Chapter 23b: Hitting Them Where it Hurts

Narration: With Garuda defeated, the Heroes of Eorzea celebrated their victory. Despite their short-comings, they were able to pull together and bring an end to the wind primal’s terror and rampage, thus restoring the light to the realm. Their victory would be short lived as Nael Van Darnus appeared, mocking their victory and mortally wounding the young adventurer Cyan Auras.

Following these events, Kan-E-Senna summoned the remaining members of the group of adventures to not only thank them for defeating Garuda, but to also warn them of things to come. It was at that very moment when all hope seemed lost that a miracle happened. Merlwyb, Admiral of Limsa Lominsa and leader of the Maelstrom, as well as Raubahn, leader of the Immortal Flames, appeared, offering their assistance in dealing with the Garlean threat.

The Eorzean Alliance was reborn and with it, new found hope for the realm.

Discovering the location of the Garlean Base Castrum Novum that housed a transmitter that was seemingly drawing Dalamud ever closer, the Eorzean Alliance thought it best to strike the base. While the armies fought to distract and bring down the base, Evo and company would make their way inside, where they would destroy the transmitter and with it, stop Dalamud’s descent.

Evogolist: Hey guys…

Narration: Called out Evo as he struggled to get everyone’s attention. Onias, seeing his son struggle, walked over and gave Evo a tid bit of help.

Onias: I see your trying to rally the troops.

Evogolist: Yeah…

Onias: That’s good, but son you gotta be firm.
Stand strong and let them see that you can lead them.
If you want them to respect you, then you have to make them respect you.

Here let me show you.

Narration: Onias steps forward and with his sword in hand, pounds the blade to the ground, grabbing everyone’s attention. Everyone from Zeriah, Nuvea, and Milyah down to Biggs, Wedge, and Silver look on, giving Onias their undivided attention.

Silvermane: What’s the big idea old man!?
I have a fricking hang over that has a hang over.

Onias: Silence kitten.

Zeriah: Father what is it?
What’s wrong?

Onias: What’s wrong?
I’ll tell you what’s wrong young lady. You guys are the most unorganized, disrespectful, and downright lazy scoundrels I’ve seen in all my days. So what, you’ve beat up a few primals and a bunch of hooded freaks, none of that means nothing if you can’t even bring yourselves to understand and trust each other. Look at your last few battles, one of you were injured, while another one of you has disappeared. What kind of team is that?

Caireann: No offense sir, but we’re trying our best.

Zephon: Caire is right, we’ve been doing everything in our power to work together.

Onias: Says who?
The husband and wife that are just along for the ride.
As it stands, the two of you are nothing more than dead weight.
What good are you to us if you’re too busy making excuses for each other?
If you’re too concerned about what will happen to the other, than don’t waste mine or anyone else’s time.

Pos: Hey!
Ease off old man!

Onias: Or what?
You’ll carry a grudge against me for five to ten years of your life?
Move on son, my son in law did the same thing and look where he ended up.

Milyah: Father!?

Onias: I’m sorry Milyah, but it’s true.
Kilyah was the best officer I’ve had the privilege of training and overseeing their rise in the thalassocracy, but his anger and hatred for your husband, my son, hindered him, just as your doubt and worries hinder you.

Narration: Everyone in the room looks down in shame as Onias points out their faults. Deep inside they know that Onias speaks the truth and that if they’re ever to beat the Garleans and stop Dalamud’s descent, then they need to shed their respective weaknesses and learn to stand together.

Evogolist: That’s enough dad.
I don’t know what it is you’re trying to do, but you’re being way too harsh.

Ruki: No Evo mate, he’s right.
Up to now, we’ve only been lucky.
Facing whatever’s thrown at us, only coming together when it matters.
We could all stand to do better, even you mate.

Evogolist: I….

Narration: Evo and the others think on Onias’ words. Up to now, have their victories just been based on pure luck? And if so, where do they go from here? Everyone gets up and leaves, taking time to themselves to figure out where their path leads them. Evo, upset begins to let out his frustration on his father.

Evogolist: Dad, what was that!?
I thought you were helping me, but you just chased everyone away!
What do we do now? Huh?

Tell me, what do we do now!?

Onias: You’d do best to watch your tone young man, I am your father.

Evogolist: You’re right, you’re my father, not mine or anyone else’s drill sergeant.
So don’t think you can come around and boss us around as if you were such.

Narration: Onias chuckles and then without warning balls his fist and punches Evo, knocking him to the ground.

Onias: Listen to me you ungrateful little brat, I was there on the ship while your mother was in labor for all of nine hours. I was the one that took care of you and your sister when Survia grew ill, while still trying my best to command my ship and crew. So don’t you dare in your life ever talk back to me, your father.

Evogolist: That’s just it, you’re not my father.

I’m not even from this world, my father’s dead.

Narration: Evo stands up and storms out of the room. Zeriah chases after Evo while Onias stands there angered, but saddened that Evo would say such a thing. Outside of Nophica’s Altar, Evo stands there with Zeriah walking up to him.

Zeriah: So it’s true, isn’t it.
You’re not really him.

Evogolist: I’m sorry Zee.

Zeriah: No, it’s okay.
I think, deep down I kinda knew.
I mean there were a few things that stood out that were different, but yet so many things that were just as much the same.

Evogolist: Just who does he think he is, judging us all like that.

Zeriah: He’s our father.

Evogolist: No, he’s your father…not mine.

Zeriah: Stop it…

Evogolist: Like I said, the Onias Lunaire that I knew is dead.

Zeriah: I said STOP IT!!

Narration: Yells Zeriah as she slaps Evo as hard as she can. Then with tears in her eyes, she pours her heart out to her brother.

Zeriah: You act as if it means nothing.
Do you know how that makes me feel? And what of Milyah and Nuvea!?
Do they just accept that you aren’t real?

What if…what if the real you is dead?

Do we just go on living knowing that you’re nothing more than a shade, something that isn’t really here?

Onias: Son, I know how much you miss your family back home, but it’s high time that you accept that you may be stuck here. Maybe you and Nuvea are stuck here for a reason, but that doesn’t matter right now. What matters is that we’re here together. We are your family.

That includes myself, your sister, Nuvea, and Milyah. Even those band of misfits you call your friends.

Look, I know that my words were harsh, but what I said, needed to be said. We each have our own individual weaknesses, even myself.

I never did fully explain why I became the Black Pirate, did I?

Narration: Evo looks on, slightly shaking his head. Before he could answer though, Onias pulled out a locket containing a younger Evo, baby Zeriah, their mother Survia, and Onias himself. Onias hands the locket over to Evo and as Evo looks at the locket, he listens to Onias’ tale.

Onias: I didn’t just take on the mantle of Ros-stolf the Black Pirate out of spite or revenge. I became the Black Pirate to hide my pain. When your mother fell overboard, I did my best to try and recover her from the water.

She was sick so she had not enough strength keep her afloat.

I tried and I tried, but to no avail…she was gone, swallowed by the sea.

I left the two of you here in Gridania under the care of Miounne in hopes that she would take better care of you than I ever could due to the state I was in. From there I sought my revenge against those of whom had wronged me and finally taking up the name Ros-Stolf the Black.

Evogolist: Dad…

Onias: I have lived with the burden of never finding your mother ever single day of my life.

Don’t be like me child. You’ve found your daughter, and though as it maybe that she is not the Milyah from your world, she is Milyah…your wife. Let go of your past and cherish them and every moment that you have with them.

Narration: As Onias walks away, Evo looks at the locket Onias gave him and let’s a few tears fall. That night, everyone took a moment to not only think on Onias’ words, but to decide their future and what it was that they sought. Soon came the following morning and as the three Grand Companies prepared to set out on their mission, Evo and Milyah geared up, realizing that there was a possibility that they would be going alone.

However, fate would have it differently.

One by one the Heroes of Eorzea gathered at Nophica’s Altar. Each one coming to their resolve the night before and now standing, prepared to give their life if it meant bringing an end to such a horrendous nightmare.

Looking at Onias, they each speak firmly on what they believe in.

Zephon: Onias sir, Evo’s dad, look…we thought long and hard on what you said and we realized that just maybe you were right. But that doesn’t mean that we’ll follow what you say.

Onias: Huh?

Caireann: Sir, my family means everything to me.
My children and even this lug head of a husband of mine are my world.
And so I would do anything to protect them even if it means bringing up those same excuses.
But I’ll be a maiden’s whore if I let anyone take them away from me.

Pos: Uh, mom that didn’t…

Caireann: Shush it now!

Pos: ….

Narration: Silver then steps forward with her axe in hand. To Onias’ surprise, she acknowledges his words and even yet, agrees with him. Silver does however know that this little group of their’s is more than what it seems.

Silvermane: Look old man, we may not agree on much, but I will say this. Maybe yer right.
We’re not more than a bunch of dysfunctional misfits, but that’s just who we are. Each and everyone of us knows that. You know what else, we also know that when the going gets tough, we know how pick up or hides and show them bleeding bastards what we…

…NO, what all of Eorzea is made of.

Narration: After listening to Silver, Caire, and Zeph’s words, Onias turns his back to the group and grips the handle of his sword. Evo, at first is disappointed to see his father turn his back on the group. But then Evo approaches Onias, and is a bit taken back by his words.

Evogolist: Dad?

Onias: Those are some mighty good friends you got there.

Evogolist: Uh, yeah…
…they are.

Onias: Take care of them.
Lead them, protect them, for they’re not just your friends, they’re your family.
The coming battle will be tough, but I’m sure you can handle it.

Evogolist: What about you? You are joining us right?

Onias: Alas my boy, these bones of mine grow old.
Ye wouldn’t want an old man like me slowing ye youngin’s down.

Evogolist: Old!? Pfft!!
Did I ever tell you about the guy who would push everyone to their limits back in world?

Onias: I don’t think you have.

Narration: Evo and Onias stand on the deck laughing and talking, enjoying a now turned lightened mood. Not far, Ruki looks at the two in deep concern. He senses that something’s wrong and a feeling of darkness on the horizon. Elsewhere, something strange begins to take place at some of the camps around Eorzea.







Emerald Moss Merchant: Hey, what in the seven hells is that thing!?

Narration: Merchants and adventurers alike look on as a weird creature appears hovering over the aetheryte crystal. A few adventurers attempt to move in close to it, but just as they got close enough to it, it quickly vanished.

Xell: The hell’s was that thing?

Resse: The hell’s you asking me for!?

Curry: It looked really scary.

Sasori: Don’t worry little one, we’ll protect you.

Narration: Suddenly the aetheryte turns a orange-yellowish color and then the being reappears. Unleashing it’s furry on the realm, the being known as Atomos unleashes Void creature after Void creature. Few adventurers try as the may to fight off the invading creatures, but there were too many.

Sasori: Curry run!!

Curry: Aaahhh!!!


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