two take leave, Kilyah has only one thing on his mind.

Kilyah: Soon Lunaire, I will have my revenge on you.


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